William Wallis and Elizabeth Whittingham - Timelines/Facts

Date William Wallis - Fact or Comment

Born in Bradfield, Berks, ENG to Thomas and Mary Wallis.  [359b]
[BWB:  the connection between this Wm Wallis b.Bradfield, and the Wm Wallis married in Yattendon is tenuous -- and based on the facts that (1) no other Wm Wallis was identified as born in Yattendon or environs and (2) the ages at death are approximately correct.]
Baptized in Bradfield.  [359b]
Date Elizabeth Whittingham - Fact or Comment
Born in Yattendon, Berks, ENG to William and Lucy Whittingham.  [355b]
Baptized in Yattendon.  [355b]
Date William and Elizabeth Wallis - Fact or Comment
Married in Yattendon, Berkshire.  [355a]  [265]   The couple would have six children over the period 1794-1807.  [355c,d,e,h,i,m]
Son John Wallis born in Yattendon, Berkshire Co. [122a] and baptized 9/23/1804  [355i]  [274].
William died in Yattendon at age 67 (per parish register) and buried 2/8.  [355q]

Date Elizabeth Wallis - Fact or Comment
Died in Yattendon at age 65 (per parish register) and buried 3/29.  [355q]
Son John married later that same year.

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