William Wallace and Mary Anne Jerome - Timelines/Facts

Date William Wallace - Fact or Comment
Born in Yattendon, Berkshire Co, ENG [89].
[BWB: based on census and a guess, parents were John and Elizabeth Wallace.]
[BWB:  no birth registration found from 1840-42.]
Christened in Yattendon, according to IGI  [xxx]
William's birth family is listed in the Yattendon census, including parents and a brother, George born 5 years later.  [122a]
Date Mary Anne Jerome - Fact or Comment
Born in Ashampstead, Berkshire Co., ENG to Richard and Esther Jerome  [256]  [89]  [122b].
Date William and Mary Anne Wallace - Fact or Comment
10/19/1867 Married at the Parish Church in Ashamstead, Berkshire.  Witnesses were William Cripps [probably Mary's uncle] and Mary Alexander [probably Mary's best friend as she lived just 4 doors away from her parents].  [345a]  [257]    The couple would have six children, 1866-1881.  [345b-g]
1866-67 Daughter Agnes F. born in Bradfield, Berkshire Co. [89]   [345g]
Son Henry born in Bradfield. [345b]  [89]
Family listed in census, living in Bradfield, Berkshire.  [260]
4/5/1872 Daughter Rose Annie born in Yattendon, and baptized 7/7/1872. [345c]  [89]
10/28/1874 Daughter Edith Mary born in Yattendon.[15]  [345d]  [89]   She was baptized 1/3/1875.
Daughter Isabell Ellen born in Yattendon. [345e]  [89]
Family listed in the British Census for Yattendon. [345g]  [89]
Daughter Amelia born in Yattendon.  [345f]
Mary Anne's father Richard Jerome died at age 77.
A William Wallace stayed two weeks in the Bradfield Union Workhouse in Newbury, Berkshire. [297]  This could be this William, or it could be a 13yo nephew, son of William's brother George.
William died at 42, at Ashampstead Common, of an Aneurism of the Aorta.
Mary Anne was present at death.  [258]

Date Mary Anne Wallace - Fact or Comment

Edith (9-1/2) and her two younger sisters Isabella (6) and Amelia (2-1/2) were admitted to the Bradfield Union Workhouse, Newbury, Berkshire -- for what would eventually be a stay of over three years.

[BWB:  While the Admission records have been lost, one might surmise that after the recent deaths of her father and then her husband, Mary Anne had difficulty surviving emotionally and/or financially, and therefore could no longer provide for dependent children.  Note that the three older children were 12-18 and would be expected to get a job, or go out on their own -- and therefore require little/no support from their mother.  William's brother George probably wasn't in a position to help, as he was just a farm laborer and had 8 children of his own to support.]
Mary's mother Esther Jerome died at age 76.
Mary, 40, died at Ashampstead Common, of Pneumonia, after a 3-month long Abscess.  [259]
Agnes F.,19, went to Surrey as a nurse/servant by 1891 [262], then back to Joliejon Park, Winkfield, Berkshire where she died 11/20/1897 of cerebral hemmorhage at 31yo, single [291] -- probably in the home of Gilbert G. Blane, who had a number of other servants.  Her sister Rose Annie lived about 5 miles away.

Henry, 17, joined the 10th Royal Hussars in Yorkshire by 1891 [263], and probably died in fighting in Northern Ireland, or in the bloody Boer War in So.Africa.  He can not be located/identified in the 1901 Census.

Rose Annie, 13, not located in the 1891 Census, married Joseph Tagg in 1892, and had 2 girls by the time of the 1901 Census.  Since she was only 28yo at that point, it's likely she had additional children.  It's not known when she died.

Edith, 10+, Isabell Ellen, 7, and Amelia, 3+, already in the Bradfield Union Workhouse for a year, spent two more years there after their mother died.  They were removed from the Workhouse 8/1887, spent two days at J.T. Middlemore's Childrens Emigration Home in Birmingham ENG, and were then sent to Canada for placement in foster homes near London Ontario, as follows:

Edith was placed with the John S. Macrault family of Strathroy, Ontario, where she lived until she was 19, working as a domestic servant. [296a]  She then took several positions, the last being with the postmaster of Strathroy.  She married George Edgar Beals in 1902, a baker.  The couple moved to Algonac Michigan about 1903, and Edythe had one child in 1908.  The family moved to Sarnia in 1910, Windsor in 1922, and St. Thomas Ontario in 1933.  The couple returned to Windsor in 1939, were George died in 1939 and Edythe died in 1946.

Isabella Ellen was placed with the J.W. Ferrier family of Springfield, South Dorchester Twp., Ontario [296b] where she lived until she married Jesse Koyle 10/22/1894, at age 16 [323a].  She bore 3 sons by the time she was 23yo (and likely had several more children).  The family is listed in the 1901 census for Springfield [318], but at least by 1919 had moved to St. Thomas ONT, according to the City Directories [344], though earlier ones have yet to be searched.  She died 7/16/1951, and was glowingly praised in her obituary [361].  She, Jesse and at least one of the children are buried in Union Cemetery just south of town.

Amelia was placed with the Richard and Jane White family in Bothwell, Zone Twp., Ontario [296c] where she lived until at least age 21-22.  She's listed with the family in the 1891 Census. [343d]  The Whites appear to have had no children of their own, and adored Amelia... she's even enumerated in the 1901 census as Amy White [343e].  In 1902 she was a witness to George and Edythe's wedding in Strathroy ONT.  On 1/4/1905 she married James Outhouse in Thamesville ONT [323b] (a short distance SW of Bothwell).  They had 4 girls and one boy, with the first two girls named after two of her sisters, Rose Annie and Edith. [pix]  Amelia and James appear to have lived in the Bothwell area all their lives.  Amelia died 7/25/1928 at age 46, of a ruptured appendix. [339] [340]  She and her husband are buried in West Bothwell Cemetery, as are the Whites.  [341]

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