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These items are in no particular order.  Please use the Our Wallace Line and associated family sheets to relate these items in a meaningful way.  However, there are a few items listed below that are not referenced in the family sheets, e.g., in cases in which they refer to documents where no information was found, or they are sources not yet assimilated -- these have been marked as such, below.  This is a work in progress!

15. Edith Mary Wallace's birth certificate, received in response to a query to England records: (39KB).
[BWB: While son Laverne Wallace Beals gave[16] her father's name as John Wallace, not as William Wallace, and her birth year as 1873, not 1874, I believe this is our Edythe based on her marriage registration data [62] giving parents names as William and Mary, and 1891 census [90] that gives a consistent age.   (After this latter record, Edythe shaved various numbers of years off her age, so the records are inconsistent.) ]

16. Edythe M. Wallace's death certificate: (1MB).
Note that the vita was provided by her son, Laverne Wallace Beals, in his own handwriting.   Since this is his recollection at the time, a period of grief and stress, it may contain errors and inaccuracies.


62.   Ontario marriage registration #011958 recorded 11/7/1902, Archives of Ontario microfilm MS932, Reel 107 (FHC microfilm #1871083):
-- Geo Edgar Beals, 22, residence Port Huron, b.Ont., baker, parents Robert and Mary (no last names recorded), Baptist; and
-- Edith M. Wallace, 24, res. Strathroy, b.Eng, parents William and Mary (no last names recorded), Baptist;
-- m.10/28/1902 in Strathroy by Rev. D. Dack, witnesses: Thos. Blake of Sarnia, and Amy (could be Anny, a misspell of Annie) Wallace of Bothwell.
(left side 1.3MB)  (right side 1.3MB

[notice George gave an age suggesting he was born in 1880, not the 1881 per birth certificate I found, nor the 1882 date used later and by family.   And, again, Edith apparently shaved several years off her age, even at 24!]
[also said residence was Port Huron, not Sarnia as per 1901 census]

89.   1881 British Census for Yattondon, Berkshire, ENG (as transcribed and contained on CDs at the Family History Centers of the LDS Church)  lists the William Wallace family living in a 'cottage':

William Wallace, agricultural laborer, 38, b.Yattondon
Mary A. Wallace, 36, b.Ashampstead, Berks
Henry Wallace, agricultural laborer, 12, b.Bradfield, Berks
Rose A. Wallace, scholar, 8, b.Yattondon
Edith Wallace, scholar, 6, b.Yattondon
Isabell E. Wallace, 2, b.Yattondon
Neighbors included families of Wernham, Billington, Hall, Hunter, Watts, King on one side and Phelps, Serle, Reeve, Joyce, French, Wise on the other side.   The household of Ms. Lydia G. Reeve, 36, also included:

Agnes Wallace, visitor, 14, b.Bradfield.

Based on proximity, age, and birthplace, I believe this to be an older daughter of William and Mary Wallace.

In addition, LDS' web site  http://www.familysearch.org  contains the following listing under the name 'Wallace':

Rose Annie Wallis, born to Mary Ann and William Wallis, christened 7/7/1872 in Yattendon.

On the other hand, the 1891 Census does not list the Wallace family, nor most of the neighboring families.   This suggests that the Wallaces, along with their neighbors (perhaps under the guise of their church memberships), all emigrated from England sometime in the 1880's.

90.   1891 Census for Strathroy ONT, listing Edith Wallace, 16, b.England, Presbyterian, as a domestic servant in the home of the John S. MacRault (sp?) family, who were Scottish.  (left side 2.5MB)  (right side 2.4MB)

91.   1901 Census for Strathroy ONT, listing Edith Wallace, 25, b.10/28/1875 in England, as a domestic servant in the home of the Hugh McColl family.   (full page, left side 1.5MB)  (right side 1.4MB) --   (close up, left side 1.5MB)   (center 1.1MB)   (right side 1.2MB)
[BWB: this is the first example of Edith being imprecise about her age and birthdate, which was 10/28/1874; there are several more in subsequent events.]
Some pictures taken in Strathroy in April 2002: historical marker, Downtown-1, and Downtown-2.

122. 1851 Census for Yattendon and Ashampstead, Berkshire, England (FHL microfilm #193599) contains the following 'Wallace' and 'Jerome' entries:
122a. (1.9MB) Yattendon, family 8:
        John Wallace, 46, Agri Labourer, b.Berks, Yattendon
        Elizabeth, 32, b.Berks, Bucklebury
        William, 10, b.Berks, Yattendon
        George, 5, b.Berks, Yattendon
[BWB: I believe this William is likely the father of Edith M. Wallace due to his age and place of
birth; see 1881 Census.]

122b. (2MB) Ashampstead, family 46:
        Richard Jerome, 45, (no occupation written), b.Yattendon, Berkshire
        Esther, 40, b.Streatley, Berks
        Carolina, 13, b.Yattendon
        Mary A., 9, b.Ashampstead, Berks
        Ellen (grandaughter), 3, b.Bradfield, Berks
        William Pickett (son in law), 25, Ag. Lab., b.Ashampstead
        Harriott(sic) Pickett, 18, b.Yattendon
[BWB: I believe this Mary A. is likely the mother of Edith M. Wallace due to her age and place of
birth; see 1881 Census.  Another family listed in Bradford Village had a servant, Sarah Jerome, 15, b.Yattendon, that could be another child of this couple due to age and proximity.]
Another 'Jerrom' family was listed that had a daughter Mary, 16, but she was born in Yattendon, not Ashampstead as the mother of our Edith M. Wallace was: (2MB).

[BWB: There were a number of other 'Jerome' families listed, in Bucklebury and Basildon, but no known relationship to Richard and Esther above, except possibly as parents of Richard:  James Jerome, 69, b.Hampstead, Berks, and Ann, 66, b.Norrie Leacock, Wilts; and Elizabeth Jerome, 76, widow, b.Great Marlow, Berks.]

256.  English Birth Certificate for Birth #329, 3/6/1845 at Ashampstead Berkshire, Mary Anne Jerome.  Parents Richard Jerome, Agricultural Labourer, and Esther Jerome (nee Hazell?), registered 4/4/1845.
***** NEED COPY *****

257.  English Marriage Certificate for Marriage #80, 10/19/1867 at Parish Church in Ashampstead Berks, by Banns, between
William Wallace, 'full age', bachelor, labourer, resides Ashampstead, father John Wallace, labourer, and
Mary Ann Jerome, 'full age', spinster, resides Ashampstead, father Richard Jerome, labourer;
by John Holding, witnesses William Cripps and Mary Alexander.
***** NEED COPY *****
[BWB: Believe William Cripps was William's uncle, brother of his mother.  See xxx. 
 Mary Alexander, 22, lived just 4 houses away from Mary Ann's parents per 1871 census, so likely a 'best friend'.]

258.  English Death Certificate for Death #379, 12/26/1883 at The Common Ashampstead RSD Berks, William Wallace, 42yo, farm labourer, of Aneurism of Aorta, 9 months;
informant Mary Ann Wallace, widow, of Ashampstead, present at death; registered 12/31/1883.
***** NEED COPY *****

259.  English Death Certificate for Death #22, 6/15/1885 at Ashampstead Common RSD Berks, Mary Ann Wallace, 40yo, widow of William Wallace, farm labourer, of Pnemonia, 14 days; Abscess, 3 months;
informant Elizabeth Marshall of Bradfield (2-3 miles from Ashampstead Common) present at death, registered 6/18/1885.
***** NEED COPY *****
[BWB:  do not know who Elizabeth Marshall was -- a nurse?  a friend of the family?.  Found a likely one with husband Maurice, 3 young kids, in 1891 census.  Not clear if this is the one, and no obvious relationship.  Found a marriage between a Maurice Marshall and Elizabeth Crook about the right time, but again no obvious connection.  Any way, no Wallaces co-residing.]

260.  1871 Census for Berkshire, England (c/o Ancestry.com) lists several families of interest:
260a. Family 55 in Bradfield Berks, living on Burnt Hill:
     William Wallace, 28, Ag. Labourer, b.Yattendon, Berkshire, England
     Mary Ann Wallace, 26, b.Ashampstead, Berkshire
     Agnes F Wallace, 4, b.Bradfield, Berkshire
     Henry W Wallace, 1, b.Bradfield.

262. 1891 Census for Malden, Surrey, registration district Kingston, Enum District 33, Folio 124, page 17-18  (c/o Ancestry.com), lists:
     Agnes F. Wallace, 25, servant/nurse, b.Bradfield, Berks
     working in home of Horatio W. Miller, 53, Lamp Manufacturer, with wife, 6 kids, 5 servants.
***** NEED COPY *****
[BWB: based on name, age, birth location, this is almost certainly the eldest child of William Wallace and Mary Anne Jerome, after their deaths in 1883, 1885.]

263.  1891 Census for the District York Calvalry Barracks in Fulford, Yorkshire, England (c/o Ancestry.com) lists:
     Henry Wallace, 22, Private in the 10th Royal Hussars, b.Reading, Berkshire.
***** NEED COPY *****
[BWB:  While Henry s/o William and Mary Anne Wallace was b.Bradfield per census data provided by his parents in 1871 and 1881, I believe this is our Henry.  It may be that he didn't know his real birth city, or used Reading as a matter of convenience, a larger, well-known city.  Given his being orphaned at age 16 in 1885, the military might have looked like a good opportunity for living and sustenance.  And, by process of elimination, there's no other Henry Wallace, 21-22, b.Bradfield listed in the 1891 Census.]

264.  English marriage registration #3 in the Bradfield District for 1837 (from General Register Office) gives:
Married in the Parish Church of Bucklebury, Berkshire 10/18/1837:
   John Wollice, of full age, labourer, resides Yattendon, father William Wollice, labourer
   Elizabeth Cripps, a minor, resides Bucklebury, father Stephen Cripps, labourer
witnessed by Nathaniel Hedges and Eliza Cripps.
(all but Nathaniel signed with an X)
[BWB:  I believe that these are the John and Elizabeth Wallace who were the parents of William Wallace of Yattendon, father of our Edythe M. Wallace.  Supporting this thesis is that one William Cripps was a witness at William Wallace's and Mary Anne Jerome's wedding.  I believe this William Cripps was Elizabeth's brother due to same birth locations and similar, compatable ages per census of 1871 and 1891.]

265.  IGI (c/o FamilySearch.org, the LDS' website) lists the following marriage:
     William Wallis m. Elizabeth Whittingham, 8/10/1794 in Yattendon, Berkshire, England.
[BWB:  The date and location suggests that these are the parents of John Wallace, grandfather of our Edythe M. Wallace.]

296.  Records from the Guthrie Home in London, Ontario, to which Dr. John T. Middlemore sent children from England (primarily from his Home in Birmingham), and from which the children were placed in "adopted" (in modern parlance, "foster") families.  Obtained from the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa [web site http://bifhsgo.ca ] ca.7/2004, whose volunteers researched and copied microfilm at the Library and Archives of Canada in Ottawa.  Middlemore was only one of many individuals and organizations that emigrated children to Canada and other UK colonies -- with the rationalization that the children would be better off in rural, agricultural Canada than in the overcrowded slums of the industrial cities of England. 

In the case of our Edith M. Wallace and her two younger sisters Isabel and Amelia, Middlemore apparently "rescued" them from the Bradfield Union Workhouse, another English institution that provided ("forced") work in exchange for room and board; they were rough and mean places by all accounts, people often leaving and preferring the streets.

296a. Transcribed records for Edith Mary Wallace
296b. Transcribed records for Isabel Ellen Wallace
296c. Transcribed records for Amelia Wallace

274.  IGI entry available at FamilySearch.org c.3/2004 lists:
John Wallis, christened 23 SEP 1804 in Yattendon, Berkshire, England;
parents William and Elizth Wallis.
[BWB: This information agrees with census data for John Wallace, so I presume this John Wallis is the same person.]

291.  English death certificate for Agnes Wallace, 31, Nurse Domestic, d.11/20/1897 in Foliejon Park, Winkfield, Berkshire County, of Cerebral Hemorrhage of 7 days.  Informant Gilbert G. Blane of Foliejon Park, present at time of death.
***** NEED COPY *****

318.  Information about Isabella Ellen (nee Wallace) Koyle, including 1901 Census for Springfield Village, ONT, burial in Union Cemetery, St. Thomas ONT, and ancestry of her husband Jesse Koyle - obtained from Ancestry.com and FamilySearch.org.
[Local Copy]
1901 Census image excerpt:  [32KB]

323.  Ontario Marriage Index (FHL microfilm #1819612) gives:
323a.  Isabella Wallace, 10/22/1894, Springfield, registration #002861 in 1894 (on FHL #1870704 items 2-4)
323b.  Amelia Wallace, 1/4/1905, Thamesville, registration #011016 in 1905 (on FHL #1871547)

339.  Obituary for Amelia (nee Wallace) Outhouse, youngest sister of our Edythe M. (Wallace) Beals, transcription obtained from Kent Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society ca. 8/2004, gives her death as 7/25/1928, survived by husband James Outhouse and children Rose, Edith, Violet, Dorothy, and 'little James' [later using the name Wallace].
[Note that Amelia's first two children were named after two of her sisters.]

340.   Obituaries for James Outhouse, husband of Amelia (Wallace) Outhouse published in the Chatham Daily News, ibid., gives his death as 9/14/1959, survived by the same children named above (but girls now married).
340a. Published 9/16/1959 [21KB]
340b. Published 9/23/1959 [14KB]

341.  Cemetery headstone transcriptions in the Bothwell/Zone Twp area of Ontario, ibid., record the final resting places of the following family members:

341a. West Bothwell Cemetery: 
       Ameila Outhouse 1884-1928 [Amelia was really born in 1881 per b/c]
       James Outhouse 1869-1959
       Oscar Outhouse [relationship unknown]
       Elizabeth Outhouse 1850-1915 [James' aunt]
       Richard White d.12/13/1912 in 69th year [foster parent to Amelia]
       Jane Ann White d.2/20/1915 in 81st year [foster parent to Amelia]
       Clara Armstrong b.1/2/1842, d.7/26/1913 [sister to Jane Ann, and member of the household]
[Page 1, 69KB]  [Page 2, 61KB]

341b. St. Pauls Roman Catholic Cemetery, Thamesville, Ontario:
       Alfred M. Farrell 1910-1956 and wife Violet M. [nee Outhouse] 1915--[blank]

341c. Maple Leaf Cemetery, Chatham, Ontario:
       Charles Haydon 1903-1976 and wife Edith [nee Outhouse] 1914--[blank]

343.  Transcriptions of 1861-1901 Censuses for Zone Twp. Ontario, ibid., lists various family members:

343a. 1861 Census:
       Joseph and Elizabeth Outhouse and family, including Jehiet, father of James Outhouse, husband of Amelia Wallace.

343b. 1871 Census:
       Joseph and Elizabeth Outhouse and some family members.
       Jehiel and Nancy Outhouse, including James age 1.

343c. 1881 Census:
       Richard and Jane A. White [who would become foster parents to Amelia Wallace in 1887]
       [BWB: The Amos Williams listed here was probably another foster child, and perhaps a Home Child as well.]
       Johiel Outhouse family, including James age 11.
[Page 1, 45KB]  [Page 2, 60KB]

343d. 1891 Census:
       Richard and Jane A. White, including Amelia Wallace age 9

343e. 1901 Census:
       Jehiel Outhouse family, including James age 28 and b.1872 [strongly disagrees with 1871 census, above]
       Richard and Janet[sic] White, including Amy White[sic] [really Amelia Wallace; birth was 1881, not 1882]
       [BWB:  The Charles Gurney listed here was also one of the Home Children.]
[Page 1, 97KB]  [Page 2, 99KB]  [Page 3, 98KB]

344.  City Directories for St. Thomas, Ontario for the period 1919-1934 list Jesse and Isabella (nee Wallace) Koyle; researched and copied Ms. Barb Hoskins, Information Analyst at the St. Thomas Public Library ca.8/2004. However, in the 1919 - 1932 time period, Ms. Hoskins did not find George and Edythe Beals listed.  See also [118], that shows the George and Edythe were listed in St. Thomas 1933-1938 inclusive.
[BWB:  The fact that Isabella, Edythe's sister, lived in St. Thomas may be the motivation for George and Edythe moving there from Windsor, when they were in their 50's.  At least, their move would have been facilitated.]
344a. 1919:  [125KB]
       Jesse Koyle, foreman at MCR, home at 165 Wellington.
       Harold Koyle, fireman at MCR, same address. [probably a child of Jesse and Isabella]
344b. 1920:  [114KB]
       Jesse W. Koyle, section foreman at MCR, home 165 Wellington E.
       Harold Koyle, fireman at MCR, home at 6 Crocker.
       Harry Koyle, works at MCR, home at 165 Wellington E. [probably another child]
344c. 1921:  [95KB]
       Jesse W. Koyle, track foreman at MCR, home at 30 Lydia
       Harold Koyle, works at Dominion Brake Shoe Co., home at 6 Crocker Ave.
344d. 1932:  [90KB]
       Jesse W. Koyle (Isabella), yard foreman at MCR, home at 30 Lydia
       Harold M.(sic) Koyle (Marie), brakeman, home at 44 John
       Harry W. Koyle (Marion), home at 53 Gladstone Ave
344e. 1934:  [88KB]
       Jesse W. Koyle (Isabella), section foreman at MCR, home at 30 Lydia.
       Harold L. Koyle (Marie J.), proprietor Sun Beam Tobacco Co., 42 John
       Harry W. Koyle (Mariam[sic]), home at 42 John
       Marie J. Koyle, lvs [lives with?] Delia Duffey [is this Marie J. the wife of Harold, above?  A child?]
[BWB:  My request to Ms. Hoskins was to look at a few of the Directories in the periods 1915-1922, the period over which George and Edythe Beals are not listed elsewhere -- in an attempt to locate them during this period.  I also requested she look in a few of the Directories in the 1930's, since the Beals were there then.  I do not have any information to suggest that Ms. Hoskins reviewed all Directories during these periods.]

345.  Private e-mail communication received from the Berkshire (England) Record Office 8/27/2004 contains a [transcription] of documents relating to the family of William Wallace and Mary Ann Jerome, including a parish marriage record, parish baptismal records for the children, and the 1881 Census record.
The following are copies of the originals obtained via postal mail:
345a. Marriage record  [201KB]
345b. Baptism of Henry [1110KB]
345c. Baptism of Rose [176KB]
345d. Baptism of Edith [157KB]
345e. Baptism of Isabel [166KB]
345f. Baptism of Amelia [162KB]
345g. 1881 Census for Yattendon [125KB] and [119KB]  See also item [89].
[BWB: note that no baptismal record was provided for Agnes, whom I believe was the first born in this family.]

355.  Private e-mail communication received from the Berkshire (England) Record Office 9/21/2004 contains a [transcription] of documents relating to the ancestors of William Wallace and Mary Anne Jerome.
The following are transcriptions and copies of the originals (for ancestors) obtained via postal mail (locations are Yattendon except as noted):
355a. William Wallis to Elizabeth Whittingham, 10th August 1794 [90KB]
355b. Elizabeth Whittingham, Daughter of William and Lucy his wife was baptized Sept 29th, 1771 [94KB]
355c. Nov. the 23, 1794, Priscilla, Daughter of Wm & Eliz. Wallis  [BWB: not copied; on file]
355d. Mary Ann, Daughter of William & Elizabeth Wallis Dec 25 1796  [BWB: not copied; on file]
355e. Harriet, Daughter of Will'm & Eliza'th Wallis, Jan. 6th, 1799  [BWB: not copied; on file]
355f. Thos., Son of Richard & Sarah Jerome, Jan. 15th, 1799  [BWB: not copied; on file]
355g. Amelia, Daughter of Richard & Sarah Jerome, June 1st, 1802  [BWB: not copied; on file]
355h. Charles, Son of William & Elizabeth Wallis, May 29th, 1803  [BWB: not copied; on file]
355i. John, Son of William & Eliz'th Wallis, Sep. 23rd, 1804  [133KB, see 1st arrow in right margin]
355j. Richard, Son of Richard & Sarah Jerome, Oct. 21, 1804  [133KB, see 2nd arrow in right margin]
355k. Henry, Son of Rich'd & Sarah Jerome, May 31st, 1807  [BWB: not copied; on file]
355m. Lucy, Daughter of Wm & Eliz'th Wallis, July 12th, 1807  [BWB: not copied; on file]
355n. in Bucklebury, 1818: January 11th/#178, Elizabeth d'r of Stephen and Sarah Cripps, abode Bucklebury, Labourer, performed by Rev. J'no Hemus.  [84KB]
355p. Charles Wallis, June 26th, 1803  [BWB: not copied; on file]
355q. in 1837: William Wallis, Febry 8, age 67; Elizabeth Wallis, March 29, age 65 [153KB]

359.  Private e-mail communications received from the Berkshire (England) Record Office 10/29/2004 and 11/12/2004 contain a [transcription] of documents relating to the birth family of William Wallis, great grandparents of our William Wallace.
The following are copies of the originals (for ancestors) obtained via postal mail:
359a. Marriage of Thomas Wallis to Mary Hamblin 10/8/1767 [88KB
            [BWB: note scribe erred on top item, continuing it onto the second item.]

359b. Baptism of William Wallis 1/30/1768  [Full Page 322KB]  [One Line 43KB]
359c. Baptism of James Wallis 4/1/1770  [BWB: extremely poor copy; on file]
359d. Baptism of Elizabeth Wallis 9/26/1773  [BWB: not copied; on file]
359e. Baptism of Ann Wallis 3/31/1776  [BWB: not copied; on file]

359f. Burial of Elizabeth Wallis 6/2/1776  [BWB: not copied; on file]
359g. Burial of Thomas Wallis May 2, 1783  [111KB]
         (This received in the 12/8/2004 batch, below.)

***** NEED COPY *****

361.  Obituary for Mrs. Jesse Koyle (nee Isabel Ellen Wallace, sister to our Edythe M. Wallace), St. Thomas (ONT) Times Journal, 7/16/1951, page 12 column 2, provided by the Elgin County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society.
[transcription]  [copy, 32K]

368.  Photo Album, presumably assembled by Edythe (Wallace) Beals, kept by Grace (Beckett) Beals, and currently (2005) in the possession of Brian Beals.  (At 50 pages total, not reproduced here.)  The following images are presumed to be of several family members:
368d.  Amelia (nee Wallace) Outhouse, husband James and 4 of their 5 children (one girl missing), location and date unknown.  [81KB]  [368KB]
[BWB:  Identity based on woman bearing close family resemblance to Edythe, husband being 15 years older, and the grouping of children which matches Amelia's.  Note that Edythe and Amelia were close... Amelia was a witness to George and Edythe's marriage in 1902.

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