Ibrook Tower and Margaret Hardin - Timelines/Facts

Date Ibrook Tower - Fact or Comment
c.2/1643-44 Born in Hingham, MA to John and Margaret Tower.
Date Margaret Hardin - Fact or Comment
? Born to John and ? Hardin.
Date Ibrook and Margaret Tower - Fact or Comment
4/24/1668 Married in Hingham, MA.  They would eventually have 11 children.
Daughter Rachel born in Hingham, MA.
Daughter Rachel married Joshua Bate in Hingham.
Granddaughter Rachel Bate born in Hingham to Joshua and Rachel.
Margaret died.
Date Ibrook Tower - Fact or Comment
Granddaughter Rachel Bate married Andrew Beal in Hingham.
11/21/1731 Died in Hingham, MA at age 87.

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