Laverne Wallace Beals' Ancestry:

Master List of Notes & Sources

These items are in no particular order.  Please use the Table of Contents , family lines pages and associated family sheets to relate these items in a meaningful way.  However, there are a few items listed below that are not referenced in the family sheets, e.g., in cases in which they refer to documents where no information was found, or they are sources not yet assimilated -- these have been marked as such, below.  This is a work in progress!

1. Laverne Wallace Beals' birth certificate: [519KB], which was not registered until 1927. See next item.

2. Laverne Wallace Beals' midwife's certification: [105KB] that she in fact delivered the child 19 years earlier.

3. Laverne Wallace Beals' death certificate: [316KB].

4. Laverne Wallace Beals' marriage certificate: [603KB].

5. Picture of Laverne Wallace Beals at about age 7 with his parents, George Edgar Beals and Edythe M. (nee Wallace) Beals: [15KB]  [271KB]. Also, see next item.

6. (Not referenced) Picture of Laverne Wallace Beals at 19: [13KB]  [213KB]. Also, see previous item.

7.  Consolidated Index to St. Thomas (Elgin County, Ontario) Cemeteries, available at Dufferin County
Museum and Archives, Orangeville ONT; selected pages for Wallace/Wallis and Beal/Beale/Beales/Beals.
Page 5 [1.6MB],   Page 6 [1.6MB],   Page 16 [1.6MB],   Page 17 [1.6MB].
[BWB: I was looking for possible relatives of George Edgar Beals and/or Edythe M. (Wallace) Beals, his wife, as reason they went to St. Thomas in the 1930's.  No obvious connection.  There was an Amy Wallace listed, initially thought to be the Amy Wallace who witnessed their wedding in 1902, but on visiting the cemetery office, I found out that this Amy Wallace was raised in Alymer and then in 1906 moved to St. Thomas.  This rules her out, as our Amy Wallace resided in Bothwell in 1902, and not in Alymer.]

8. Map of Algonac Village, Clay Twp, St.Clair Co, MI., birthplace of Laverne Wallace Beals.
Overview:  [18KB];  Detail:  [43KB]

9. (Not referenced) America's First Families: [website]  [local copy]
Cautionary comments on false and fraudulent genealogies, especially on the Internet.   Also, detailed account of John Beal/Beales.

10. Miller/Molesworth Family Genealogy
           10a. Version #1: [website]  [local copy]
This data provides an ancestral line running from Laverne Wallace (called Lawrence here) Beals, all the way back to Edward Beales.   While this data was the catalyst  in discovering our line, it contains little/no references to sources, so our line can not be validated based on this data; it has to be treated as conjectural.
The local copy is extracted from the website, but includes only those individuals who are decendants of Edward Beales or who are ancestors of Laverne Wallace Beals. The local copy does not include over 80% of the individuals in the Miller/Molesworth Family data, namely all those individuals who are ancestors of the decendants of Edward Beales on lines other than the one leading down to Laverne Wallace Beals.
           10b. Version #2: [website]  [local copy].
This is a second M/M line that includes ours. The most notable difference is for the data on Lawrence Beals (which we believe to be Laverne Wallace Beals) -- his birthday is correctly given as April 22, but the year is given as 1932, not 1908. Similarly, the date of marriage for George Edgar Beals and Edythe Wallace is incorrect.
           10c. Version #3: [website]

11. Beales/Beal/Beals Family Genealogy by Donald W. Beals:  [local copy]
This key data was generously provided by Mr. Donald W. Beals, another living decendant of Edward Beales, via private communication.    Mr. Beals has spent 25 years researching the Beals family -- and the supplier of most of the Beals data for the Miller/Molesworth Family Genealogy referenced above and for the Whitman/Beal/Spinney Family Genealogy by Ms.P.D.Crowe [58].   In addition to his own research, he has drawn upon (and in many instances, corrected) the work done in the 1940's by George Washington Beals [115] and the subsequent work done by F.Dolina (nee Beals) Smith [87], George's grand-niece.

Mr. Beals also provided the following information:
11b. Place Names, showing present-day names of cities/towns, and the corresponding older name(s).
***** NEED COPY *****

12. Social Security Administration publication no. 21-059 "A Brief History of Social Security", 8/2000:  [website].

13. (Not referenced) Wing-Norcross Family Genealogy: [website gone ca. 2/2005]  [local copy].
This data contains many references, and so gives the appearance of containing reliable data. Unfortunately, several of these references do not resolve properly to the list of sources, so verifying accuracy is not always possible. Also, some that do resolve to the list of sources have cryptic references (perhaps to a master bibliography?) and so these too can not be verified.

14. Homan Family Genealogy, by another descendant of Jeremiah Beal, Jr.: [website]  [local copy]

15. Edith Mary Wallace's birth certificate, received in response to a query to England records: [39KB].
[BWB: While son Laverne Wallace Beals gave[16] her father's name as John Wallace, not as William Wallace, and her birth year as 1873, not 1874, I believe this is our Edythe based on her marriage registration data [62] giving parents names as William and Mary, and 1891 census [90] that gives a consistent age.   (After this latter record, Edythe shaved various numbers of years off her age, so the records are inconsistent.) ]

16. Edythe M. Wallace's death certificate: [1MB].
Note that the vita was provided by her son, Laverne Wallace Beals, in his own handwriting.   Since this is his recollection at the time, a period of grief and stress, it may contain errors and inaccuracies.

17. George Edgar Beals' death certificate: [59KB].
Note that the vita was provided by his son, Laverne Wallace Beals, in his own handwriting.   Since this is his recollection at the time, a period of grief and stress, it may contain errors and inaccuracies.

18. 1910 Census for Algonac Village, Clay Twp, St.Clair Co, MI: [1MB]. This shows the George Edgar Beals family, living in Algonac, and it supports the birth year for Laverne Wallace Beals. A blank, legible census form: [12KB]

19. 1861 Census for Erin Twp, Wellington Co, Ontario Canada: [10KB]. This shows the George Fletcher Beals family living in Erin, including son Robert Beals, supports the ages of the family members, and the birth location for GFB.   [BWB: this was originally located at but that page has since disappeared.]

20. 1901 Census for Pt.Edward, Sarnia Twp, Lambton Co, Ontario Canada: [2KB]  [8KB]  [141KB]. This record shows the Robert Beals family living in Pt.Edward (a northern suburb of Sarnia, ONT), including his father George Fletcher Beals. It supports birth years, provides actual birthdates (as reported), and birth locations.

21. (Not referenced) Map of present-day Hingham, Norfolk Co, England, as well as Wramplingham and Wymondham: [76KB]

22. (Not referenced) Map of present-day Lawrencetown, Annapolis Co, NS Canada: [13KB]

23. (Not referenced) Map of present-day Ontario Canada: [511KB]  [11.6MB]

24. Map of Wellington County, Ontario Canada: [89KB].  Modern, general area map:  [34KB]

25. Map of present-day Dufferin County, Ontario Canada: [32KB].  General area map:  [34KB]

26. Map of present-day Lambton County, Ontario Canada: [187KB]

27. (Not referenced) Brief descriptions of churches in Norfolk Co, England, including the one at Hingham: [13KB]

28. List of people/organizations sending flowers to Laverne Wallace Beals' funeral: [31KB]

29. List of people/organizations sending flowers to Grace Hilda (nee Beckett) Beals' funeral: [19KB]

30. List of people buried in Lakeview Cemetary, Sarnia, Lambton Co, Ontario Canada: [81KB]

31. 1857 Ontario Index page enumerating George (Fletcher?) Beals, shoemaker, in Erin, Wellington Co: [38KB]

32. (Not referenced) Life at the turn of the 20th century: [25KB]

33. (Not referenced) 1870's mention of a Beals Farm (probably owned by brother of George Fletcher Beals): [117KB]

34. According to notes found in Source [13], a Mr.Kent of Alexandria VA, a professional genealogist, is reputed to have written the following.
[BWB:  Based on a reading of source [169], Mr. Kent was actually quoting heavily from John D. Beal.  I have altered the text to use quotes for Mr. Beal's work, and unquoted text for Mr. Kent's work.]

"I was in the Library of the Society of Genealogists in London in September 1979 and copied records of many Beal, Beals, Beales, Bale, Bales. Some additional records of REVEREND EDWARD BEALES have been received from the Norfolk Record Office, Norwich, England.

"REVEREND EDWARD BEALES was ordained a Deacon in St. Peter and St. Paul Church, Wramplingham, County Norfolk, England, on 11 June 1568, instituted Rector on 23 August 1568 and ordained a priest on 17 October 1571 at Norwich."

(It was first thought that EDWARD BEALES was a graduate of Corpus Christi College. He did not attend Corpus Christi College according to the Librarian at Cambridge University. I misinterpreted Corpus Christi in a list of rectors to mean Corpus Christi College. I have since found a list of nongraduate rectors and EDWARD BEALES was on it. One did not even have to be a priest in those days to be rector of a church).

35. (Not referenced)  ibid., "REVEREND EDWARD BEALES gave 25 pounds to one of the Subsidies assessed to support a bill passed by the Parliament."

36. (Not referenced)  ibid., "In Wramplingham, Wymondham and Hingham there were Bale and Bales families in addition to Beal, Beale and Beales. English authors of books on surnames do not agree on the origin of the name Beal. In some families Bale and Beales both appear in Norwich records for children of the same parents."

37. ibid., "The following records from the Wramplingham Parish Register were copied and translated from the Old English by Mr. Kent of Alexandria, Virginia, a professional genealogist."

"EDWARD BEALES m Marye Harvy 16 June 1572 in Wramplingham"  County Norfolk, England.

She died between 21 APR 1583 - 27 MAY 1585 in Wramplingham, Norfolk, ENG, at age unknown.

"EDWARD BEALES m Winifryd Peeke 27 May 1585 in Wramplingham."

She died between 27 MAY 1585 - 8 SEP 1586 in Wramplingham, Norfolk, ENG, at age unknown. Edward married Martha STONE licence 8 SEP 1586 in Hingham, Norfolk, ENG.

On 8 September 1586, a 'licence' was issued to EDWARD BEALE but a record of his marriage was not found. The existing Hingham Parish Register does not begin until 1600. He no doubt married MARTHA STONE in 1586 or 1587. MARTHA STONE was from Hingham Barrowe which has been defined as a borough and also a section of Hingham not within the limits of St. Andrews Church.

Martha was born about 1564 in Hingham, Norfolk, ENG. Martha was the daughter of Richard STONE and Margaret (UNKNOWN). She died bur. 21 APR 1625 in (Unknown), Norfolk, ENG, at age 60. She was buried at in Hingham, Norfolk, ENG 21 APR 1625.

"In the 1597 visitation of Norfolk County by the Bishop, a complaint was made, 'Mr._____ BEALES, Rector. They have not had monthely sermonds'. (He said he has quarterly sermons)."

"Wills: EDWARD BEALE of Wramplingham made his will in 1610/11. It was probated in 29 Oct 1612. He mentioned his Wife MARTHA, Sons Edward, JOHN, Francis, Edmond, Tymothie and Nathaniel and a daughter Martha. They were all children of his third wife MARTHA. He mentioned property in Wramplingham and Hingham."

Edward had His will probated 29 OCT 1612 in Norwich, Norfolk, ENG.

38. Hillard/Hilliard Family Genealogy: [website]  [local copy]. See also items 40-49 below.

39. The following secondary source is cited by [38] and many other authors' genealogies:
          [BWB: we obtained a copy of this book and have verified the contents.]

          Title: History of the County of Annapolis, Nova Scotia
          Author: W. A. Calnek, edited by A. W. Savary
          Publication: William Briggs, Toronto, Canada and Phillimore & Co., London, England, 1897; reprinted by Global Heritage Press, Milton, Ontario, 1999

           [BWB: The following references to various people and places was derived from a single and not always careful read of this 660 page book, and so should not be considered exhaustive or complete - but, it's a start.  Also, I did not read the biographies nor many of the genealogies.]         

          39a. Index to mentions of Banks family:
                [BWB: Donald W. Beals [11] lists 7 Beals-Banks marriages, though none in our line.]
                    1. p.171,230:  Thomas, Joshua - obligated under 1791 Capitalization Tax Act, Annapolis Twp
                    2. p.238:  James, Henry, Thomas - cleared 6, 8, 5 acres in Wilmot Twp c.1807
                    3. p.471:  genealogy of three Banks families

          39b. Index to mentions of Beals family:
                    1. [p.171]:  Abel - obligated under 1791 Capitalization Tax Act
                    2. [p.277], [p.278]:  Abel (probably s/o Abel b.1755); - purchased/granted lots 18 & 19 in New Albany by 1817
                                        (originally granted to Samuel and Jeremiah Bancroft per Calnek p.277; see  map 29 section 8)
                    3. [p.475], [p.476]:  genealogy of Beals family

          39c. Index to mentions of Bent family:
                [BWB: Donald W. Beals [11] lists 5 Beals-Bent marriages, though none in our line.]
                    1. p.151:  Samuel, passenger on Charming Molly to Annapolis Royal, N.S., 5/17/1760
                    2. p.152,55:  David, census of 1768, 1770 (164 acres)
                    3. p.160:  Elijah, Hopestill, Micah, P., Thomas - grantees 1759
                    4. p.171:  David, William - obligated under 1791 Capitalization Tax Act, Annapolis Twp
                    5. p.175:  Asa - [tax?] collector appointed in Annapolis Twp 1797
                    6. p.197,199:  Samuel - census of 1770
                    7. p.230: Nedebiah - obligated under 1791 Capitalization Tax Act
                    8. p.237:  William - petitioned for aid to build a bridge over the Annapolis River at Paradise, 1802, and to build the Leonard Road in 1803
                    9. p.277:  Beriah - grantee in New Albany c.1805
                   10. p.281:  Charles Grandison B., s/o Nedebiah, grand s/o [Samuel] - helped found Lake Pleasant
                   11. p.313:  John (pre-Loyalist), William - justices of the peace 1833, 1819
                   12. p.317:  Stephen E. B. - president of Bench of Magistrates c.1837 for Ward 11, Carleton's Corner, Tupperville, Bentville, Paradise
                   13. p.477:  genealogy of two Bent families

          39d. Index to mentions of Chute family:
                [BWB:  Edward Beals, a younger brother of our George Fletcher b.1816, married Sarah Lovenia Chute, great-grandaughter of Samuel.]
                    1. p.197,199:  Samuel - census of 1770
                    2. p.215:  reference to Chute's Cove and Chute's Mountain c.1799
                    3. p.217:  James, Benjamin - 10 and 6 acres cleared in Granville [Twp?] in 1807
                    4. p.228:  Samuel - person applying for 'rights' above Granville c.1777
                    5. p.255:  Samuel, Daniel, Thomas - cleared ?, 5, 8 acres in Clements Twp c.1805
                    6. p.257:  family were pre-Loyalists who settled Bear River
                    7. p.258:  Thomas - built early home on east side of river; was gf of H.H.Chute, legislator c.1898
                    8. p.277:  William, Abraham - grantees in New Albany c.1805
                    9. p.313:  Harris Harding C. - member of House of Commons, 1890 - death in March 1892
                  10. p.317: Harris Harding C. - warden 1887 - 1889
                  11: p.491:  genealogy of Chute family

          39e. Index to mentions of Clark family:
                [BWB:  Abel Beals' (b.1755) second wife was Mary Miller, widow of Richard Clark, s/o William.]
                    1. p.151:  Uriah, passenger on Charming Molly to Annapolis Royal, N.S., 5/17/1760
                    2. p.152,55;  Uriah, census of 1768, 1770 (1038 acres)
                    3. p.171:  David, Gideon, Uriah - obligated under 1791 Capitalization Tax Act, Annapolis Twp
                    4. p.197:  Thomas - census of 1770
                    5. p.239:  Thomas - cleared 4 acres in Wilmot Twp c.1807
                    6. p.255:  William - cleared 3 acres in Clements Twp c.1805
                    7. p.257:  preloyalists who settled Bear River
                    8. p.493:  genealogy of Clark family

          39f. Index to mentions of Daniels family:
                [BWB: Donald W. Beals [11] lists 6 Beals-Daniels marriages, though none in our line.]
                    1. p.151:  Joseph, arrival late summer 1760
                    2. p.152,55;  Asa , census of 1768, 1770 (500 acres)
                    3. p.171:  Asa, Ephraim, Joseph - obligated under 1791 Capitalization Tax Act, Annapolis Twp
                    4. p.497:  genealogy of three Daniels families

          39g. Index to mentions of Henshaw family:
                [BWB:  Nancy b.1789, d/o Samuel, married our Stephen b.1791.]
                    1. p.208:  William - Colonel Shaw's Annapolis militia 11/12/1776 - 12/18/1776
                    2. p.252: Samuel, William - obligated under 1791 Capitalization Tax Act, Clements Twp
                    3. p.255:  Samuel - cleared 3 acres in Clements Twp c.1805
                    [BWB: it's interesting to note that Calnek has no genealogy section for the Henshaws.]

          39h. Index to mentions of Kent family:
                [BWB:  Isaac was the maternal grandfather of our Stephen b.1791, and Isaac's wife was Rachel Beal, daughter of our Andrew b.1685.]
                    1. p.151:  Isaac, passenger on Charming Molly to Annapolis Royal, N.S., 5/17/1760
                    2. p.153,55:  Isaac, census of 1768, 1770 (1498 acres)
                    3. p.172:  Arod, Lara - obligated under 1791 Capitalization Tax Act, Annapolis Twp
                    4. p.536:  genealogy of Kent family

          39i. Index to mentions of Longley family:
                [BWB:  Anna, a sister of Abigail (nee Kent) Beals, wife of Abel Beals, married Israel Longley.]
                    1. p.198:  Israel - census of 1770
                    2. p.228:  Israel - person applying for 'rights' above Granville c.1777
                    3. p.239:  Asa - cleared 3 acres in Wilmot Twp c.1807
                    4. p.312:  Avard, J.Wilberforce L. - members of House of Commons, 1878-82, 1882-1890 and 1894-1898
                    5. p.317:  Isaac - president of Bench of Magistrates c.1837 for Ward 12, Nictaux
                    6. p.459:  Avard, s/o Asaph, grand s/o Isreal - biographical sketch
                    7. p.540:  genealogy of Longley family

          39j.  Index to mentions of Morgan family:
                [BWB:  one Sarah Morgan, lineage unknown, was the mother of Nancy Henshaw, wife of our Stephen b.1791.]
                    1. p.153, Ann, widow, census of 1768
                    2. p.155:  George, census of 1770 (150 acres)
                    3. p.208:  George, John - Colonel Shaw's Annapolis militia 11/12/1776 - 12/18/1776
                    4. p.252:  George - obligated under 1791 Capitalization Tax Act, Clements Twp
                    5. p.255:  Edward - cleared 3 acres in Clements Twp c.1805
                    [BWB: Calnek has no genealogy for this family.]

          39k. Index to mentions of Whitman family:
                [BWB: Donald W. Beals [11] lists 7 Beals-Whitman marriages, though none in our line.]
                    1. p.151: "Deacon" John, passenger on Charming Molly to Annapolis Royal, N.S., 5/17/1760
                    2. p.154,56: Mercy, widow, census of 1768, 1770 (2000 acres)
                    3. p.172:  Daniel, Edward, Jacob, John - obligated under 1791 Capitalization Tax Act, Annapolis Twp
                    4. p.175:  Daniel, Edward - fence viewer, overseer of highways,  appointed in Annapolis Twp 1797
                    5. p.276,7:  Daniel, Isaac, Jacob - grantees in New Albany c.1805
                    6. p.278:  John Jr, Charles. - purchased lots in New Albany by 1817
                    7. p.287:  Elnathan - ran for legislature, November 1836
                    8. p.310:  Alfred, William Cagney W. - legislative council 1857, 1861
                    9. p.316: John (pre-Loyalist), James (pre-Loyalist) - justices of peace 1806 and 18xx?
                  10. p.434:  Elnathan, b.1785, s/o John, grand s/o Deacon John - biographical sketch
                  11. p.457:  Alfred, b.1797, d.1861, brother to Elnathan - biographical sketch
                  12. p.624:  genealogy of Whitman family

          39l.  p.222-4:  Short history of Bridgetown, birthplace of George Fletcher Beals.  see also p.288, 292
          39m. p.225:  Mention of Lawrencetown in Wilmot Twp
          39n. p.226:  Mention of Middleton
          39o. p.256:  Mention of Bear River
          39p. p.282ff:  General history of Annapolis County, by the editor.

40. (Not referenced) The following source is provided by [38] but has not been validated by us:

Title: Hingham Town Records (1635-1830) and
        Rev. Peter Hobart's Diary Microfilm (possession of New England Historical Genealogy Society, NEHGS).
Author: Town of Hingham
40a. Frame 692, page 32
40b. Frame 137, page 268
40c. Frame 697, page 43
40d. Frame 520, page 91
40e. Frame 86, page 167
40f. Frame 54, page 103

          40g. Frame 697, page 43

41. (Not referenced) The following source is provided by [38] but has not been validated by us:

Title: Mendon Vital Records

          Page: page 110

42. (Not referenced) The following source is provided by [38] but has not been validated by us:

Title: Town of Milford, Massachusetts, Part II. - Biographico-Genealogical Register
Author: Adin Ballou
Publication: Boston, MA: Franklin Press; Rand, Avery, & Co., 1882

          Page: page 864-865

43. (Not referenced) The following source is provided by [38] but has not been validated by us:

Title: Town of Milford, Massachusetts, Vital records to the year 1850
Author: Thomas W. Baldwin
Publication: Boston, MA: 1917

          Page: page 105

44.  Vital Records of Cohasset Massachusetts, to the Year 1850, N.E. Historic Genealogical Society, compiled by Thomas W. Baldwin, published 1916 at Boston Mass., contains transcriptions of town records of interest to us, as follows.  (source provided by [38])

44a.  Front Matter:  Cover [15KB], Statistics [40KB], Abbreviations [72KB]

44b.  Births for Beal*:  Pages 24-5 [104KB], Pages 26-7 [103KB], Pages 28-9 [93KB]
          - Abell Beal, son of Andrew and Rachel, baptized Oct 28, 1733 (church record of First Congregational Society, formerly the Second Parish of Hingham)
          - Abel Beal, son of Abel and Deborah, July 6, 1755
          - and various siblings are listed

44c.  Births for Kent:  Pages 52-3 [101KB], Pages 54-5 [103KB]
          - siblings of our Isaac Kent and our Abigail Kent are listed

44d.  Marriages for Beal*:  Pages 130-1 [105KB], Pages 132-3 [99KB]
          - Abel Beal and Deborah Lambert, m. Mar. 11, 1755   
          - Abel Beal and widow Susannah Humphrey, m. Feb. 6, 1789 in Hingham
          - Rachel Beal and Isaac Kent, m. Oct. 25, 1739 (church record record of First Congregational Society, formerly the Second Parish of Hingham)

44e.  Deaths for Beal*:  Pages 190-1 [99KB], Pages 192-3 [95KB]
          - Abel Beal, d. Apr. 20, 1805 at 72 yo (church record record of First Congregational Society, formerly the Second Parish of Hingham), or
             ... Apr. 19, 1805 at 71yo (North Cohasset Cemetery grave record)
          - Andrew Beal, d. Jan. 10, 1762 at 77 yo (North Cohasset Cemetery grave record)
          - Deborah Beal, wife of Abel, d. June 15, 1788 in 54th year (North Cohasset Cemetery grave record)
          - Rachel Beal, widow of Andrew, d. Nov. 20, 1780 at 84yo (North Cohasset Cemetery grave record)

[BWB: While an early source from a reputable organization, this is still a secondary source and (ideally) the original records should be consulted.]

             The following information was located in "Massachusetts Vital Records, 1600s-1800s" available at and viewed online c.7/2003:

            Abel  Beal
            Event Type:  Birth    
            Event Date:  6-JUL-1755    
            Town of Record:  Cohasset    
            County of Record:  Norfolk
            Comment:  /S OF ABEL AND DEBORAH 

            Abel Beal
            Event Type:  Death     
            Event Date:  20-APR-1805         
            Town of Record:  Cohasset     
            County of Record:  Norfolk     
            Comment:  A. 72 Y. /N C. R. 1. /N (APR. 19, 1805, A. 71 Y. G. R. 5.)

  Deborah Beal
 Event Type:  Death     
 Event Date:  15-JUN-1788     
 Town of Record:  Cohasset     
 County of Record:  Norfolk     
 Comment:  W. OF ABEL, IN HER 54TH Y. /N G. R. 5.  [grave report 5]

45. (Not referenced) The following source is provided by [38] but has not been validated by us:

Title: Holbrook Collection. Hingham Deaths. Microfiche (possession of NEHGS). F74 H6 H66
Author: Jay Mack Holbrook
Publication: Holbrook Research Institute

          Page: Fiche 156, page 53

46. (Not referenced) The following source is provided by [38] but has not been validated by us:

Title: History of the Town of Hingham, Massachusetts - The Genealogies
Author: George Lincoln
Publication: Town of Hingham: 1893

          Page: Volume II, page 53-77

47. (Not referenced) The following source is provided by [38] but has not been validated by us:

Title: Town of Weymouth, Massachusetts, Early Families of Weymouth,Massachusetts
Author: George Walter Chamberlain
Publication: Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1984

          Page: pages 67-70
            [BWB: reported to be a good source to check!]

48. (Not referenced) The following source is provided by [38] but has not been validated by us:

Title: Yankee Stock, Our Colonial Ancestors
Author: Ellen May Jones and Barbara May Honea

          Page: c513, p2-4

49. (Not referenced) The following source is provided by [38] but has not been validated by us:

Title: Newton Genealogy
Author: Phinehas S. Newton
Publication: Rockport, ME: Phinehas S. Newton, 1989

          Page: page 149

50. The Canada Directory for 1871 (FHC fiche #6046766) describes two towns in which our relatives lived:
          50a. page 323, "Erin - A flourishing village on a branch of the Credit river, township of Erin, county of Wellington.   It possesses a grist mill, saw and lath mill, woolen factory, foundry, stave factory, potash works, tannery and drill shed, also lime and freestone quarries.   Distant from Orangeville, a station of the Toronto, Grey and Bruce railway, 13 miles, from Georgetown, a station of the Grand Trunk railway, 14 miles, fare 60c.: from Guelph 18 miles, fare 75c.   Mail daily.   Population about 600."   [2.3MB]
[BWB: no Beal* names were listed.]
          50b. page 510, "Luther - A small village on the Grand river in the township of Luther, county of Wellington.   It will be one of the principal stations of the Toronto, Grey and Bruce railway, and being surrounded by a fine farming country is growing rapidly, and promises to be a very stirring place.   Distant from Fergus, a station of the Wellington, Grey and Bruce railway, 17 miles, from Guelph 29 mines, from Toronto 60 miles.   Mail bi-weekly.   Population about 60."   [2.2MB]
Of the 9 business people listed, one was "Beales Stephen, saw mill owner, carpenter".

51. Archives of Ontario Canada Birth Indices, which give registration numbers and registration year.   With this information, one can obtain the actual birth registration.
           51a. Microfilm MS 931, Reel 10 (FHC microfilm #1983413); year 1898, the year Charles R. Beals, son of Robert Beals and Mary Jane Smith, is supposed to have been born.   [BWB: Scanned film but did not find Charles R. Beals listed.   Also reviewed the 1899 Index on FHC microfilm #2023011, but CRB not found. This same film also has a 'correction book' for the years 1869-1899, but no pertinent information found.]
           51b. Microfilm MS 931, Reel 1 (FHC microfilm #1819389 at FHC-SanJose); years 1869-1895, surnames B.   George Edgar Beals and Eleanor Beatrice Beals listed.
[BWB: I scanned the entire microfilm for other Beal* of interest, based on name, date and location.   Nothing obvious found, tho some slight possibles.]
           51c. In addition to the usual, computer generated indices, Ontario also has the 'original index books' which are typed and/or hand-written.  However, the original birth index book for 1898 (FHC microfilm #1976601) also does not list the birth of Charles Richard Beals (8/25/1898).  This is a mystery.

52. (Not referenced) Archives of Ontario Canada Marriage Indexes, which give registration numbers and registration year.   With this information, one can obtain the actual marriage registration.
           52a. MS 934, Reel 1 (FHC microfilm #1819478); years 1873-1910, surnames B.   Indexes the marriages of Robert Beals and Mary Jane Smith, George Edgar Beals and Ann Boomer.
           52c. MS 934, Reel 11 (FHC microfilm #1983414); year 1913, surnames A-Z.   Year of marriage for Eleanor Beals and Thomas Lane.

53. Archives of Ontario Canada Death Indexes, which give registration numbers and registration year.   With this information, one can obtain the actual death registration.
           53a. MS 937, Reel 2 (FHC microfilm #1411568 at FHC-SanJose); years 1891-1919.
[BWB: I scanned the entire microfilm, but could find no index entry for George Fletcher Beals (d.1905).   This effectively says his death registration vital records are lost.]

54. Annapolis County N.S. Probate Court Record Abstracts, c.1763-1938:  [website]  [local copy].   Proceedings re Abel Beals and Abigail Kent, his wife, as well as for one Catherine Beals (probably Abel's granddaughter).
See [124] for a copy of the original handwritten LWT, and [11] for a typed transcription.

55. (Not referenced) LDS's International Genealogy Index (IGI) entries for George Fletcher Beals:  [local copy].

56. (Not referenced) LDS's International Genealogy Index (IGI) entries for Robert Beals:  [local copy].

57. (Not referenced) Benkard Family Genealogy:  [BWB: the original website at has disappeared c.3/2003]  [local copy].   This is one of several websites that say that Edmund Beal, not Edward Beales, was father of John Beal/es.   It's not clear why this disparity exists.

58. Whitman/Beal/Spinney Family Genealogy:  [website]  [local copy].   Ms. P.D. Crowe, the author of this web site, has worked closely with Don Beals [11] with regard to her inclusion of Beals family genealogy.

59.   Ontario CAN Birth Registration  #034566 on 9/14/1881 in E.Luther, for George Edgar Beals, b.8/24/1881, son of Robert Beals, carpenter in East Luther, and Mary Jane Smith, attended by Mrs. Wm Dixon [BWB: midwife?]; Archives of Ontario microfilm MS 929, Reel 51 (FHC microfilm #1845577):  [full page 1MB]  [close up 1MB].
[BWB: for some unknown reason, family members, including GEB himself, consistently reported his birth year as 1882.   This record demonstrates they were mistaken.]

60.   Ontario CAN Birth Registration #010531 on 10/12/1891 in E.Luther, for Eleanor Beatrice Beals, b.9/29/1891, daughter of Robert Beals, carpenter in Grand Valley, and Mary J. Smith, attended by A.C.Graviller MD; Archives of Ontario microfilm MS 929, Reel 104 (FHS microfilm #1846442):  [full page 1.9MB]  [close up 1.4MB].

61.   Ontario CAN Marriage Registration #009701 for 1875 in Guelph, for:
-- Robert Beals, 23, b.Trafalgar, mechanic, Regular Baptist, parents George Beals and Ann Beals; and
-- Mary Jane Smith, 21, b.Stampford, ENG, Regular Baptist, parents John and Mary Smith
-- m.6/10/1875 by Rev.Thomas L Davidson DD, witnessed by Harrison B. Smith and Hattie L. Davidson of Guelph.
Archives of Ontario microfilm MS 932, Reel 19 (FHC microfilm #1862897):  [full page 1.6MB]   [close up 1.6MB]

62.   Ontario marriage registration #011958 recorded 11/7/1902, Archives of Ontario microfilm MS932, Reel 107 (FHC microfilm #1871083):
-- Geo Edgar Beals, 22, residence Port Huron, b.Ont., baker, parents Robert and Mary (no last names recorded), Baptist; and
-- Edith M. Wallace, 24, res. Strathroy, b.Eng, parents William and Mary (no last names recorded), Baptist;
-- m.10/28/1902 in Strathroy by Rev. D. Dack, witnesses: Thos. Blake of Sarnia, and Amy (could be Anny, a misspell of Annie) Wallace of Bothwell.
[left side 1.3MB]  [right side 1.3MB]  See also [285] for the church's record, which is more complete.

[notice George gave an age suggesting he was born in 1880, not the 1881 per birth certificate I found, nor the 1882 date used later and by family.   And, again, Edith apparently shaved several years off her age, even at 24!]
[also said residence was Port Huron, not Sarnia as per 1901 census]

63.   (Not referenced)

64.   Ontario CAN Marriage Registration #007460 for 1913 in Sarnia, for
-- Eleanor Beals, 21 b.Grand Valley, LDS, parents Robert Beals and Mary Jane Smith; and
-- Thomas Lesly Lane, 31 b.Blemhelm, ONT, Methodist, farmer, widower, of Blemhelm ONT, parents Stephen Lane and Elizabeth Earle;
-- m.4/16/1913 at the home of Rev.Richard Weaver, witnessed by George E. Beals and Edythe M Beals, 151 Mitton St, Sarnia.
Archives of Ontario microfilm MS 932, Reel 257 (FHC microfilm #1976221):  (full page xxxK)  (close up xxxK).   License issued same day at Sarnia.   [full page 1.4MB]  [close up 1.4MB]

65.   Copy of Birth Certificate issued 3/19/1962, for Grace Hilda Beckett, d.o.b. 12/5/1913, in Port Arthur, Thunder Bay Dist., registered 12/17/1913, number 1913-05-057607:  [62KB].
Note that the family said Grace was born 11/5/1913, as per next reference below.   c.October 1938, Grace wrote to the Registrar about the error, but apparently never had it corrected.

66.   Baptismal Certificate for Grace Hilda Beckett, daughter of Bert and Agnes Beckett, b. 11/5/1913 in Port Arthur, Ont., signed by Rev. George K.B.Adams, 7/28/1914, affiliated with a Methodist church in Port Arthur, Ont.:  [96KB]

67.   Grace Beckett's secretarial diploma from Windsor-Walkerville Technical School, dated 6/30/1928:  [1.1MB]
Note Grace was only 14 years old, of which she was proud (graduating from school so young).

68.   Certificate of marriage, for Laverne Wallace Beals and Grace Hilda Beckett, 12/26/1938, registration number 2393, signed by Harry R. Nobles, Temple Baptist Church, Windsor Ont.:  [142KB]. [Picture of church April 2002.]

69.   Picture of Laverne Wallace Beals and the newly married Grace Hilda (nee Beckett) Beals, at home of her parents:  [66KB

70.   U.S.A. Naturalization Certificate #7039049 for Grace Hilda Beals, 4/27/1954:  [6.4MB
Also, see Grace's application paper for other details:  [181KB]

71.   Canadian Immigration Record for Grace Hilda Beals, 9/4/1963:  [4.2MB]

72.   Death certificate for Grace Beals, d.10/21/1980 in Windsor Ont, registration #1980-05-050032 on 10/23/1980:  [4.6MB]

73.   Application for Admission to Housing Project for the City of Windsor Ont, for Bert Beckett, 7/2/1964 (handwritten by Grace Beals, daughter):  [268KB]
On this application, it is stated that Bert lived in Windsor 1914-1954 and that he worked for the Sandwich, Windsor & Amherstburg Railway.

74.   Grace H. Beals' own account of her employment history:  [149KB].

75.   Sales contract for Grace Beals' seal coat:  [94KB].

76.   Marriage notice in Windsor Star for Grace Beckett and Laverne Wallace Beals:  [881KB]

77.   Photographs of Laverne and Grace's headstones:  [75KB]

78.   Picture of Grace Hilda Beals that husband Laverne Wallace Beals carried in his wallet 'til death:  [105KB]

79. (Not referenced)   1891 Ontario Census for Pt.Edward and Sarnia, Archives of Ontario microfilm #T-6347 (FHC microfilm #1465773).
[BWB: found no Beal* of interest, or Wallace.]

80.   Web site for Middle Bass Island:  [web site]  [local copy of history page]

81.   Web site for the Ripley Family Genealogy:  [web site]  [local copy]
[BWB: while this site appears to be well researched, with many references to supporting documents, we can not verify its data is correct without independent validation.]

82.   Data on John Beal submitted by Herbert Holden Adams, Jr. of Milford, Connecticut, who cited:
Hingham and Weymouth VR: Lincoln's: History of the Town of Hingham, MA: Genealogy of Joseph Beal, by Wm. James Beal.

83.   Ontario Death Registration #017720, Archives of Ontario microfilm #MS 935, Reel 198 (FHC microfilm #1861975), for Robert Beals, died at 63 years, 1 month, 15 days old on April 30, 1914, at 127 Mitton St., Sarnia.   Married, shoemaker, born in Ontario to George Beals and Ann Boomer.   [1.7MB]

84.   1881 Ontario Census for East Luther Twp, Wellington Co, Archives of Ontario microfilm #C-13260 (FHC microfilm #1375896).
           84a. Page 24, Family 112: George [Fletcher] Beals, 65, b.N.S., Bapt, shoemaker; Ann, 66, b.N.S.; Sarah, 10, b.Ont.:  [2.2MB]
           84b. Page 24-5, Family 113: Isac Beals [son of GFB] , Ruth, George Edward, Sarah Jane, Mary Ann:  [1.9MB]
           84c. Page 25, Family 117: Henretta [widow of Stephen b.1820], Mary Matilda, Jessie Jane:  (ibid.)
           84d. Page 33, Family 153: Robert Beals, 32, b.Ont, Decip., carpenter; Mary Jane, 28, b.England:  [1.9MB]
           84e. Page 33, Family 154: Hiram Curtis Beals [son of Stephen b.1820], Esther, Charlotte Winford, Ector Logd [sp?]:  (ibid.)
[BWB: also found an entry in West Luther for the David Lovell family, with a George Beals, 15, listed as a servant.]

85.   1891 Ontario Census for East Luther Twp, Wellington Co, Archives of Ontario microfilm #T-6377 (FHC microfilm #1465802).
           85a. Page 12, Family 49: Robert Beals, 41, b.Ont, parents b.N.S., Baptist; Mary Jane, 37, b.Eng, parents b.Eng; George Edgar, 9, b.Ont:  [790KB]
           85b. Page 31, Family 145: George Beals, 75, b.NS, parents b.N.S., Baptist, shoemaker; Ann, 76; Sarah, 18:  [1.1MB]

86.   1871 Ontario Census for East Luther Twp, Wellington Co, Archives of Ontario microfilm #C-9950 (FHC microfilm #349161).
            86a. Stephen Bels (sic), 51, b.N.S.; Sarah, 46 [other genealogies only list wives Charlotte E. Boomer, and Henretta Lee; who's this?]; Edward, 22; David, 20, Charles, 18; Hiram, 14; Eugene, 12; Lorenzo, 10; William, 7; George, 6; Warren, 3:  (entry not photocopied)
[BWB: entire film searched; no other Beal* families found.]

87.  The Beals Family Ancestry of  F. Dolina (nee Beals) Smith, another decendant of Edward Beales.  Mrs. Smith supplemented the research done in the 1940's by her great uncle George Washington Beals [115], adding her own line, as well as providing personal stories, photographs and references.  See also [11] above.

88.  Photograph taken 10/2002 of the Stephen and Charlotte Beals memorial obelisk in Grand Valley Union Cemetery in Grand Valley, Dufferin County, Ontario:  [178KB]  
Comparing this with a photograph of the memorial in Mrs. Smith's collection (above), one can see that the memorial is badly weathered, the top finial is missing, the simple flat headstone in front of the obelisk is also missing, and the memorial is half hidden by a 'weed' bush behind it.

89.   1881 Census for Yattondon, Berkshire, ENG (as transcribed and contained on CDs at the Family History Centers of the LDS Church)  lists the William Wallace family living in a 'cottage':

William Wallace, agricultural laborer, 38, b.Yattondon
Mary A. Wallace, 36, b.Ashampstead, Berks
Henry Wallace, agricultural laborer, 12, b.Bradfield, Berks
Rose A. Wallace, scholar, 8, b.Yattondon
Edith Wallace, scholar, 6, b.Yattondon
Isabell E. Wallace, 2, b.Yattondon
[Local Copy from]  See item [345g] for a copy of the original.
Neighbors included families of Wernham, Billington, Hall, Hunter, Watts, King on one side and Phelps, Serle, Reeve, Joyce, French, Wise on the other side.   The household of Ms. Lydia G. Reeve, 36, also included:

     Agnes Wallace, visitor, 14, b.Bradfield.

This was probably the eldest daughter of William and Mary Wallace.

In addition, LDS' web site  contains the following IGI listing under the name 'Wallace':

     Rose Annie Wallis or Wallace, born 4/5/1872 to Mary Ann and William Wallis or Wallace,  christened 7/7/1872 in Yattendon.

The 1891 Census does not list the Wallace family, nor most of the neighboring families.

90.   1891 Census for Strathroy ONT, listing Edith Wallace, 16, b.England, Presbyterian, as a domestic servant in the home of the John S. Macrault family, who were Scottish.  [left side 2.5MB]  [right side 2.4MB)

91.   1901 Census for Strathroy ONT, listing Edith Wallace, 25, b.10/28/1875 in England, as a domestic servant in the home of the Hugh McColl family.   [full page, left side 1.5MB]  [right side 1.4MB] --   [close up, left side 1.5MB]   [center 1.1MB]   [right side 1.2MB]
[BWB: this is the first example of Edith being imprecise about her age and birthdate, which was 10/28/1874; there are several more in subsequent events.]
Some pictures taken in Strathroy in April 2002: historical marker, Downtown-1, and Downtown-2.

<>92.   Newspaper obituaries for Mary Jane Beals, widow of Robert Beals.
92a. Sarnia Observer newspaper of 11/15/1930, obtained from Sarnia Public Library.   [index entry 700KB]  [notice 1.8MB]
92b. Port Huron [Times Herald?] newspaper of 11/12/1930, obtained from Karen Edythe Beals  [14KB]
92c. The Border Cities Star (later the Windsor Star) newspaper of 11/12/1930.  [9KB]
[BWB:  The first says Mary Jane lived in Windsor for 6 years, the second implies 7 months.  Based on 1930 Michigan Census [180], I believe the latter is correct.]

93.   Picture of Windsor Technical Institute, also called Patterson High School, from which Laverne Wallace Beals graduated.   [1.5MB]
[BWB: This building no longer exists, having been razed for a Safeway Supermarket and parking lot. There is a plaque at the corner that commemorates the site.]

94.   Poem in the 1928 year book for Windsor-Walker Technical School, the year Grace Hilda Beckett graduated, titled "C-3-C Vanities", that includes the couplet: "Miss Grace Beckett excels in Business Law, The answers she gives fill the rest with awe".   [630K]

95.   Birth announcement in the Sarnia Observer 9/2/1898, for a son born on 8/25/1898 to the wife of Mr. Beals.   [2MB]
[Based on the date and location, I believe this son was in fact Charles Richard Beals, brother to George Edgar and Eleanor Beatrice, as substantiated by the SSDI, item [111] below.]

96.   Wedding announcement in the Strathroy Age newspaper on 10/30/1902, page 8, for Edgar Beals of Port Huron and Edith M. Wallace of Strathroy, at the residence of H. McColl, by the Rev. D.Dack on 10/28/1902.  [1.6MB]

97.   At the time Edythe Wallace lived in Strathroy Ontario (bef.1891 - 1902), there was another William Wallace family living there, though I don't believe this was Edythe's father.   I have found the following records concerning this William Wallace:

97a.   Vital Record Index for the British Isles, Second Edition (a Resource File available at FHC), listing births and christenings in, Hertsfordshire, England, including William Wallis b.5/1/1843 to William Wallace and Sarah ?.   This same listing shows 12 siblings of William over the period 1840-1861, as well as 8 other Wallace/Wallis families.   One of these families was William Wallis and Jane ?, with child William Henry b.4/25/1871 -- it is possible this Jane was William Wallis' (b.5/1/1843) first wife, based solely on dates/ages.   [BWB: However, if Jane was his first wife, then I don't know what became of her or William Henry, as they don't show up in the 1891 or 1901 Ontario Census.]

97b.   Ontario marriage registration #6822 for William Wallace of Strathroy, 32, florist, b. Chestnut [BWB: I believe this should be Cheshunt], Hertfordshire, ENG, widow, parents William and Sarah Wallace, on 3/16/1881 in Strathroy, to Francis Clarke, 26, b.Medcalfe [BWB: should this be Metcalfe?], parents William and Ann Clarke, by Rev. A. C. Nile, witnessed by William F. Snell and Fanny Kent; FHC microfilm 1869511.   [1.1MB]
[BWB: Note that WW would have been 37, not 32 as declared herein -- I can not account for this discrepancy.]

97c.   The 1891 Strathroy census lists the family:  William, 47, English; Frances, 36; Annie E., 9; Julia R., 8; Letticia E., 7; Harrold L.W., 5; Frances A., 4; Arthur A., 2; Fannie E., 11/12.

97c.   The 1901 Strathroy census also lists the family, including children Annie E., Lettecia E., Harold W.L., Frances A, Arthur A.A., Annie E.(#2), George E., and Sidney C.   William claimed to be born 5/1/1843 in England and that he immigrated in 1879.

97d.   Ontario death registration #21800 in 1913 for William Wallace, married, gardener, of '10[th] Con[cession] Caradoc', parents William Wallace and Sarah Williams, age 70 years 3 months 6 days (implying b.5/1/1843), b.England, d.8/6/1913 of Paralysis (immediate cause for 10 days, but of 4 years' duration) per Dr. J.R.McCabe, informant Harold Wallace of Strathroy.   [1.4MB]
[BWB: the VR Index for the British Isles lists 4 Sarah Williams, born 1809-1820 in Hertfordshire and therefore possibly WW's mother.]

97e.   Strathroy Municipal Cemetery listings #1 [597KB] and #2 [761KB], showing William Wallace, b.1843 and d.8/8/1913.   BWB:  On a visit to the cemetery 4/2002, the caretaker said his wife was Francis Clark, b.1855, d.12/27/1928 and that they had a infant son that died 3/31/1893 or 94.   Caretaker gave me a reference to Ken and Linda Dunamore 1-519-245-3013, saying her grandmother knew the Wallace family and might provide more information.

BWB:  Despite the name, location and birthdate similarities to the other WW of Yattendon, Berkshire, England, father of Edythe Mary Wallace, I do not believe the WW of Cheshunt and Strathroy is her father, for the following reasons:
(1) Edythe's mother's name was Mary (Jerome), not Jane (x) -- though I have not really identified the name of WW's first wife.
(2) In the 1881 English census, William Wallace claimed to be 38, which would imply b.1842-43, and to be born in Yattendon, Berkshire -- not Cheshunt, Hertsfordshire.
(3) Given that Edythe's family was included in the 4/1/1881 English census for Yattendon, Berkshire, the William m.3/16/1881 in Strathroy Ontario couldn't be her father.
(4) If the immigration date is in error and this is the same William, then he would have had to abandon his first family in England, and children ages 2-14 -- I'd like to think this is unlikely.

My conclusion is that the Strathroy WW is not Edythe's father, though of course she could be related in some other way (neice, etc.).

98.   City Directories for Sarnia and Point Edward, Lambton Co., Ontario (precursors of modern phone books, but also with a section listing residences and businesses on a street by street basis); available at the Sarnia Public Library as original documents [BWB: some in very poor condition, some in such poor condition that I was asked to skip them -- but the library still has no plans on microfilming them for future ref]:
[BWB: the pictures of houses and buildings linked below were taken in April 2002 and therefore most likely include extensive remodelings from the original.]

98a. 1904 Pt. Edward, George F Beals; Robert Beals, carpenter
98b. ibid., Victoria Avenue, Robert Beals. Counting number of houses from cross streets, I took this picture of house, though I suspect it has been heavily remodeled; the house next door to the West is probably more representative of the architecture of the early 1900's.

98c. 1906 Sarnia, Eleanor Beals, works for H.Chittick; Robert Beals
98d. ibid., Hugh Chittick, Ideal Laundry
98e. ibid., 503 George Avenue, Robert Beals
98f. ibid., 149 Mitton, Robert Beals, shoemaker

98g. 1907-08 Sarnia, Eleanor B Beals; Robert Beals, shoemaker
98h. ibid., 153 Mitton to the right in the picture], Robert Beals, shoemaker
98i. ibid., 326 Wellington, Robert Beals [residence]

98j. 1911 Sarnia, Eleanor B. Beals, works in Port Huron; Geo E Beals, baker; Robert Beals, shoemaker
98k. ibid., 157 Cobden, Robert Beals [residence]
98l. ibid., 271 Devine, George E Beals, baker (residence and business)
98m. ibid., 153 Mitton, Robert Beals, shoemaker

98n. 1913 Sarnia, Geo E Beals, baker and confectioner; Robt Beals, shoemaker
98o. ibid., 127 Mitton, Robt Beals [BWB: this residence no longer exists, replaced by the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant.]
98p. ibid., 151 Mitton to the left in the picture], Geo E Beals, baker (residence and business)
98q. ibid., 153 Mitton, Robt Beals, shoemaker
98r. ibid., Bakers/Geo E Beals
98s. ibid., Shoemakers/Robt Beals

98t. 1914-15 Sarnia, Chas Beals, salesman for J T Mills; Robt Beals, shoemaker
98u. ibid., John D Mills, grocer [BWB: I take this to be same as employer of, one being a misspelling]
98v. ibid., 127 Mitton, Robt Beals [residence]
98w. ibid., 153 Mitton, Robt Beals, shoemaker
98x. ibid., Bakers/Geo E Beals [BWB: contrary to this business listing, GEB was not listed in alpha or street sections -- so think he was no longer in town]
98y. ibid., Shoemakers/Robt Beals

98z. 1918 Sarnia, Chas Beals, works at Mueller Manufacturing Co.; Geo S Beals [BWB: I believe this is George Solomon, cousin to Charles, who is buried in Lakeview Cemetery, Sarnia); Mary (widow of Robt)
98aa. ibid., 123 Mitton, Geo S Beales (sic); 127 Mitton, Mrs. Mary Beals

98bb. 1922 Sarnia, George S and Elizabeth J Beals; Mrs. Mary Beals; 
C E Beals, fireman Grand Trunk Railway
98cc. ibid., 127 Mitton, Richard C. E. Beals (phone noted at this residence)

99.   City Directories for Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario (precursors of modern phone books, but also with a section listing residences and businesses on a street by street basis); available on the second floor of the Windsor Central Library as original documents and on microfilm:

[BWB: Bert Beckett and family also lived at 1011 Howard Ave. but I have lost the directory information indicating same, and the year.]

[BWB: the pictures of buildings linked below were taken in April 2002, and so they may have been radically remodeled from the original. Since the City of Windsor renumbered buildings in the mid 1930's, I attempted to locate specific addresses by counting houses/buildings from cross streets -- but I did run into inconsistencies, perhaps due to buildings being razed, duplexes recombined into a single family dwelling, etc. (The pictures are about 600KB apiece.)]

99a. 1917 and 1920, Bert Beckett, boilermaker, 109 Erie East [BWB: In picture 1 and picture 2, number 109 was probably in the center of this set of store fronts.]

99b. 1920-21, Bert Beckett, 721 Erie East

[BWB: George Edgar not listed in directories for 1920 or 1920-21.]

99c. 1922-23, 736 Moy St., G E Beals [BWB: directory is not specific as to residence vs business, and no bakery is mentioned. In this instance, I was not able to locate the specific building as the number of addresses in 1922 differed from those in 2002... so the house was either that in picture 1, picture 2 or picture 3.]
[BWB: Bert Beckett not listed]

99d. 1923-24, Geo E Beal (sic); Beal's (sic) Bakery
99e. ibid., 736 Moy, G E Beals
99f. ibid., 1120 Wyandott, Beal's Bakery
99g. ibid., Bakers and Confectioners/Beal's Bakery

99h. 1924-25, Geo E Beal, baker
99i. ibid., 109 Erie St., Beal's (sic) Bakery [BWB: In picture 1 and picture 2, number 109 was probably in the center of this set of store fronts.]
99j. ibid., 1119 Wyandott, Beal's Bakery and G E Beal [residence] with Lyon's Service Station in rear [BWB: by 2002, the bakery building has been razed, but a service facility is still there and in operation.]
99k. ibid., Bakers and Confectioners/Beal's Bakery (two locations)
[BWB: Bert Beckett not listed.]

99l. 1926-27, Geo E Beal, baker; Laverne Beal, clerk in Beal Bakery

99m. 1927-28, Bert Beckett, works for Canadian Salt Co, 132 Sandwich West (cross Brock, church, then 2nd house)

[BWB: George Edgar not listed in directories for 1933, 1934, 1938.]

99n. 1934, Gladys Dennis, 156 Hall, at corner of Riverside Dr.

99o. 1938, Bert W and Agnes Beckett, welder Sandwich Techumseh Railway; Grace Beckett, stenographer for H. Walker & Sons; Ivie A Beckett, secretary at Toronto General Trusts, 2214 Dougall Ave.
99p. ibid., Gladys Dennis, teacher, 540 Hall [BWB: this is same house location as that in 1934, #156 [99n]; Windsor renumbered houses in mid-1930's.]
99q. ibid., Leonard D. Dennis, 555 Victoria Ave, worked as salesman for Agnew-Surpass Shoes.

99r. 1939, Bert W and Agnes Beckett, welder Sandwich Techumseh Railway; Grace Beckett, stenographer for H. Walker & Sons; 2214 Dougal
[BWB: My cousin Kay (Murtagh) Ronson recalls her mother talking of living at 2291 Dougal as well.]


99s. 1914, Geo E Beals, carpenter, 165 Moy Ave
(no Bert Beckett listed in Windsor, Sandwich, Walkerville)

99t. 1915, 1916,  Geo E Beals, works at Fisher Body, 165 Moy Ave


100.   Greenlawn Memorial Park (RR#1, Rte 3/Huron Church Dr., Oldcastle, Ont. N0R 1L0; ph 519-969-5320) burial number 162:  Mary Jane Beals, d.11/12/1930, interred 11/14 in Lot F, Section 376, Block F; undertaker Ed. Morris.   [1.3MB]  [There is no grave marker.]

101.   Greenlawn Memorial Park (ibid.) burial number 883:  George Edgar Beals, d.10/27/1939, interred 10/30 in Lot A, Section 418, Block F; undertaker J.S.Sutton: [502KB].   Plot owned by Laverne W. Beals: [482KB].
Markers placed by grandsons c.June 2002: [49KB]  and  photo c.10/2004  [261KB].

102.   Greenlawn Memorial Park (ibid.) burial number 1314:  Edythe M. Beals, d.9/16/1946, interred 9/19 in Lot B, Section 418, Block F; undertaker J.H.Sutton.   Plot owned by Laverne W. Beals.
(see previous item for images)

103.   Victoria Memorial Gardens (Rte 3/Huron Church Dr., Oldcastle, Ont. N0R 1L0; ph.519-969-6340):  Bertie William Beckett, b.2/10/1886, d.11/13/1966, interred 11/15 in Grave 3, Section 372, Block E; undertaker Sutton Funeral Service.   Minister Rev. Canon B.A.Silcox.   Informant: Mrs. Ivie Murtagh, daughter, 36 Hanna W., Windsor, Ontario: [217KB].  
Markers placed by grandsons c.June 2002  [25KB];  photos c.10/2004:  [223KB],  [184KB].
Scene at grave site, with Bert's marker in foreground, c.10/2004: [299KB].

104.   Victoria Memorial Gardens (ibid.):  Martha A. Beckett, b.8/5/1891, d.4/18/1979, interred 4/20 in Grave 4, Section 372, Block E; undertaker J.H.Sutton Funeral Home.   Minister Rev. Canon B.A.Silcox.   Informant: Mrs. Grace Beals, daughter, 780 Ouellette Ave., Apt. 72, Windsor Ontario N9A 1C5.  
(see previous item for images)
[BWB: the two Beckett graves are head-to-foot rather than side-by-side; I don't know if this has any particular significance beyond availability -- or if it reflects that they were separated, though not divorced.]

105.   Lakeview Cemetery & Crematorium (1016 Colborne Road, Sarnia, Ont N7V 3K7, ph.519-337-5761) record 4769:  Robert Beals, b.Ontario, d.4/30/1914 at age 63, interred 5/2 in Lot Section A, Lot 22, Plot Line G; funeral director Phillips.   Nearest relative: wife:  
Scene at grave site at bottom center: [663KB];  there is no grave marker.
[The same information was obtained from the Sarnia ONT Public Library, as contained in the "Lakeview Cemetery, Sarnia, Ontario, Custodial Records", Lambton County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society, 2000, pg 33.  [6KB]  ]

106.   Citizen's ID Card issued by U.S.Dept of Labor in 1933 to Laverne Wallace Beals, living at 156 Hall, Windsor Ontario, and working in the Buhl Building, #942.

107.   Death notice for Laverne Wallace Beals in Detroit News newspaper.   [Information probably supplied by his widow, Grace Hilda.]

108.   Diploma for Laverne Wallace Beals' graduation from D.B.U. [Detroit Business University?]

109.   Social Security Card issued to Laverne Wallace Beals.

110.   Death certificate for Richard Charles Beals, setup man for Allison Plant 3, d.4/16/1968 of heart attack in Speedway (near Indianapolis), IN at age 64, b.8/25/1903 in Canada, citizen of USA, SSN 470-07-6373, parents Robert Beals and Mary Jane Smith, wife Edna Steers, buried in Fairview Cemetery, Orleans, IN on 4/19/1968.  [1.6MB]
[BWB:  The last residence given is the same as the one in Laverne & Grace Beals' address book for 'Dick' Beals, Laverne's uncle.   Also, I take the discrepancy in birth year as an error of the widow; see next item with same SSN.   I also tried to get a copy of a newspaper obituary/death notice via the Indianapolis Marion County Library, but none was located by their staff.]

111.   Social Security Death Index (SSDI) lists Richard Beals, SSN 470-07-6373, b.8/25/1898, d.4/1968 in Indianapolis, IN.  Also, see previous item.

112.   Death notice in Orangeville (Ontario) Sun newspaper, 2/4/1892, pg. 3:  "Died; Beals - In Grand Valley, on the 20th, Ann Beals, wife George F. Beals, in her 79th year.":  [1.8MB]  Also see item [116] below.

113.   Notice in Orangeville (Ontario) Sun newspaper, 2/13/1890, pg. 2:  "Mr. and Mrs. George F. Beals celebrated their golden wedding on the 29th ult.   The old couple were made the recipients of a number of valuable presents."  [1.5MB]
Also see next item.

114.  The marriage registration for George F. Beals and Ann Bulmer, m.1/29/1840 appears in the following three documents: 

114a.  The actual book used by Rev. Black, Baptist Minister of Eramosa, to record marriages he solemnized, a loosely bound softcover book (with cotton thread along the spine to hold the folded 7" x 8" sheets together), viewed at the Wellington County Museum and Archives in Fergus, ONT.  One entry is for George F. Beals, of Erin, and Anne Bulmer [aka Boomer in other records], of Esquesing, married 1/29/1840, witnessed by <blank> Freeman and Joseph Freeman, and with intent to marry by 'publishment' [probably by announcing intent in church for several weeks running, which was an early alternative to obtaining a license].
[BWB:  The archives assistant, Ms. Elisa DeLaurentis, brought the book out from the stacks to show me, gingerly cradling it on white cotton gloved hands.  This was a very special moment, seeing a book that was over 160 years old and recording GFB's marriage.  She made the copy of the page and cover shown here.]
-- Cover; left half was missing: [853KB]
-- Page for 1839-40: [1.5MB].

114b.   A transcription of the "Marriage Register of Rev. Black 1828-1842 Districts of Gore & Niagra", FHC microfiche 6100642, listing marriage of Geo. F. Beals of Erin and Ann Bulmer [BWB: spelled elsewhere as Boomer] of Esquesing on1/29/1840, by Banns, witnessed by ? Freeman and Joseph Freeman.   [679KB]
(This document also lists the marriage of Mary Bulmer of Esquesing to Michael Teeter of Erin on 3/22/1834.)

114c.   Marriage Registers of Upper Canada/Canada West, Vol. 9, Part 1, Wellington District, Norsim Research and Publishing, 1997.   [Same text as above, but first witness given as Mr. Freeman.]

115.  The Beals Genealogy by George Washington Beals, an Ontario schoolteacher, b.7 Dec 1864, d.18 Aug 1954, s/o Stephen Beals b.1820 and Charlotte Boomer.  Mr. Beals' work was augmented and updated by his grand-niece F. Dolina (nee Beals) Smith [87], by Donald W. Beals [11], and of course by the present effort (most notably in the line of George Fletcher Beals and his descendants, where names and dates were corrected, and primary documents were located and cited).
[BWB: a few pages are missing in this copy.]

116.   Ontario death registration #3494 for Ann Beals, shoemaker's wife, on 1/20/1892 at age 78 years 1 month and 26 days, of Heart Disease and Erysiplis(sic) of 2 or 3 months per A. C. Gaviller M.D., informant Robert Beals, Laborer in Twp of E. Luther; FHC microfilm 1853539:  [2.3MB]

117.   Surrogate Court of Wellington County, file #1134 in 1876, giving the LWT of Stephen Beals (b.1820, hence brother of our George Fletcher Beals) and other matters related to probate, dispersal of funds and custody of infant children; Ontario Archives microfilm GS1 Reel 496 (FHC #322462).   In this file, George Fletcher Beals was one of two executors and was required to give an accounting of the dispersal of the estate when said dispersal was challenged by Stephen's widow.   (This file was located via the Lambton Room, Lambton County Library, Wyoming, Ontario, using the Surrogate Court Index of Ontario, Canada; 1859-1900; Volume 24; Wellington County.)

118.  City Directories for St. Thomas, ONT (softcover originals viewed in the George Thorman Room, the Elgin County branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society, at the town library):

118a. 1933: First year in which a listing appears for George E. Beals and Edythe; baker (1 of 13 in town) at 619 Talbot (the main drag), house at 51 Locust; the legend indicates that they rented space at both locations.
[BWB: as of 2002, the building at 619 no longer exists, but the house at 51 Locust still exists: [134KB]. Original buildings adjacent to the 619 Talbot address probably reflect the architecture of the period: [844KB].]

118b. 1934: George and Edythe now listed as renting at 8 Myrtle street (which still exists in 2002: [62KB]; the outside, second entrance on the left probably leads to secondary living quarters upstairs, and likely where George and Edythe lived for the year.).

118c.  1935:  they now lived at a rental at 837-1/2 Talbot, where they'll stay until moving back to Windsor in 1939; this house no longer exists.  The directory shows that the owner of this house was H.F.Huntley, a tobaccoist who had a shop next to George's bakery.

118d.  1938:  The last year the directories list George and Edythe in St. Thomas.

[BWB: I looked at all directories 1930-1940, but the above were the only ones listing George and Edythe.  I also looked for other Beal? and Wallace families that might have provided an incentive for George and Edythe to move to St. Thomas, but couldn't identify anyone that might be related. I also reviewed cemetery tombstone inscriptions for possible relatives, but could not identify any.]
Also see next item, and also see [xxx] for other directories/entries in the 1919-1934 period.

119.  "Down the Road to Yesterday", a book providing a brief history of each address on Talbot Street in St. Thomas; viewed in the George Thorman Room of the town library.  The following excerpts cover 619 Talbot, George's bakeshop, and 857 Talbot, George and Edythe's home 1935-1936:
Full Document, 8 pages @ 1.5MB/page

120.  Microfilm of the local St. Thomas newspaper for 1938-1939, viewed in the George Thorman Room of the town library.  No mention of the 12/26/1938 wedding of Laverne Wallace Beals, George and Edythe's only child, in the two weeks following.  
[BWB: the day after the wedding, the paper said a fierce winter storm and blizzard howled across Ontario and Michigan, but it's not clear that this was a factor in George and Edythe not attending the wedding in Windsor, unless there had been forecast warnings of it approaching.]

121. (Not referenced) Family history files and miscellaneous name indexes (mostly to newspaper articles) were viewed in the George Thorman Room of the town library, but no mention of our Beals/Wallace families was found.

122. 1851 Census for Yattendon and Ashampstead, Berkshire, England (FHL microfilm #193599) contains the following 'Wallace' and 'Jerome' entries:
122a. [1.9MB] Yattendon, family 8:
        John Wallace, 46, Agri Labourer, b.Berks, Yattendon
        Elizabeth, 32, b.Berks, Bucklebury
        William, 10, b.Berks, Yattendon
        George, 5, b.Berks, Yattendon
[BWB: I believe this William is likely the father of Edith M. Wallace due to his age and place of
birth; see 1881 Census.]

122b. [2MB] Ashampstead, family 46:
        Richard Jerome, 45, (no occupation written), b.Yattendon, Berkshire
        Esther, 40, b.Streatley, Berks
        Carolina, 13, b.Yattendon
        Mary A., 9, b.Ashampstead, Berks
        Ellen (grandaughter), 3, b.Bradfield, Berks
        William Pickett (son in law), 25, Ag. Lab., b.Ashampstead
        Harriott(sic) Pickett, 18, b.Yattendon
[BWB: I believe this Mary A. is likely the mother of Edith M. Wallace due to her age and place of
birth; see 1881 Census.  Another family listed in Bradford Village had a servant, Sarah Jerome, 15, b.Yattendon, that could be another child of this couple due to age and proximity.]
Another 'Jerrom' family was listed that had a daughter Mary, 16, but she was born in Yattendon, not Ashampstead as the mother of our Edith M. Wallace was: [2MB].

[BWB: There were a number of other 'Jerome' families listed, in Bucklebury and Basildon, but no known relationship to Richard and Esther above, except possibly as parents of Richard:  James Jerome, 69, b.Hampstead, Berks, and Ann, 66, b.Norrie Leacock, Wilts; and Elizabeth Jerome, 76, widow, b.Great Marlow, Berks.]

123. 1851 Census for Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, England (FHL microfilm #193612) lists the following 'Wallis' families:

123a. [1.9MB] Family 89:
        William Wallace, 34, Ag Lab, b.Cheshunt
        Sarah, 30, b.Broxbourne, Herts
        Maria, 10, b.Cheshunt
        Martha, 9, b.Pufield, Middlesex
        William, 7, b.Cheshunt
        Julia, 6, b.Cheshunt
        Thom, 4, b.Cheshunt
        Ellen, 6mos, b.Cheshunt
[BWB: The William, age 7, above is the William Wallace that immigrated to Ontario and resided in Strathroy, where Edith M. Wallace (relationship unknown) lived c.1891-1902.  See xxx.  Another listing was: John Wallis, 54, coach painter, b.Sp Brides, Middlesex and Elizabeth Wallis, 54, b.Deplford, Reict; these could possibly be the parents of the William, age 34 above.  Note that in the Christenings records for Cheshunt, both Wallace/Wallis spellings were used interchangeably.]

[BWB: There were a number of other Wallis families listed, that also show up in the Christenings records for Cheshunt, possibly brothers of William, age 34 above.

124. Annapolis County Nova Scotia Probate Records; the last will and testament of Abel Beals, written 11/29/1822 and probated 10/12/1830, along with other court documents (FHL microfilm #817456).  Original also viewed/copied 6/2003 at the Annapolis Royal Courthouse, file #52, 1830.
Researcher Donald W. Beals [11] provides a transcription of this will in his book on Abel Beals.  The handwritten record also includes a list of assets (mostly too faint to be read), and a request by Joshua Beals to be removed as an executor.

125. (Not referenced)  List of headstone inscriptions for the Erin Union Cemetery in Erin, Ontario, viewed at the Wellington County Museum and Archives, Fergus, lists several Boomer deaths:

Row 1, #5:  Mary, wife of Isaac Boomer, d.9/11/1850, 19yr2mo
Row 5, #1:  Sarah Miller, wife of Nelson Boomer, d.10/27/1877, 32yr20days
Row 5, #2:  Robert D. Boomer, d.4/1/1877, 1yr10mo4days
Row 5, #3:  George N. Boomer, d.3/5/1877, 1mo2days

Row 6, #1:  [the following three all in one plot]
    East - James Boomer, d.5/15/1854, 27yrs
    North - Jane Dunken, wife of David Boomer, d.10/5/1856, native of Ireland
    West - David Boomer, d.4/10/1851, native of England
Row 6, #2:  Two sons of Wm & Maria Boomer

Row 17, #5:  Nelson S. Boomer, 1844-1908, wife Susannah Brown 1845-1929, and infant son Victor Osmond, d.1891.
[BWB: The interest here is that George Fletcher Beals married one Ann Boomer in 1840, so these people may be related to her.]

126. (Not referenced) Newspaper indexes reviewed at Wellington County Museum & Archives included:
-- Erin Twp, Erin Village, and Hillsborough, 1906: no Beal* references found.
-- Guelph, 1847-9, 1850-2, 1854, 1927: no Beal* references found.
-- Guelph Hearld 1842-1906: no Beal* references found; did find ref to Helen Boomer, d.5/30/1848, published 6/6/1848.
-- Eldora Backwoodsman, 1852-58: no Beal* references found.
-- The Confederate, Mount Forest, 1875-78: no Beal* references found; did find ref to J.E.Boomer's mills being overhauled, published 9/14/1875 pg 4, col 1.
-- The Elora Observer: no Beal* references found; did find ref to death of one Isabella Jemima Boomer, 67, 8/19/1876: [1MB].
-- The British Constitution, Fergus: no Beal* references found; did find ref to marriages of several Boomers; Helen to Caden Crawford MacKenzie 6/2/1864 in Galt, Mary to Andrew Cleghorn 4/7/1863 in Galt, and Rev. Michael to Isabella (Mrs. Absolom) Shade 6/16/1864 in Galt: [1.2MB].

[BWB: George Fletcher Beals, b.1816, married an Ann Boomer, and his brother Steven married a Charlotte Boomer, hence the interest in references to Boomer; do not know family relationships, though.]

127.  (Not referenced)  C

128. "Marriages of Rev. William Ramage, New Connexion Methodist Church", viewed at Wellington County Museum & Archives, lists Stephen Beals of Erin married Charlat (sic) Boomer of Erin on 6/25/1848 at the house of David Boomer in Erin, with witnesses William Firstbrooke and Sam McUne.
[BWB: Stephen was the brother of our George Fletcher Beals. I did not photocopy this document.]

129. (Not referenced) "Marriages by Rev. John Shilton, New Connexion Methodist Church", viewed at Wellington County Museum & Archives, lists Richard Boomer [BWB: a witness to the signing of Stephen Beals' will in 1876] married Mary McCune [Sam McCune, possibly her father, was a co-executor of the same will] on 10/27/1843 in Erin, with witnesses John Dean, Mathew (sic) Boomer and Samuel Beals [BWB: son of Stephen, brother of George Fletcher Beals].

130. "Index to 1871 Census of Ontario, Wellington", published by the Ontario Genealogical Society, Toronto, 1989, and viewed at Wellington County Museum & Archives, lists Isac (sic) A. Beals, 27, shoemaker, Baptist, b.Ontario, but no other Beals in the family [this would be Issac, son of George Fletcher Beals].  See census information at [290].

131. "Erin Township (Tax) Collector's Roll for 1853", viewed at Wellington County Museum & Archives, lists:
-- Stephen Beals, Concession 9, Lot 14, 1/4 acre valued at #75 (British Pounds Sterling), personal property at #8
(according to the land records, this lot was sold to Charles McMillan 11/3/1848, and Stephen is not recorded as having bought a piece.)
-- Samuel Beals [brother of Stephen and George Fletcher Beals], Conc 10, Lot 10, 1/8 acre, value #100, personal property #0
(again, land records do not record a sale to Samuel.)
-- Issac Boomer, Conc 10, Lot 13, 1/2 acre, value #50, personal #0
-- Richard Boomer [BWB: witness to the signing of Stephen Beals' will in 1876], Conc 10, Lot 12, 50 acres, value #87, personal #0
-- William Boomer, Conc 8, Lot 12, 50 acres, value #75, personal #3
(note that in Ontario, a full lot was approximately 200 acres.)
[BWB: no entry for George Fletcher Beals was found.]
132. "Gore District Census and Assessment Records", various years 1825 - 1840,  viewed on microfilm at the Wellington County Museum & Archives.  In a search of the records for the townships of Erin, Garafraxa and Eramosa, no entries were found for our Beals family members.
133. Obituary for George Fletcher Beals, from microfilm of the first issue of the Grand Valley Star and Vidette newspaper of 1905, viewed at the Dufferin County Museum and Archives, Orangeville, Ontario:   [922KB] .  
As GFB lived with his son Robert in Point Edward/Sarnia Ontario for 9 years, it is reasonable to assume that Robert wrote the following:
"Geo. Beals, for 20 years or so, a resident of Grand Valley, died at his son's at Point Edward on New Year's day in his 89th year, the interment taking place in Grand Valley on Tuesday [1/3/1905].  The deceased was born in Bridgetown, N.S., in 1816, and lived there till he was 21, when he came to Halton county, remaining there about 40 years, when he came to Grand Valley.  Here he conducted a shoe business till nine years ago when his wife, a Miss McClure died, and he left to reside with his son.  The deceased was an honest, easy going man, who always saw the bright side of life, even under discouraging circumstances.  The family are: Robert in Point Edward, Isaac in Burk's Falls, Stephen in Blenheim, Frank in the West, Mrs. Jane Everson of North Star, Mich., and Mrs. Lucy Kerr of Port Angles [sic; should be Angeles], Washington."
[BWB: The reference to Miss McClure is confusing, as his wife of 52 years was Ann Boomer.  Robert could have remembered incorrectly, Ann Boomer might have been married prior to her marriage to George in 1840, or George could have taken a second wife after the death of Ann in 1892 -- though I did not find such a remarriage in the Ontario Marriage Indexes for 1892 - 1905.]
(The paper also contained a death notice, but it was brief and contained no other information beyond that above.)

[BWB: I also visited the municipal offices in Grand Valley 10/2002, which currently administers the city cemetery, but they have no record of George or his wife Ann being buried there.  This is not surprizing as the original records of burials have been lost and so their only records today are from a reading of headstone inscriptions c.1950 -- making the verifying of the final resting place of someone with no marker quite impossible.  (Note that Stephen Beals and his wife Charlotte are memorialized in the town cemetery by a stone obelisk placed by their children, so it's reasonable to assume that the George Beals are also in the same cemetery.)  The town also has an Anglican cemetery, but the George Beals were not Anglican, so burial there would not be expected (and they have no listing of same).  And, churches dotted around the countryside have their own cemeteries, so it's possible the Beals are in one of those.  To date, attempts to find another location by searching online and book-based compilations of burials and headstone transcriptions has not located another site.]

134. (Not referenced) A book containing a listing of the residents of the Township of Luther, County of Wellington, page 194, viewed at the Dufferin County Museum and Archives, Orangeville, Ontario  indicating that Edward and Stephen Beals lived at Concession 2, Lot 28:   [1.3MB] .  [BWB: I failed to write down the name of this book.]
135. (Not referenced) "County Marriage Registers of Ontario, 1858-1861", a handwritten compilation of marriages solemnized by various preachers, viewed at the Dufferin County Museum and Archives, entry number 569, records that on 6/30/1869 Robert B. Cook, a minister of the Baptist Denomination, solemnized the marriage that occurred on 3/3/1869, of Isaac Beals, 20, resident of Eramosa, Erin, son of Geo. Beals and Ann Boomer, to Ruth E. Carter, resident of Eramosa, Puslinch, daughter of John Carter and Ann Wilson, and witnessed by John Carter of Rockwood and Prisila Beals of Eramosa: [Left side, 1.6MB] and [Right side, 1.4MB].
136. A book including a list of residents of Luther (East) Township in 1894, viewed at the Dufferin Museum and Archives, Orangeville, Ontario.  Page A13 [1.5MB] lists both G F Beals and Robert Beals of Grand Valley as tenants at Concession 197 Lot 5.  [BWB: I failed to record the name of this book.]
137. (Not referenced) List of headstone inscriptions in Grand Valley Union Cemetery, viewed at the municipal offices, includes the following:
137a. [1.5MB] Sarah Beall (1860 - 1931) wife of William C. Adair (7/21/1855 - 4/12/1925), and F.Clinton Adair (1/24/1889 - 1/5/1909)  [BWB: don't know relationship of Sarah to our Beals line, if any.]

137b. [1.5MB] "In memory of Sharlotta E. Beals, Beloved wife of Stephen Beals, Died June 7, 1873 Aged 48 yr's [sic].  In memory of Edward B., Son of Stephen (and) Sharlotta Beals, Died Dec. 2, 1876 Aged 28 yr's.  In memory of Stephen Beals, Born Mar. 5, 1820, Native of N.S., died May 25, 1876 Aged 56 yr's.  God in his wisdom hath recalled, The precious boon his love had given.  And though the casket mouldering here, The gem is sparkling now in heaven."  [BWB: the inscription has little punctuation, which I've added for readability.]

137c. [1.5MB] Ann M. Beals, daughter of Isaac & Ruth Beals, d.11/5/1878 aged 6 years, 5 months and 2 days.
[BWB: Isaac was a child of George Fletcher Beals, so this was his granddaughter.]

 138. The commemorative book "One Hundred Years Along the Upper Grand 1881-1981" by Esther Graham, viewed at the library in Grand Valley Ontario, describes the early days in East Luther Township and the town of Grand Valley.  A few items of interest:
-- 1851: First home in the area.
-- 1854: East Luther township first surveyed.
-- 1860: First post office in Luther Twp; a few years later one was established in Grand Valley itself.
-- 1861: First school opened.
-- 1866: First church built in Grand Valley was for Disciples of Christ.  Among others, 'the Beals' were charter members.
-- 1871: First railroad branch line arrived, but fell short of Grand Valley by 1-1/2 miles.
-- 1874: Gravel first used to solidify a road bed in the township.
-- 1881: Township of East Luther established, when Luther Twp was split in two.
-- 1883: Dufferin County established.
-- 1890: First telephone placed in Grand Valley.  
-- 1900: Grand Valley consisted of 158 houses, 751 people (c.10/2002, the town sign says population 1600).
A few topical pages from the book:
-- Early Years: [1.5MB]
-- Education: [1.5MB]
-- Churches: [1.5MB]. [BWB: I skimmed most of the book looking for references to Beals, but only found the one noted above for 1866.]

139. The Tweedsmuir Histories book for East Luther/Grand Valley, viewed in the original at the Dufferin County Museum and Archives, Orangeville, Ontario, contains several references to our Beals ancestors (per a name index to the book).  I was not allowed to photocopy pages from the book, so I paraphrase here items mentioning the Beals:

139a. Page 55: In 1855, Mr & Mrs. Stephen Beals lived at the end of a blind lane, on the center part of Concession 2, Lot 28.

139b. Page 62: Showed a plat map of the area around Grand Valley and the owners of lots.  Stephen Beals, Thomas Hunt and others occupied Concession 2 Lot 28.  Sam McUne [BWB: a co-executor of Stephen Beals' will, along with George Fletcher Beals] occupied Conc. 4, Lot 29.

139c. Page 96: The first sawmill was on Mr. Beals' farm at Concession 2 Lot 28 in East Luther.  It was said to be a very good sawmill, and Stephen took a percentage of the lumber brought to him for cutting in payment.  With this lumber, he built the Disciples Church and at least 2 houses.  (information attributed to Mrs. Clayton's History)

139d. Page 109: Isaac Beals [BWB: son of George Fletcher Beals] built a barn on the south half of Concession 2 Lot 28, which was destroyed by fire in 1900 (being owned at that time by Thomas Hunt).  The barn was rebuilt, and around 1910 a brick house was built.

139e. Page 126: Richard King surveyed the land for lots, and Stephen Beals bought two lots at the corner of Main and Mill, where he built two frame houses.  One was sold to Mr. Dawson, the first storekeeper; the other to Mr. Charlie Lewis -- this location now contains the Royal Bank.  It was also noted that Beals' mill was west of town, in the country, and that William McPherson had another mill in town.

139f. Page 130: In 1893, George Beals had a shoemaking shop in town (attributed to a special edition of the Grand Valley Tribune, 10/8/1896).

139g. Page 274: First church services were conducted by Rev. Joseph Hilts in 1856 at the home of Sam Graham, at Conc. 2 Lot 29.  In Rev. Hilts' book, Experiences of a Backwoods Preacher, he recounts that he was pleasantly surprized to see in attendance Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Beals, as well as a Mr. Boomer, whom he had seen 18 years earlier [which would have been in 1838].

139h. Page 278: Has a picture of the Disciples Church built in 1866, and used for 26 years before it was replaced by a brick building.  Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Beals were charter members.

[BWB: The archivist at the Dufferin Museum and Archives, Mr. Steve Brown, said that they also had the Tweedmuir Histories on microfilm, but that the frames thereon were not numbered-- which makes locating information difficult.  I suppose with some patience, one could compare the actual book with the microfilm, as a means of locating specific pages -- and thereby obtain photocopies (assuming this is not one of the documents that the Province of Ontario restricts from being photocopied at all).]

140. 1871 Census for Cheshunt, Berkshire, England (FHL microfilms #828288 and ..9] lists several Wallace families:

140a. W. H. Wallace, 24, Lodger, Carpenter, b.Ponders End, Middlesex
140b. Family 168:
        Thomas Wallace, 46, storekeeper, b.Enfield, Middlesex
        Bathseba, 44, b.Cheshunt, Herts
        Edward, 22, blacksmith, b.Enfield
        Jess, 20, blacksmith, b.Cheshunt
        Thos., 19, labourer, b.Cheshunt
        Alexander, 15, apprentice, b.Cheshunt
        Ellen, 12, b.Cheshunt
        Alice, 8, b.Cheshunt
        Millicent, 6, b.Cheshunt
        Harry, 4, b.Cheshunt
        Emily, 1, b.Cheshunt
140c. Family 21:
        Thomas Wallis, 49, widower, gardener, b.Cheshunt, Herts
        Frank, 14, gardener, b.Cheshunt
        Alfred, 10, b.Cheshunt
140d. Family 212:
        John Wallace, 48, smith, b.Cheshunt, Herts
        Eliza, 39, b.Cheshunt
        Alice M., 4, b.Cheshunt
140e. TBC

141. The book, "Index to the Nova Scotia 1770 Census" by the Chicago Genealogical Society, viewed at the Family History Library in San Jose CA: no Beal* found, but the following two families are listed in Annapolis County:
141a. George Morgan, maternal grandfather of Nancy Henshaw, wife of our Stephen Beals s/o Abel & Abigail.  See also [215], which I consider definitive.
141b. Isaac Kent, father to Abigail Kent, wife of our Abel Beal/Beals.

142. Pictures in and around Erin (taken 10/2002 except as noted):
142a. Erin town sign: [41KB].
142b. Erin, circa 1890, c/o Wellington Museum and Archives (Fergus Ontario), photo #10852: [small, 77KB], [large, 281KB].
142c. Erin, 2002; in [picture 1, 52KB], notice that the two buildings on the right-hand side match those in the 1890 photograph above. Other pictures are [continuing down street, 65KB], and [across the street, 37KB].
142d. Erin dam behind stores on main street, on a branch of the Credit River: [146KB], and the pond upstream of the dam: [134KB].  Also, this is a promotional picture of the Credit River: [44KB]  [187KB].
142e. Rolling countryside outside of Erin, typical of the Erin - Grand Valley area: [100KB].

143. Photographs of Grand Valley, taken 10/2002:
143a. Grand Valley sign: [29KB].
143b. East side of Main Street: [46KB].
143c. West side of Main Street: [49KB].
143d. The (upper) Grand River and bridge: [117KB].
143e. Downstream of bridge: [94KB].

144.  1901 Census for Northfield, Worcestershire, England lists Thomas and Maria Brookes and their family, including Martha (aka Agnes) Brookes, future wife of Bertie William Beckett and mother of Grace Hilda (nee Beckett) Beals.
[Text version]  [Original - 424K]
[BWB: the list of siblings of Martha, and Martha's age and birth place,
agree with personal Beckett family records.]

145.  1881 Census for Birmingham, Warwick, England lists Thomas and Maria Brookes prior to children being born.  Note that birth places and ages agree with previous record; 'Salop' is another name for 'Shropshire'.
[Text version]

146.  1901 Census for Belton, Suffolk, England lists Edward and Sarah Beckett and other family members; these were the grandparents of Grace Hilda (nee Beckett) Beals.
[Text version]   Original: [177KB] or [356KB]

147.  1901 Census for Boulton Abbey, Yorkshire, England lists Bertie Beckett, 15, a page (servant) at the home of Arthur Plumbtre Howes.  Bertie was the husband of Agnes (nee Martha Brookes) Beckett and father of Grace Hilda (nee Beckett) Beals.
[Text version]   First page of original: [152KB] or [471KB]    Second page of original: [165KB] or [464KB]
*****NEED COPY*****

148. IGI entry for the christening of David Bickers Claxton, father-in-law to Bertie William Beckett, and child of Henry Nuthall and Caroline Claxton.
[Text version]
[BWB: the name 'Nuthall' also appears in other records as 'Nuthill' and 'Nuttall'.]

149. IGI entry for the marriage of Henry Nuthill Claxton and Caroline Kelly, 8/18/1814 in Fritton, Suffolk, England.
[Text version]

150. Family genealogy of the Carver family of  Norfolk and Suffolk, England by Glenn W. Carver, published July 2001 at:  
[local copy of this page].
This is of interest because James Carver's daughter Sarah married David Bickers Claxton, whose daughter Sarah Ann was Bertie William Beckett's mother.  The following local web pages detail the family line:
James b.1795 - John b.1754 - Thomas b.1711 - Thomas b. 1680
A brother of John's is James b.1759.
Mr. Glenn Carver also supplied the following items:
-- Picture of the Carver Farm House:          [83KB]
-- Map showing location of Carver Farm:   [110KB]
-- Map of Norfolk county area of England: [189KB]

A curiosity shows up in James' page and in the 1881 Census, wherein Elizabeth Hilda Beckett, 8 years old and sister to Bertie William Beckett, is listed as staying with her maternal grandparents -- though this may only mean that she was visiting at the time of the census and so got recorded there.
[BWB: attempts to find/e-mail Mr. Glenn Carver have failed.]

151. IGI entry for the marriage of Edward Beckett to Martha Partridge on 19 July 1819 at the town of Burgh Castle, Suffolk, England.
[Text version]
[BWB: based on next item, believe these are the great-grandparents of Bertie William Beckett.]

152. IGI entry for the christening of Edward Becket on 7 MAY 1820 in Burgh Castle, Suffolk, England; parents Edward and Martha Becket.
[Text version]
[BWB: believe this is the grandfather of Bertie William Beckett.]

153.  1881 Census for Burgh Castle, Suffolk, England listing the family of Edward and Eliza Beckett, grandparents of Bertie William Beckett.
[Text version]

154. Vital Record Index for the British Isles, Second Edition (a Resource File available at FHC) was searched c.11/2002.  The following results were obtained:
154a. No Beckett/Claxton marriage record was listed, nor any for a David Claxton.

154b. Found the following christenings for children of Edward and Eliza Beckett:
-- Eliza, 10/2/1842, Gorleston with Southtown, Suffolk
-- Mary Ann, 10/20/1844, Belton, Suffolk
-- Edward, 4/4/1847, Belton (surnames spelled Beekett in this case)
-- Charlotte, 3/18/1849, Belton
-- Maryann, 6/3/1860, Belton
-- James, 2/15/1863, Belton
See also item [156] below for other children of this couple.
[BWB: The child Edward above was Bertie William Beckett's father.  The child James was still at home at the time of the 1881 Census, per the previous reference.  Also, the child Maryann was married to John Hales and both living with her parents in 1881.]

154c. Found a christening for Harriet Claxton, 9/3/1848 in Belton, parents David and Sarah Claxton.

155. IGI entry for christening of Elizabeth Harriett Beckett, 7/14/1872, Suffolk County, England; parents Edward and Sarah Beckett.
[Text version]
[BWB: This is the sister of Bertie William Beckett that was 'staying' at her grandparents David and Sarah Claxton at the time of the 1881 census.  Notice that her middle name is the same as her aunt's given name, per 154c above.]

156. IGI entries found online for children of  Edward and Eliza Beckett:
-- Harriet, christened 6/21/1857, Belton, Suffolk, England
-- William, chr. 10/5/1851, Belton

157. 1881 Census for Belton, Suffolk, England (FHL microfilm #1341460) lists two families of interest:

157a. Edward and Sarahann Beckett and family.
[Text version]
[BWB: This is Bertie William Beckett's birth family, though he wasn't born until 1886, by which time there may have been other children born as well.  Also, the 1901 Census [146] lists 3 other children born after Bertie; there may have been others that had left the home by 1901.]

157b. David B. and Sarah Claxton and family.
[Text version]
[BWB: This establishes/confirms the connection with Edward and Sarahann Beckett (through the granddaughter listed herein), as well as with James Carver, item [150], who married the Mary Burrage listed herein, and fathered this Sarah.]

158. IGI entries for the christenings of children of Henry Nuthall and Caroline Claxton.
[Text version]

159. (Not referenced)  The Jerome Chronicles, an article published c. 9/1999 in the Berkshire Family Historian by Barry Jerome.  This gives Barry Jerome's ancestry back to the 1500's.  Due to his family's location in Berkshire, it is possible Edith M. Wallace's mother, Mary Ann Jerome, is related to this family.  To date, no connection has been made.
[Web copy]  [Local Copy]

160. Nova Scotia Archives and Record Management microfilm 16521, Annapolis County Deaths 1876:

160a. Page 111 #214:  Nancy Beals, 86, Married, b.Clements to Samuel (farmer) and Sarah Henshaw, d. 8/5/1876 in Clements of old age, informant Elijah Beals, recorded in Clementsport.
[Left side]  [Right side]

160b. Page 113 #257:  Stephen Beals, 85, Widower, b.Lawrencetown to Abel (farmer) and Abigail Beals, d. 10/8/1876 in Clements of old age, informant Elijah Beals, recorded in Clementsport.

 161.  1851 Census for Reedham Blofield, Norfolk Co., England (a Family History Resource File available at the FHL) lists:
        James Calver, head, 56, Labourer ((Ag))(Rail), b.Ipswich, Suffolk
        Mary Calver, wife, 50, b.Burgh Castle, Suffolk
        Charles Calver, Son, 15, b.Reedham, Norfolk
        Pheoba Clark, Servant, 18, House Servant, b.Pakefield, Suffolk.
[BWB: per source item [150] above, this surname should be spelled Carver.]
[Local Copy]

162.  1891 Census for Belton, Suffolk Co., England (FHL microfiche 6096607) lists the following persons of interest:

162a. Family 33, Lockless Lane:
        Edward Beckett, head, 44, Gardener's Labourer, b.Belton
        Sarah Ann, wife, 40, b.Belton
        Elizabeth H., daughter, single, 18, dressmaker, b.Bradwell, Suffolk
        Albert E., son, 15, gardener, b.Belton
        Ethel L., daughter, 12, b.Belton
        Elsie, L., daughter, 10, b.Belton
        Harry, son, 9, b.Belton
        Bertie W., son, 5, b.Belton
        Hilda M, daughter, 1, b.Belton
        [Page 3, and Page 4]

162b. Family 42, Goffins Road:
        Edward Beckett, head, Widow, 71, blacksmith, b.Burgh Castle, Suffolk
        John Hales, son in law, married, 42, market gardener, b.Belton
        Mary A., daughter, married, 31, b.Belton
        John E., grandson, 7, b.Belton
        Sydney J., grandson, 2, b.Belton
        Eveline Layton, domestic servant, 15, b.Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
        [Page 5]
[BWB: this Edward is Bertie William Beckett's grandfather, see sources [152, 153] above.]

162c. Family 21, Lockless Lane:
       Mary Claxton, widow, 58, b.Needham, Norfolk; George, 19, Wheelwright, b.Belton, Suffolk
       [Page 2]
[BWB: most likely widow of Henry Claxton, brother to our David B. Claxton.]

162d. Other pages, each about 1.5MB:  [p1p6p7p8p9p10p11p12]

The census also lists various Claxton individuals/families, as well as other Becketts, Hales, etc., but their relationship to the family has not been established.

163. 1891 Census for the towns of Bradwell, Burgh Castle and Fritton, Suffolk Co., England (FHL microfiche 6096607) lists various Becketts, Burrages and Claxtons but their relationship to the family has not been established.  The following family is of interest, though:
       Horatio Burrage, widow, 58, Ag Lab, b.Burgh Castle
       Emily A., 21, housekeeper/domestic
       Edith L., 19
       Winifred G., granddaughter, 4
       Violet M., granddaughter, 2
[BWB: The father and family of Rosa Selina, who committed suicide in 1889. also lists the death of one Horatio Burrage, 4th quarter of 1896, at age 64, Mutford District, Suffolk; this is probably the above Horatio.]

[BWB: the proximity to Belton and the birthplaces of other individuals suggest they are related.]

163a. Pages for Bradwell, each about 1.5MB:  [p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7]
163b. Pages for Burgh Castle, each about 1.5MB:  [p1, p2]
163c. Pages for Fritton, each about 1.5MB:  [p1, p2]

164. 1891 Census for St. Martin Municipal Ward, Birmingham, England (FHL microfiche 6097490) lists the parents of Agnes Beckett (nee Martha Brookes):
Family 29, No. 1 Court 6:
        Thomas Brookes, head, 34, blacksmith, b.Shifnal, Salop [aka Shropshire]
        Maria, wife, 29, b.Worcester
        Florence, daughter, 9, b.Birmingham
        Alfred, son, 6, b.Birmingham
        May, daughter, 3, b.Birmingham
[BWB: censuses are usually taken around April 1st; Agnes/Martha was born later in the year 1891.]

Other Brookes and a Lee (Maria's maiden name) are listed, but the family connection, if any, has not been established.

Pages for Bradwell, each about 1.5MB:  [p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6]

165. English Marriage Certificate for marriage #287 in 1881 solemnized 1/10/1881 at the parish church in the parish of Christ Church in the County of Warwick, for
        Thomas Brookes, 23, blacksmith, residence Fleet Street, father Joseph Brookes, file cutter, and
        Maria Lee, 19, residence Fleet Street, father Benjamin Lee, boatman,
        witnessed by Michael Gormley and Elizabeth Brooks[sic].
[BWB: based on the handwriting, this document is a clerk's copy, most likely made in 1881.  The original apparently had the participants' signatures, with Maria and Michael just using an 'X'.]

166.  English Birth Certificate for birth #196 in 1851, sub-district Gorleston, district Mutford, county Suffolk:
        Sarah Ann Claxton, b.9/10/1851 in Belton
        to David Claxton, occupation Carter, and
        Sarah Claxton formerly Calver,
        signed with an 'X' by David, and registered 9/19/1851.

167. English Marriage Certificate for marriage #99 in 1870 solemnized 10/6/1870 at the parish church in the parish of Belton in the County of Belton, for
        Edward Beckett, 'full age', gardener, residence Belton, father Edward Beckett, blacksmith, and
        Sarah Ann Claxton, 19, residence Belton, father David Claxton, market gardener,
        witnessed by Harriet Claxton and George Claxton.

168. English Birth Certificate for birth #133 in 1891, sub-district Saint Martin, district Birmingham, county Birmingham:
        Martha Brookes, b.8/5/1891 at 6 Court 1 Benacre Street USD
        to Thomas Brookes, blacksmith, and
        Maria Brookes formerly Lee,
        signed with an 'X' by Maria, and registered 9/14/1891.

169. Beal, John D., "Rev. Edward Beales; Rector St. Peter & St. Paul Church; Wramplingham, County Norfolk, England; Father of John Beal; Hingham, Mass. 1638", FHL microfilm 1320838 (item 8), recording John D. Beal's research into Edward Beales.
(the following images are all 40-72KB)
[Transmittal]  [Cover]  [Pg 1]  [Pg 2]  [Pg 3]  [Pg 4]
[BWB:  As this photographic copy abruptly ends at the bottom of page 4, I suspect that one or more pages are missing.]
Item 9 of this same microfilm is a copy of John D. Beal's research into the English parentage of Arthur Beal of York, Maine, probably no relation.

170. (Not referenced)  Descendants of John Alma Beal, b.1838 in Ohio and residing in Utah, FHL microfilm 219466 (information c.1926).  This family does not appear to be related, descended instead from William Beal, b.1664 in Ipswich, England.  However, a second document in this record gives the descendants of our John Beal of Hingham down to George Fletcher Beals (ref in this section pages 1, 2, 7, 14, 31, 96, 97, 102), wherein most dates agree with our information.  
Dates and location which differ are:
    Ann Boomer, b.1818 in Annapolis Co., N.S.
    Stephen Beals (s/o Abel & Abigail), b.1783 in Annapolis Co., N.S.
    Nancy Henshaw, b.Annapolis Co., N.S.
    Abigail Kent, b.1757 in Annapolis Co., N.S.
[BWB: no sources are cited, so I note this information in passing, but chose not to use it - deferring to more recent research.]   

171. English Birth Certificate for Bertie William Beckett, which he obtained in 1903.  [40KB]
[BWB:  Based on 1903 date, was Bert preparing to emigrate to Canada?]

172.  Proof of death of Bertie William Beckett  [47KB]

173.  Picture of Bertie and Agnes Beckett, taken at the wedding reception in their home for Laverne Wallace and Grace Hilda Beals on 12/26/1938.  [18KB]  [51KB]

174.  Death registration #013931 in 1926 for Thomas Brookes, Ontario Archives microfilm MS 935, Reel 335 (FHL #2079875) contains the following information:
Informant was widow Maria.
b. 4/6/1859 in England,
d.3/26/1926 of lobar pneumonia in Windsor, interred 3/27 Windsor Grove Cemetery (Giles and Howard)
Age at Death given as 69:11:11, but this would imply b.4/15/1856... from census we have c.1856-58
(I think someone got the date arithmetic backwards... note that 3/26 + 11 days is 4/06, whereas it should be computed the other way around. But, don't know how they got 69 years from 1859 - 1926.)
At death, had lived 5 days at 1510 York St., Windsor, the home of daughter Elizabeth (married Neale), and 15 years in Ontario (Martha Agnes immigrated 9/21/1910, but parents did not come on same ship; don't know when they immigrated -- the 15 years number would put immigration as 1911.)
Worked as a packer at a storage house.
Father Joseph Brookes, mother Charlotte Brookes.

175.  Death registration #013950 in 1926  for Maria Brookes, Ontario Archives microfilm MS 935, Reel 335 (FHL #2079875) contains the following information:  
Informant was daughter Elizabeth Neale, youngest surviving child.
b. 3/10/1860 in England (from census we have c.1861-62)
d. 3/31/1926 of lobar pneumonia in Windsor, interred 4/2 Windsor Grove Cemetery
Age at Death given as 66:0:21, which agrees with b/d dates
At death, had lived 8 days at 1510 York St., the home of daughter Elizabeth, 16 years in Ontario (hence moved there in 1910), and 18 years in Canada (which would say she immigrated 1908, earlier than Martha Agnes' immigration in 1910.  Also, not clear why info doesn't agree with Thomas'... may be a transcription error.)
Father Daniel Lee (disagrees with Thos and Maria's marriage registration info as Benjamin, which I would believe first), b.ENG
Mother Lillian Lees (sic), b.ENG

176.  1920 Census for Pontiac, Michigan lists the Thomas Lane family:
    Thomas, 31, carpenter, b.Canada (based on marriage license, Thomas would have been 38)
    Elinor [sic], 25, b.Canada (based on marriage license, Eleanor would have been 28)
    Leslie, 5, b.Canada
    Harold, 4, b.Canada
    Charles, 1, b.Michigan
First page [267KB], second page [489KB].
[BWB: The children's birth places suggests they moved from Canada to Michigan between 1915/16 and 1918/19.]

177.  Present day map showing location of Benacre Street, Birmingham, England, birthplace of Agnes (nee Martha) Brookes.  [23KB]

178.  1930 Census for Almont Twp., Lapeer Co., Michigan lists the Thomas Lane family living on a farm (home was rented):
    Thomas, 49, farm laborer, b.Canada, immigrated 1917
    Elanor [sic], 38, b.Canada, immigrated 1917
    Robert, 15, b.Canada, immigrated 1917
    Harold, 14, b.Canada, immigrated 1917
    Charles, 11, b.Michigan
Image [625KB]

179.  Present-day maps of Belton, England, birthplace of Bertie William Beckett.
The county area [97KB]; another view [32KB]; the town area [15KB].

180.  1930 Census for Port Huron, Michigan lists Richard C. Beals and Mary J. Beals living together:
    Richard C. Beals, 31, single, b.Canada, immigrated to USA 1922, secretary at YMCA
    Mary J. Beals, 76, widowed, b.England, immigrated to USA 1922
Full sheet [113KB], Partial sheet but more readable [128KB]

181.  Miscellaneous notes on Hugh McColl, for whom Edythe Wallace (m.George Edgar Beals) was a servant:
181a. Mention of his newspaper:  [104KB]
181b. Mention of his book, and postmastership 1876-1910:  [19KB]
181c. Mention of a daughter's marriage:  [116KB]
181d. Mention of newspaper publishing 8/1868 - 1876  [5KB]
181e. Photograph/obit in the Sarnia Observer, obtained from the Sarnia Public Library [55KB]
181f.  List of postmaster of Strathroy, incl Mr. McColl  [Local Copy]

182.  1642 Map of Massacheusetts Bay, including towns of Boston and Hingham.  [96KB]

183.  1871 Census for Nassagaweya Township, Halton County, Ontario (Ontario Archives C-9956, FHL #349164) lists the George [Fletcher] Beals family:
        George, age 50, b.N.S., Baptist, farmer [other data suggests he would have been 54 by 4/1/1871]
        Ann, 52, b.N.S. [elsewhere, 57]
        Stephen, 23, b.Ontario [elsewhere, 23-24]
        Robert, 17, b.Ontario, carpenter [elsewhere, 20]
        Jane, 16, b.Ontario [elsewhere, 17-18]
        [Other children not listed: Isaac, 22-28 (m.1869); Francis, 25-26; Fletcher, 21-22; Lucy, 15-16 (m.1871)]

184.  1827 Census of Nova Scotia, Sheets 110-125 for Annapolis County, as transcribed in Genealogical Newsletter of the N.S. Historical Society, #23, pp 52-72, courtesy of Allan Dunlop, PANS, lists the following families of interest (all are farmers, except as noted):
[Legend Page]
    184a. Banks:  in Annapolis Twp; William+1/1 - Wilmot Twp; Timothy + 4 males/6 females, Christopher+3/6, Frederick+3/1, George+4/4, Henry+4/5, Jacob+1/3, James+4/2, John+3/3, Joshua+1/1, Thomas+3/5 -
    184b. Beals: in Annapolis Twp;
                Abel+1/5,   [BWB: could be s/o our Abel b.1755, assuming most male children were out of the house by this time.]
                Abel+3/3,   [BWB: probably our Abel b.1755, though 1 male child not accounted for.]
                Andrew+5/3 with one birth during year,   [BWB: probably s/o Abel b.1755.]
                Isaac+2/2 with/1 birth,    [BWB:  s/o our Abel b.1755, and family to date.]
                'widow Beals'+2/5   [BWB: could be Catherine, wife of Arod d.1822, s/o our Abel b.1755.]
             - in Clements Twp;
                Stephen+6/3 w/1 birth   [BWB: our Stephen b.1791 s/o our Abel b.1755, and family to date]
    184c. Bent: in Annapolis Twp; Ambrose+0/1, Asa+3/6, Asa Jr.+1/2, Elias+0/1, Mrs. L.+0/4, Silas+3/2, Samuel+2/5 - in Wilmot Twp; Asa+2/1 w/1 birth, Isaac+0/4, Nedabiah+1/4, Seth+4/6 w/1 birth, 'widow Bent'+1/2 w/2 births, William+2/4
    184d. Note: no Boomer/Bulmer family listed.
    184e. Chute: in Clements Twp; Aaron+0/3, Abel+3/3, Abraham+2/3, Andrew Jr.+4/3, Calven+2/3, Daniel+6/1, John+5/5, Jonathan+1/2, Jonathan Jr.+5/4, Thomas+2/2 - in Wilmot Twp; Abner+2/4, Benjamin+4/3, Silas+6/3 w/1 birth
    184f. Clarke:  in Annapolis Twp; Timothy(inn keeper)+2/3 - in Clements Twp; Gideon+0/1, William+1/4 - in Wilmot Twp; Alexander+4/4, Allan+1/2, David+2/4, Gideon+0/3 w/1 birth, Henry+2/2, John+3/6, Uriah+0/2
    184g. Daniels: in Annapolis Twp; Alpheus+1/2, Asa+3/1, Joel+1/2, Joshua+5/3, Joshua Jr.+2/3, Levi+5/1, Zaccheris+2/1 - in Wilmot Twp.; Asa+2/2 w/1 birth
    184h. Hanshaw (sic): in Clements Twp; Edward+1/3, Samuel+2/3
    184i. Kent: in Annapolis Twp; Arod+1/3, Henry+0/2, Lena+1/4, John+1/1
    184j. Longley: in Annapolis Twp; Isaac+3/6, Israel+1/2 w/1 birth, William+1/3 - in Wilmot Twp; Asaph+4/4
    184k. Morgan: in Clements Twp; Edward+5/4, Harry+4/4 - in Wilmot Twp; Nathaniel+4/2
    184l. Whitman: in Annapolis Twp; Alfred+0/2 w/1 birth, Asa+1/1, Asa(mechanic)+0/3, Charles+2/7, Daniel+2/2, Daniel+4/4 w/1 birth, Elnathan+3/1, Isaac+5/4, Jacob+1/2, Jacob+6/3, James+3/1, John+1/2, Oldham+7/4 - in Wilmot Twp; James+1/3

185.  (Not referenced)  NSARM Inventory #128,  Marriage Bonds : [1763-1864, 1870-1871]. — microfilmed in 1984. — 13 microfilm reels, lists 3 Boomer bonds using an online search:
    185a. Edna Boomer and William Fermidge Jewitt of Liverpool, Queens Co., 2/28/1818 (microfilm 15929).
    185b. Rebecca Boomer and Benjamin McElmon of River Philip, Cumberland Co., witnessed by John Boomer [Bulmer], Jr., 6/6/1818 (microfilm #15929).
    185c. Levina Crow and James H. Boomer of Londerry, Colchester Co., c.1836 (microfilm #15931).
    [Search Results]

186.  (Not referenced)  NSARM Inventory #128,  Marriage Bonds : [1763-1864, 1870-1871]. — microfilmed in 1984. — 13 microfilm reels, lists one Henshaw bond using an online search:
    William Henshaw and Anne M. Long, 11/5/1838, witnessed by Peter and John Long.
[Search Results]

187.  (Not referenced)  Hatfield Grant of 1801 for Annapolis County, N.S. (a successor to the Botford Grant of 1784), as published on the Internet by Digby GenWeb, lists two families of interest:
    William Clark, Jr.
    John Morgan
[Local Copy]

188.  (Not referenced)  1881 Census for Clementport, N.S., transcribed and published online by Annapolis County GenWeb, lists several families of interest.
[Excerpts]  [Full Census]

189.  (Not referenced)  1881 Census for The Hessian Line (southern part of Clements Twp), N.S. transcribed and published online by Annapolis County GenWeb, lists several families of interest.
[Excerpts]  [Full Census]

190.  (Not referenced)  1881 Census for Middleton, N.S., transcribed and published online by Annapolis County GenWeb, lists several families of interest.
[Excerpts]  [Full Census]

191.  (Not referenced)  Morse Road, N.S. 1881 Census, transcribed and published online by Annapolis County GenWeb, lists several families of interest. 
[Excerpts]  [Full Census]

192.  (Not referenced)  Nictaux, N.S. 1881 Census, transcribed and published online by Annapolis County GenWeb, lists the several families of interest, including Beals.
[Extraction]  [Full Census]

193.  Poll Tax Rolls, 1791-1793 (RG 1 Volume 444), available at NSARM on microfilm no. 13580 and searched online, lists several families of interest.
[BWB: Did not look for Banks, Bent, Chute, Clark/e, Daniels, Longley, Whitman.]

194.  (Not referenced) N.S. Marriage Bond Index, published by Genealogical Association of N.S. (GANS) on floppy disk, contains the following entries of interest:  

The classic definition of Marriage Bond has it occuring prior to marriage, as a promise to marry by the groom (often with money deposited, hence 'bond').  So, the dates below are consistent with our marriage dates, with the exception of the Beals/Kent marriage (2nd below).

194a. Beals

29 Jul 1802  Beale, Thomas            Crofts, Ann                15927
--not in our tree

28 Jun 1840 
Beals, Sarah Jane        Kent, Micah                15932
--SJB d/o Stephen & Nancy.  ***we have 6/29/1839

14 Sep 1849  Beals, Edward            Chute, Sarah               15934
--EB s/o Stephen & Nancy.   ***we have 10/10/1849

02 Oct 1847  Beals, Robbert           Grant, Neoma               15933
--grandson of Abel & Abigail.  ***we have Robert, Naomi, no date

28 Feb 1863  Beals, Sampson           Chesley, Susan             15936
--gt-grandson of Abel & Abigail   ***we have 3/24/1863

20 Dec 1860 
Beals, Lucinda           English, William J.        15935
                                   ***no match in our tree

17 Dec 1849  Beales, Catherine        Longley, Isaac Jr.         15934
--granddaughter of Abel & Abigail   ***we have 12/24/1849

15 Dec 1863  Beals, Anne Maria        Currell, James R.          15936
--in disconnected branch of our tree   ***we have 1/5/1864

25 Oct 1862  Beals, Hannah S.         Fitzmaurice, James         15935
--gt-grandaughter of Abel & Abigail    ***we have no date

14 Feb 1863  Beals, Levina            Charlton, Phineas          15936
--we have a Levina gt-gd/o Abel & Abigail, but no husband

09 May 1864  Beals, Louisa            Harlow, George             15937
--gt-gd/o Abel & Abigail       ***we have 6/13/1864, and Louise

21 Oct 1849  Beals, Maria             Everit, George             15934
--gd/o Abel & Abigail     ***we have Mary, Everett, no date

194b.  Boomer/Bulmer

***Our tree lists none of these Boomers (could still be related to Ann or Charlotte)

02 Feb 1836  Boomer, James H.         Crow, Lavinia              15931

09 Jan 1864  Boomer, James            McElmon, Adelaide          15937

28 Feb 1818  Boomer, Edna             Jewitt, William Ferridge   15929

06 Jun 1818  Boomer, Rebecca          McElmon, Benjamin          15929

194c. Other Surnames

No Henshaw marriages.
No Kent, Lambert, Morgan of obvious interest.  ***NEED TO REVISIT THIS***


195.   Allan Everett Marble, "Deaths/Burials/Probate N.S. 1800-1850 from Primary Sources", Volume I, names A-E only, published by GANS, contains the following families of interest.  To this list, I've also added mention of Henshaw and Morgan individuals, extracted from other volumes available at the Spring Garden Public Library in Halifax NS c.2003.
[BWB:  Did not order other volumes so have no info on other families of interest.]

195a.  Beal*

Beal, Josiah - Yarmouth NS, not descended from John Beales per our info.
Beals, ---, kin was Josiah.

Charlotte Beales, 8 mos., d.3/5/1849 in Halifax; Burial at St. Paul's Anglican Cemetery, Halifax (relation unknown).

Abigail Beals, 80, d.4/1/1820 Lawrencetown, c/o husband Abel; stone in Lawrencetown Cem (we have Whitman)
also, MG4 Vol.5 gives burial 4/1/1820.
- date agrees, but we have 69, not 80.

Jacob Beals, 1, d.9/17/1820 in Annapolis s/o Elijah (s/o Abel & Abigail); burial per MG4 Vol.5
- agrees with our info.

Arod Beals, d.4/20/1822 Annapolis, c/o wife Catherine; burial MG4 Vol 5
- s/o Abel & Abigail

Abel Beals, d.8/1830 Bridgetown, c/o wife Mary; burial Methodist Cem.
- our Abel b.1755; Mary [Miller] Clark was Abel's 2nd wife.

Abel Beals, 81, d.1831 Lawrencetown, c/o wife Abigail; headstone in Lawrencetown Cem.
- likely our Abel b.1755., but we have d.8/23/1830 at 75 and confusing re previous entry above.

Abel Beals, d.3/1835 Lawrencetown, c/o father Arod [s/o Abel b.1755]; headstone in Lawrencetown Cem. (we have Whitman Cem)

Arod Beals, probate 1/20/1834 Annapolis;  in RG48 Reel 19, 398 (same Arod as above?)

E. Beals, d.1834, Grinton Settlement (have not been able to locate this in NS); NS Royal Gazette 7/30/1834 mentions the estate.
(relation unknown)

Abel Beals, 76, d.9/19/1844 Annapolis; Times newspaper 9/24/1844
- we have an Abel, s/o Abel and Abigail, d.1844, but 61.

Elijah Beals, 59, d.10/20/1847 at Lawrencetown, c/o wife Hannah; headstone in Lawrencetown Cem.(we have Whitman)
- s/o Abel and Abigail.

195b.  Boomer/Bulmer  (relationships unknown)

*** Liverpool deaths/etc... (coastal city SW of Halifax)

--- Boomer, d.3/7/1803, c/o father Job; recorded in Perkins Diary

Elizabeth Boomer, 45, d.3/5/1813, c/o husband Job; headstone at Congregational Cem.

Bethiah Boomer, d.8/11/1815; Weekly Chronicle 8/18/1815.

Joshua Boomer, 88, d.12/7/1824; Halifax Journal 12/20/1824.

Job Boomer, farmer, probate 5/27/1830; RG48 Reel 20,113

*** Brookfield/Colchester County deaths/etc... (NE of Halifax, E of Kentville)
*** Truro is located in same county; per e-mail inquiry from Robert Richards w/r/t Bulmers and Susanna Bulmer (see below)

Joseph Boomer, probate 11/20/1807; RG48, Reel 19,178 mentions children John, James, Margaret, Mary, Susannah.

James Boomer, farmer, probate 9/25/1819; RG48, Reel 19,181

James Boomer, farmer, will 10/29/1830; RG48, Reel 19,164

***  Amherst and Nappan, Cumberland County, deaths/etc... (far NE of Halifax, NE of Kentville)

William Bulmer, probate 11/25/1806; RG48, Reel 19,274

Susanna Bulmer, 27, d.1/8/1842, c/o father Thomas; Christian Monitor 1/21/1842

*** Colebrook deaths/etc. (only found a Colebrooke, now Grand Falls, in N.B.)

Eleanor Boomer, 47, d.9/29/1845; MG4, Vol.18

195c.  Henshaw

Samuel and Sarah Henshaw [parents of Nancy, wife of Stephen Beals b.1791], LWT's on RG48, Reel 19 page 326 and Reel 20 page 457.

195d.  Morgan

George Morgan [grandfather of Nancy, wife of Stephen Beals b.1791], Settlement of Estate on RG48, Reel 20 page 426.  A copy of this document was obtained from the Annapolis Royal Courthouse (copied from the original 1808 document).
***** NEED COPIES *****

196.  (Not referenced)  NS Vital Statistics from Newspapers, 5 volumes covering 1769-1839, published by GANS contains the following index entries for surnames Beal*, Bulmer/Boomer, Henshaw/Hanshaw, Kent, Morgan: 
[BWB:  did not look for other names.]

196a.  Beal*:  no entries whatsoever.

196b.  Bulmer/Boomer:  
(do not know family relationships if any, just offer the data as Ann Boomer 1813-1892, George Fletcher Beals' wife, was b. NS)
- Bethiah Boomer d.8/11/1815 in Liverpool (presumably NS), The Weekly Chronicle 8/18/1815.
- Joshua Boomer d.12/7/1824 at 88 in Liverpool, Halifax Journal 12/20/1824.

196c.  Henshaw/Hanshaw:  no entries (Nancy Henshaw was Stephen Beals' wife)

196d.  Kent (there were a number of Kent-Beals marriages, and of course Abigail Kent m.Abel Beals (Jr.); see Don's Kent genealogy in his book on Abel):
- Benjamin Kent, 81, barrister from MA, d.10/21/1788; NS Gazette and Weekly Chronicle 10/28/1788.
- Robert Kent m. Anna Cock, 3rd d/o William Cock, at Truro by Rev. J. Waddle; Acadian Recorder 1/19/1819.
- Susannah Kent, youngest d/o James Kent, m. William Blair at Truro by Rev. J. Waddle; ibid 11/27/1819.
- William Kent, 78, d.1/16/1822 at Guysborough; ibid 2/9/1822.
- Elizabeth Kent d.12/18/1823, eldest d/o the late Benjamin Kent; ibid 12/20/1823.
- James Kent d.10/31/1825 at Truro; NS Royal Gazette 11/9/1825
- John Kent, 47, d.1/5/1829 at Truro; the Nova Scotian 2/5/1829.
- James Kent, 3 mos., d.9/21/1831, s/o John Kent; Halifax Journal 9/26/1831.
- Wellington Kent m. Jane Pace 1/27/1837 at Musquodoboit by Rev. J. Sprott; the Nova Scotian 2/9/1837.
- Alexander Kent m. Catherine Parnel/Farnel 2/14/1837 at Musquodoboit by Rev. J. Sprott; Arcadian Recorder 2/25/1837.
- William Kent m. Patience Joyce 7/17/1837 at Truro by Rev. Blackwood.

196e.  Morgan:  (Sarah Morgan was mother of Nancy Henshaw, wife of our Stephen Beals b.1791)
- Hannah Morgan, widow of John Morgan, d.1/8/1829; Arcadian Register 1/10/1829.
- George R. Morgan m. Eliza Brenton Oliphant 8/28/1835 at Charlottetown by Rev. Jenkins; ibid 9/5/1835.
- Martha Morgan m. William Hume 11/8/1836 at Chester by Rev. J. Shreve; Halifax Journal 11/14/1836.

197.  (Not referenced)  1825 Map of Nova Scotia, published online by Digby County GenWeb .  [100KB]

198.  (Not referenced)

199.  (Not referenced)  Gravestones in Annapolis County, transcribed and published by Annapolis County GenWeb:
... and various children, grandchildren, etc.

Found other Beals on this site, but haven't made connections/looked up in our FTM database:
 Middleton: Pine Grove
 Bear River: Mt.Hope
 Lawrencetown: Fairview
 Nictaux: Community Centre

Stephen b.1791 and Nancy d.Clements(port?) 1876 per death registrations, but not listed in Clementsport cemeteries.

The parent site page, ,  has indices by name, but there's no B's when clearly they have Beals as well as other B's.  Same true of other letters.

(Note other names are of interest due to wives, e.g., Boomer, Henshaw, Morgan, Kent - but didn't do comprehensive search for these.)

Ones I've visited and checked manually for Beal* :
 Albany Cross
 Annapolis Royal
 Bear River's
 New Albany (nr Lawrencetown)
 Round Hill
 South Williamston
 Upper Clements

200.  (Not referenced)  Canadian Genealogical Index, searched online at, contains several Boomer family members, relationship unknown.

201.  (Not referenced)  Canadian Genealogical Index, searched online at, contains several Beals family members, relationships unknown.

202.  (Not referenced)  One Bulmer family, provided in e-mail to Donald W. Beals 2/2/2003 by  :
Ronald L. Roberts
507 Oxford Court
Carson City, Nevada 89703-4599
U. S. A.
Tel.: 775-885-8634
THOMAS BULMER [son of John and Mary (Forrest) Bulmer]
b. before 1793; religion: Methodist; occupation: Carpentry;
residence: Amherst, Nova Scotia - 1826, 1827; Nappan, Nova Scotia.
married: [Name Unknown]
1.. Susanna Bulmer, b. about 1815; d. January 8, 1842
[1892 ?]
2.. William Bulmer [Boomer], b. About 1816 - Nova Scotia; d. January 29,
1884 - Point Edward, Ont.
3.. Matthew Boomer, b. 1818 - Nova Scotia; m. May 14, 1843; d. October
10, 1895
4.. Richard Boomer, b. November 9, 1819 - Nova Scotia; m. October 27,
5.. Child [Name Unknown]
6.. Frederick Bulmer, b. About 1822 - Nappan, Nova Scotia; d. October 18,
1860 - Antigonish, N.S.
7.. Thomas Bulmer, Jr. b. 1823; m. Jan. 16, 1845; d. April 17, 1896
Amhurst, Nova Scotia
8.. Mary Bulmer, b. 1827; m. March 29, 1867
9.. Child [Name Unknown]

203.  (Not referenced)  Whitman Cemetery sundial and mention of Beals family, with this interesting reference:
"At the turn of the 20thC., one of the Beals operated a grocery store in nearby Inglisville. His Licence and an Accounts book are on display at the Macdonald Museum at Middleton"

204.  "Grantees of Annapolis Township" by Vernon Spurr, published by GANS in the N.S.Geneologist, Vol XIV/1, pp 21-26 lists the following items of interest:

    204a.  History.  Annapolis County consisted(/s?) of 4 townships:  Annapolis Twp., laid out in 1760, Granville Twp. c.1760+, Wilmot Twp 1764, Clements Twp 1784.  Settlements of New Albany surveyed 1802, Dalhousie 1815 and Perrott 1821.  Grant for Annapolis Twp dated 10/30/1765.  The First Division of 92-1/2 shares (c.500 acres each)  is shown on a plan drawn by David Felch, surveyor, 4/1764.  The original plan of the Second Division of  20-1/2 shares can not be located, but drawn prior to 1769; 16 shares of this is detailed in a grant dated 5/1/1770 in "The Old Deed Book" p.141.  There was also a Third Division of 17 shares, ones relinquished by prior grantees; no families of interest were in this third division.

    204b. Families of interest in First and Second Divisions per "Grant of Confirmation of the Twp of Annapolis", 10/30/1765, or Felch (as noted below), or per Annapolis County Deeds (as noted):
        Abel Beals (in Deeds only):  Second - Lot 27
        David Bent:  First - Lot 41; Second - Lot 16
        Thomas and Uriah Jr. Clark:  First - Lot 35
        Uriah Clark:  First - Lot 34; Second - Lot 9
        Asa Daniels:  First - Lot 104
        Arod Kent:  First - Lot 38
        Isariah/Isaac Kent:  Second - Lot 37
        Isaac Kent Jr.:  First - Lot 47
        John Kent (per Felch only):  First - Lot 49
        Zara Kent:  First - Lot 38 (note duplicate of Arod's - is this an error?)
        Daniel Whitman (relinquished)
        Edward Whitman (relinquished)
        John Whitman: First - Lots 11,14,15; Second - Lot 23
[BWB: no surnames Banks, Chute, Henshaw, Morgan.]

[Pages 123,  4]

205.  Land Grants (partially indexed at Annapolis County GenWeb online site, ) and LG Index Maps (latter c/o N.S. Natural Resources Library, POB 698, Suite 301, 1701 Hollis St., Halifax B3J 2T9, ph.902-424-8633) contain the following entries of interest:

(Looked for:  Banks, Beal*, Bent, Boomer, Bulm*, Chute, Clark*, H?nshaw, Kent, Morgan, Whitman, few others)

Note: number(s) following a name is the section of the map, as a visual finding aid; 1-4 on top half, 5-8 on bottom half, corresponding roughly to the folds in the paper.
Map 20:  [Local copy of full index] - no names of interest

Map 21:  [Local copy of full index]
Chute, John 1, 2
Clarke, William Jr. 6
Dares, John 6
Henshaw, Edward 5
Henshaw, James A. 5
Henshaw, Jesse 5
Purdy, Anthony 2
Purdy, Elijah 2
Purdy, Gabriel 2
Purdy, Samuel  1
Whitman, James 4, 8
Whitman, John 4

Map 28:  [Local copy of full index] - no names of interest

Map 29 (not indexed on web site; manually searched):
Abel Beals 1
Isaac Beals 2nd 3 with Arod McNayr, his cousin
Daniel Whitman 4
William Chute 4
Aron N. Chute 6
Clark Whitman 6
Beals Lake 7
Samuel and Jeremiah Bancroft, lots 18 & 19, transferred to Abel Beals by 1817 - 8
Beriah Bent 8
John Whitman 8
David Whitman 8

Map 35:  [Local copy of full index]
Banks, Richard 6
Spinney, Catherine (2 lots) 6
Spinney, Joseph 6

Map 36:  [Local copy of full index]
Bent, Douglas 4
Clark, John H. 8

206.  (Not referenced)  Topographical Township Map of Annapolis County Map by A.F.Church c.1876, c/o N.S. Natural Resources Library (ibid.), locates a number of Beals house sites.
206a.  Waldeck Line Road area  [4485KB]  lists (west to east) ..., T. Berry, School House, E. Eisenhaur, E. [BWB: Elijah] Beals, J.H. Berry, ...

207.  Jenkins, Lois C., "Descendants of William Henshaw of Clements Township", 2002, available at O'Dell Museum/Genealogy Room, Annapolis Royal, N.S., provides additional information on Nancy Henshaw, wife of Stephen Beals b.1791.

Ms. Jenkins cites the following sources of interest (we have not checked these references):
       207a. Probate records for Samuel Henshaw, Sr., NSARM/PANS RG 48, Reel 19, page 326.
       207b. Various Annapolis County Deeds [BWB: available at the Lawrencetown Municipal Center, Lawrencetown, N.S.]
       207c. Allan C. Marble's "Deaths of Nova Scotians 1800-1850"
       207d. Trinity Anglican Baptisms, Digby, N.S.
       207e. St. Luke's Anglican Baptisms, Annapolis Royal, N.S.

208.  Land transactions involving land owned by our Stephen Beals b.1791, viewed at the Annapolis County Registry of Deeds, Lawrencetown Municipal Offices, Lawrencetown, N.S., where they have the original recorder's ledger books as well as a computer database of their holdings, searchable by name of grantor (aka seller) or name of grantee (aka buyer).  (Note these are in the recorder's hand, and often were recorded several years after the actual transaction.  These are not the truly original documents from which the recorded entries were made, so do not contain actual signatures, etc.)

Results of several database searches at the Registry of Deeds:  [Grantor 1]  [Grantor 2]  [Grantee]

[Summary of the following]

208a. 5/1/1817, Book 18, page 363  [926KB]:  Sale of land to Stephen Beals.  [Transcription]

208b. 5/14/1831, Book 28, page 418  [1094KB]:  Stephen's  mortgage.

208c. 2/4/1852, Book 44, page 424  [649KB]:  Stephen & wife Nancy sold  75 acres to won Edward Beals.

208d. 9/18/1860, Book 53, page 314  [997KB]:  Stephen paid off the mortgage.

208e. 3/14/1867, Book 62, page 350  [728KB]:  Edward and wife Sarah sold 1/4 acres to the East Waldec School Board.

208f. 10/21/1867, Book 61, page 254  [681KB]:  Edward & Sarah sold the remaining 74-3/4 acres.

208g. 10/31/1867:  Edward took back a mortgage on the land just sold 10 days earlier.
208h.  5/2/1876, Book 71, page 478  [291KB]:  Stephen & Nancy sold the remaining 125 acres.

208i. 1888, Book 89, page 212  [483KB]:  Grandson Elijah sold his 125 acres to J.E. Robbins.

209. Crown Land Grant Maps, Department of Natural Resources, Halifax, N.S. show the Crown land grants, though by their own disclaimer the placement of lots may not be geographically correct -- the intention is to provide a pictorial index to the grants.  To cover the northern half of Annapolis County, one needs maps 13, 20, 21, 22, 28, 29, 35, and 36.  (Of particular interest is Map #21, which covers the Clementsport-Bear River area where Stephen Beals had a farm, and Maps 28 & 29, which covers the Inglisville area where Abel Beals' land is located.)
209a. Map 21 area showing Stephen Beals' lots 26 and 27  [2543KB]  (a small portion of the poster-sized paper map).
209b. Map 28 & 29 area showing Abel Beals' land (actual lots not shown because the location of the Second Allotments have been lost.)

210. Topographical maps of Annapolis Co., N.S., available at Map Center located in the Lawrencetown Municipal Building, Lawrencetown, N.S.

210a.  1:50,000 map of Bridgetown and Lawrencetown, the area where Abel Beals' land was located.

210b.  1:10,000 map of above (only bought 1 map, so only have northern 2/3 of Abel's land, which extended for 4-1/2 miles North-South).

210c.  ibid, with BWB's overlay of Abel's land in Inglisville, showing parcels sold to sons and others. [197KB], and [Discussion/Rationale].  See also [241] for a description of Abel's land transactions in this area.

210d.  1:10,000 map of area where Stephen Beals' land was located (a cut & paste of two separate maps).

210e.  ibid, with BWB's overlay of Stephen's land boundaries:  [1.3MB] , and [Discussion/Rationale].

210f.  BWBeals' working maps:  [Map 1]  [Map 2]

211.  During my trip 6/2003, I took pictures of what I believe to be Stephen's land, using the old school house ruins as a key reference point, assuming this is on the same 1/4 acre that Edward sold in 1867.  (This may/may not have been the original school structure, but I have little doubt the 1/4 acre lot is correctly located.  Also, the structure there today closely resembles the architecture of another school, the West Waldec/ck School, a photograph of which is in the Bear River Museum.)
    -- Old School:  [From Road, 2.3MB]  [Close-up, 0.8MB]  [Inside, 2.1MB]
    -- Stephen's land, West to East:  (abt 2MB each)  [Pix 1]  [Pix 2]  [Pix 3]  [Pix 4].
[BWB:  I did not carefully measure the land (a TBD), so the western edge may be off by a bit; the eastern edge is marked by the old school.]

212. Waldeck East Cemetery plot map and headstone transcriptions by Lois Jenkins 4/19/1998, obtained at the O'Dell Museum and Archives, Annapolis Royal, N.S.
212a. Plot Map
212b. Transcriptions
          [Annapolis County GenWeb also has a transcription:  Internet   Local Copy.]
212c. Picture of Lucy Bent Beals' headstone, taken 6/2003  [2.0MB]
212d. Picture of Edward Henshaw's headstone  [2.7MB]

213. Index to the 1838 Census for Clements Twp, Annapolis Co., N.S., compiled by Karen E. McKay, ISBN 1-895982-17-0, viewed at NSARM/PANS, Halifax N.S. c.6/3003 contains the following entries of interest (actual pages not copied due to no copier at NSARM).  [BWB: I believe the census itself is on NSARM microfilm #13581 (aka Vol 449, File 2, Page 1), but did not look that up.]

213a. Entry #449: Stephen Beals, farmer, plus 1 male and 2 females age 6-14,  3 males and 2 females over age 14.
[BWB: probably Stephen (47) and Nancy (48), and children Isaac (11), Priscilla (10), Lucy (6), Elijah (15), Edward (16), Stephen (18), and Sarah (20).  Of the 5 older boys in the family, Samuel (23) is listed separately (next), and I'm assuming here that George Fletcher (22) is the one missing from Stephen's home.  Of course, it could be one of Elijah, Edward, or Stephen that is missing and not George.]

213b. Entry #450: Samuel Beals, seaman, plus 1 female under age 6.
[BWB: probably Samuel s/o Stephen and Nancy, his wife Sarah, and their first child Abigail (b.1838).  Note there are no land records indicating Samuel owned a lot next to Stephen; did he have his own, separate house on the property?]

213c. Entry #462: Samuel Henshaw, farmer, plus 1 male and 2 females under age 6, 1 male age 6-14, and 2 females over age 14.
[BWB:  probably Samuel Jr., brother to Nancy (Henshaw) Beals.  This entry is 13 away from Stephen's entry, and Stephen's lot 27 was 11 original grant lots away from Samuel Sr's lot 16.]

213d. Entry #463: Edward Henshaw, farmer, plus 2 females under age 6, 3 males age 6-14, and 2 females over age 14.
[BWB:  don't know who this is.]

214. Methodist Church baptismal record viewed on microfilm at NSARM/PANS, Halifax, N.S. contains the following entry:
"George Fletcher son of Stephen and Ann Beals born 5/20/1816, baptized 8/18/1816 in Luns[sic] Mills Chapel by Thomas Catteride[?]"
[BWB: these records are copyrighted by the Methodist Church who will not permit photocopies to be made without authorization.  Forgot to write down the film number.]

215.  "Sergeant George Morgan, Royal Artillery" by A. Wayne Morgan of Annapolis Royal, N.S. c.2003, which Mr. Morgan generously provided c.7/2003 in a private communication.  This document is a major update to Mr. Morgan's 1999 book "George Morgan and his Descendants", available at the O'Dell Museum/Genealogy Room in Annapolis Royal, N.S.
[BWB: I have not yet checked Mr. Morgan's referenced sources, but have little doubt as to their applicability.]
Original Text as RTF file, or converted to a Web Page.

216.  Morgan Family file, viewed at the Annapolis Valley Macdonald Museum/Genealogy Room contained a short document on Edward Morgan that provides additional data to that provided in the previous document.   HTML file.
[BWB:  In the case of date differences, I have used those in the previous document, due to the extensive citations.]

217. (Not referenced)  Compilation of Morgan family members in Digby County, N.S. for the Censuses of 1871, 1881 and 1891, extracted from the Full List at Digby County GenWeb.  Extraction

218.   Ontario Death Registration #014644, Archives of Ontario microfilm #MS 935, Reel 115 (FHC microfilm #1854284, item #3, page 483 of the Lambton Co. entries), contains the following entry [BWB: my transcription]:
Beals, Geo F, Male, Jany 1 1905 [Sunday], 88yo, residence Point Edward, Widow, no occupation, born Pt. Edward [clearly wrong], cause of death Nephtris [sic] of 1 week [Nephritis, inflammation of kidneys due to kidney failure; can be due to many causes, including other disease, e.g. influenza, congestive heart failure, etc.], Dr. Hayes attending, religion Babtst [sic], informant AM Philips [based on other entries on page, most likely an undertaker], recorded Jany 2 1905.
[BWB: This record is filed under 1904, not 1905, and is not indexed by the usual, computer generated Ontario Death Index (FHC microfilm #1411568).  Instead, it can be found by way of the Original Death Index book (FHC microfilm #1839299).  Even there, the entry for GFB appears to be added later than that of the main indexing, being in a different handwriting.]
*****NEED COPY*****

219.   Book of Records for the Township of Annapolis [Nova Scotia] 1822, recorded by Stephen Chipman (and augmented later by various town clerks), Nova Scotia Archives record MG-4, Vol. 5 (FHC microfilm #1376192) is a compilation of families (father, mother, children with b/m/d dates).  It contains several Beals families, as well as others of interest: Kent, Bishop, Kniffen, Lovett.  In our Beals Line, it does record the death of Abigail Beals, wife of Abel, on 1 April 1820.  Other information is consistent with that of Donald Beals' records [11].
*****NEED COPY*****

220. (Not referenced)   Annapolis Twp Marriages (FHC microfilm #883673) lists a few Beals marriages (many with incomplete or missing dates), but no marriages in Our Beals Line.
*****NEED COPY*****

221. (Not referenced)   A set of three maps of "Cemeteries, Graveyards and Burying Grounds in Annapolis County" (NS), published by Annapolis Ventures and sometimes available at James House Museum in Bridgetown, O'Dell Museum in Annapolis Royal, and Kentville Museum in Kentville (in Kent County, just to the East of the Annapolis County line).  These maps are useful not only for locating cemeteries but also as general road maps, because they are of a readable scale (1:67000) and, in an uncluttered cartography, show many of the backroads of Annapolis County.
*****NEED COPY*****

222.  A short history of Abel Beal, s/o Andrew Beal and Rachel Bate, with emphasis on his service (1775-76, 1777) in the American Revolution, published in the  journal of the Boulder [CO] Genealogical Society, Volume 10, Number 3, August 1978, and viewed at the Family History Center in San Jose, CA c.2002. 
[BWB: Unfortunately, the contributor, a distant descendant, failed to supply references, but of course provides leads for further research.]

223.  Petitions of the Township of Annapolis [NS], viewed on microfilm at NSARM/PANS, Halifax NS contains a petition addressed to the Governor, dated March 20, 1786 and signed by 40 landowners, including our Abel Beals (b.1755), in which the petitioners object to the proposed reduction in their land holdings (already 4-1/2 miles deep) by the taking of a 3/4 mile wide strip of their land along the southern border of Annapolis Township.  Instead, they offer to relinquish a 1/2 mile strip, claiming economic hardship otherwise.
[BWB:  Apparently, the petition prevailed; the 1/2 mile strip came to be known as The Third Division of Annapolis Twp.  Thus, Abel's land (and that of the other land owners) came to extend south of the Annapolis River by approximately 4 miles, not the original 4-1/2 miles as allocated in the Second Division.  The petition also, of course, provides a copy of Abel's handwriting at age 30... to me it seems more of a 'printed' style than the cursive of most of the other signors.] 
*****NEED COPY*****

224. (Not referenced)  General Index of Grants from 1730 to 1937 Inclusive, viewed on microfilm at NSARM/PANS in Halifax NS, lists an 1806 grant of 500 acres in Twp of Annapolis, to Abel Beals, referring to 'old book' 20, page 130; see [228] for a copy of this grant.  Several other Beals are listed, none in our line.
[BWB:  Presumably, this is our Abel b.1755, and not his son Abel b.1783.]
*****NEED COPY*****

225. (Not referenced)  The book Clements Township Families, 2002 Edition, Volume 4, viewed at the O'Dell Museum/Genealogy Room, Annapolis Royal NS, lists no Beal* family, but does list two ancestors:
225a. p.124, Samuel Henshaw, father of Nancy, wife of our Stephen Beals.  See also [207], which I consider definitive.
225b. p.270, George Morgan, maternal grandfather of Nancy Henshaw, wife of our Stephen Beals.  See also [215], which I consider definitive.
*****NEED COPY*****

226.  Deed of Sale for 800 acres (measuring 101 rods = 1666.5 feet or about 0.3 miles, by 4-1/2 miles), being Lot 25 and part of 26 in the Second Division, by Phineas Lovett, Esq., and his wife Mary, to Abel Beals, 12/16/1788, viewed on microfilm at NSARM/PANS in Halifax NS.  The recorded deed also included an allowance for a road across the land, 6 rods (99 feet) wide.
[Transcription excerpts by Donald W. Beals:  128KB]
[BWB:  Presuming the road ran lengthwise, the dimensions given would yield 855 acres, not 800 as stated.  If the road ran widthwise as the South Williamston Road does today, the dimensions would yield 905 acres.  In this latter configuration, if the property depth was 4 miles instead of 4-1/2, then the acreage would be 804, which seems the more likely accounting (one has to presume farmers wouldn't make errors of 105, or even 55, acres, even in 1788!).  One also needs to consider the petition [223] c.1786 in which the 4-1/2 mile depth was to be shortened by 1/2 mile (when this petition was actually accepted, and why this deed still refers to property depths of 4-1/2 miles two years later, is unknown).]
*****NEED COPY*****  

227.  Deed of Sale for 250 acres (measuring 38 rods = 627 feet wide), being the rest of Lot 26 in the Second Division, by Phineas Lovett, Jr., and his wife Abigail, to Abel Beals, 2/23/1796, viewed on microfilm at NSARM/PANS in Halifax NS.
[Transcription excerpts by Donald W. Beals:  122KB]
[BWB: Using the same 4 mile depth as used above, and allowing for the 99 foot road widthwise, the acreage would appear to be 302, not 250 as stated in the deed, a 20% difference.  I can't account for this discrepancy -- again, a larger error than what I would expect of a farmer c.1796.  So, at this point, Abel owned a contiguous 1050 acres per the deeds, or as much as 1106 acres by my calculations.]
*****NEED COPY*****

228.  Grant of 500 acres, being Lot 27 in the Second Division, to Abel Beals, recorded in 'Council' 2/18/1806,  viewed on microfilm at NSARM/PANS in Halifax NS; said to be in 'old book' 20, page 130 (This book may be available in Lawrencetown, at the Land Information Services office in the Municipal Building).
[BWB:  One can take the property width to be 1254 feet (twice that of the previous deed), or compute it assuming a 4 mile depth as 1031 feet wide.  The truth is unknown.  Also, Abel's land after the grant could be taken to be as little as 1550 acres, or as much as 1606 (assuming the 500 acres of the grant was correct).]
*****NEED COPY*****

229.  A map of the lots in the Second Division by Vernon Spurr, late President of the Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia (GANS), dated 1/16/1993, based on unfinished research prior to his death; provided to Donald W. Beals [11] in a private communication.
[BWB:  Mr. Spurr attempted to solve a long-standing problem:  the plan of lots for the Second Division of the Twp of Annapolis has been lost; see his earlier published paper [204].  In this new reconstruction, he accounts for the 1/2 mile strip taken for the Third Division, and has the property depths as approximately 4 miles.  However, his acreages differ from the two deeds and grant above: he totals Lots 25 and 26 as 992 acres (not 1050-1106) and Lot 27 as 540 acres (not 500), for a grand total of approximately 1532 acres for Abel's land.  Also, Donald W. Beals believes that the West edge of Lot 25 (and East edge of the Church Lot) should be positioned immediately adjacent to the current Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery, and the East edge of Lot 27 should lie on the other side of the southerly section of the Inglisville Road running parallel to the lot line -- both these changes would increase Spurr's acreage considerably.  Unfortunately, Mr. Spurr died before he  finished and published his work.  As far as I know, his sources and methodology have been lost.]
*****NEED COPY*****

230. (Not referenced)  "Deaths, Burials, and Probate of Nova Scotians, 1749-1799, from Primary Sources, Volume 1, A-K", Allan Everett Marble, GANS publication #14, Halifax, 1990, mentions several people of possible interest:
230a. William Bulmer, d.5/18/1794, Amherst [possible relative of Ann Bulmer/Boomer, wife of George Fletcher Beals]
230b. Edward Morgan, was one of the administrators of the estate of Nathaniel Morgan [possible relatives to Sarah Morgan, mother of Nancy Henshaw, wife of Stephen Beals b.1791]
230c. John Morgan, of the frigate Boston, and a prisoner of war [ibid.]
*****NEED COPY*****

231.  Passenger List for the RMS Empress of Ireland, arriving at Quebec 9/29/1910, (FHL microfilm #2308013) lists:
Martha Brookes, 19, domestic, Quaker, bound for Sault St. Marie [Grace (Beckett) Beals' mother].
There are several other people destined for Sault St. Marie, but none appear to be related.
*****NEED COPY*****

232.  Descendants of William Henshaw, a one-page genealogy in the Henshaw Family File at the Annapolis Valley Macdonald Museum/Genealogy Room, shows intermarriages between the Henshaws and the Berrys.
*****NEED COPY*****

233. (Not referenced)  Colchester County Census Index 1871, published by the Colchester Historical Museum and Archives, 1999, and viewed at the Spring Garden Public Library in Halifax NS c.6/2003 lists a number of Boomer/Bulmer families -- connection to Ann Bulmer/Boomer, wife of George Fletcher Beals, has not been determined.
*****NEED COPY*****

234. (Not referenced)  "Some Cumberland County NS Cemeteries", Susan A Hill, 1997 lists two Boomers, but the family connection has not been determined.
*****NEED COPY*****

235. (Not referenced)  "All Mines and Great Pines; A History of Burials in River Philip NS", Andrew P. Barkhouse (viewed at the Spring Garden Public Library in Halifax NS c.6/2003) includes references to William Donkin, who might be the father of Jane Donkin, wife of David Bulmer.  David and Jane might be the parents of our Ann Bulmer/Boomer, wife of George Fletcher Beals, and seemingly migrated to Ontario and are buried there.  This conjecture needs additional research!
*****NEED COPY*****

236. (Not referenced)  "River Philip: A Study of a Community's Changing Characteristics Through Time", Jean Layton, 1973 revised 1974, (viewed at the Spring Garden Public Library in Halifax NS c.6/2003) also mentions William Donkin, and describes life in the early days of the settlement.  Again, any family connection needs to be established.
*****NEED COPY*****

237.  "A Geography and History of the County of Digby Nova Scotia", Isaiah W. Wilson, 1972 (viewed at the Spring Garden Public Library in Halifax NS c.6/2003) describes the settlement of Morganville in the Bear River area, and Edward Morgan's role.  [Edward was the uncle of Nancy Henshaw, wife of Stephen Beals b.1791.]
*****NEED COPY*****

238.  (Not referenced)  History of Belton, Suffolk Co., England published on the Internet, mentions that David Claxton gave land in 1857 for a chapel, and about 30 years later helped raise funds for a larger chapel.  Also mentioned is Rev. Francis Howes, who was the father of Arthur Plumtre Howes, with whom Bertie William Beckett was living in 1901 in Boulton Abbey, about 225 miles from Belton. 
[BWB:  David Claxton was Bert's grandfather -- this is the 'connection' by which we find Bert so far from home.]
[Local Copy]  [Web Page]

239.  Suffolk County (England) Directory for 1875 describes towns in which various Becketts and Claxtons lived.
239a. Belton (page 732) mentions David Claxton, maternal grandfather to Bertie William Beckett. [85KB]
239b. Burgh Castle (pages 751-2)  [86KB] and  [87KB]
239c. Fritton (page 801)  [84KB]

240.  "John Beal the Centenarian and Descendants", Bertha Bortle Beal Aldridge, Victor NY, 1956, describes 5 generations of our Beals line.  Ms. Aldridge cites the following references:
- Hingham and Weymouth Vital Records
- Lincoln's History of Hingham
- Genealogy of Joseph Beal by William James Beal
- Various family records.
(The following selected pages are all about 500KB.)
[Cover]  [Pg 11]  [Pg 12]  [Pg 13]  [Pg 14]  [Pg 15]  [Pg 18]  [Pg 22]  [Pg 26]

241.  Land transactions involving Abel Beals' (b.1755) farm in Inglisville, Annapolis Twp., Annapolis Co., NS. 
241a. Summary of Abel's transactions [44KB].
241b. Disposition of Abel's farm parcels [40KB], with summaries of individual transactions extracted from microfilm..
[BWB:  Presently, this only covers transactions up to around 1860.  It is a work in progress!]

242. (Not referenced)  1871 Census of Canada - ONTARIO, Searchable Database of Heads & Strays
at identifies several Beals and Boomer individuals, including our George Fletcher Beals b.1816, farmer in Nassagaweya Twp., Halton Co., Ontario.  See full listing of George's household at [183] and other 1871 census hits at [86] and [130].
[Local Copy]

243. (Not referenced)  "Index to the 1800 Census of Massachusetts, Surnames A-B", page 22, located online at  lists a number of Beal* individuals.  To determine which of these are related, the actual census records would have to be consulted.  In Our Beals Line, the only direct ancestor Beal* living in 1800 and still in MA was Abel Beal Sr., 1755-1805.
[Local Copy]

244. (Not referenced)  Index of land transactions of various Beal* family members in Annapolis County, Nova Scotia, to 1865.  The original data was supplied by Donald W. Beals [11], augmented slightly, then converted to a format that would group together all transactions relating to one individual.
This index could be used to look up individual transactions in the Land Information Services office in Lawrencetown, NS (of course, if one was on site, one could use their computer-based index instead).
[Local Copy]

245.  "The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-33, vols 1-3" by Robert Charles Anderson, published by New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston MA, 1995.  Retrieved online at  c.2003.
245a. Monograph on Edmund Hobart, father of Nazareth, second wife of our John Beales/Beal b.1588. [Local Copy].
245b. Monograph on Jonas Austin, from whom our John Beales/Beal acquired a house and land.  [Local Copy]
245c. Monograph on Nicolas Jacob, reported to be John Beales/Beal's good friend, and whose widow Mary John took as his third wife.  [Local Copy]

246. (Not referenced)  "Colonial Families of the United States", Vol. III, Page 274 mentions the Nicolas Jacobs family.  Source [245c] above is more complete.
[Local Copy]

247. (Not referenced)  "A Rose Across The Ocean - The Yorkshire Migration", an online history of migration to Nova Scotia available at  mentions the Bulmers and Donkins, families that may be related to Ann Bulmer/Boomer, wife of George Fletcher Beals b.1816.
[Local Copy]

248. (Not referenced)  Last Will and Testament of Isaac Kent, obtained from the Annapolis Royal Courthouse, June 2003 and transcribed by Donald W. Beals [11].
[BWB:  Isaac Kent was the father of Abigail Kent, whom Abel Beal/Beals married.]
[Transcription]  [Original]
*****NEED COPY*****

249. (Not referenced) Beals Forum item #998 says the main street in Hingham MA is named after John Beal.  [BWB: needs to be verified from primary sources.]
[Local Copy]

250. (Not referenced) Beals Forum item #1004 has a few unique facts about Jeremiah and John..  [BWB: needs to be verified from primary sources.]
[Local Copy]

251. (Not referenced) Beals Forum item #361 gives an extensive decendancy of Edward Beales, and a few unique pieces of information..  [BWB: needs to be verified from primary sources.]
[Local Copy]

252. (Not referenced)  Short histories of the development of penicillin.
[Highlights]  [Full Story]

253. (Not referenced)  "What is a Loyalist?" by Ann Mackenzie ( ) gives a nice description of the plight of British sympathizers during the American Revolution.
[Local Copy (Adobe Acrobat Reader required)]

254. (Not referenced)  Genealogies received privately from Keith Berry.  [BWB: needs to be verified from primary sources.]
254a. [Beals]  Only Abel b.1755 and Stephen b.1791 shown in our line; no new information.
254b. [Kent]  Only Isaac and Abigail shown in our line; no new information.

255. (Not referenced) Beals Forum item #791 describes several sources of information on the Beal* family.  [BWB: needs to be verified from primary sources.]
255a. "Pioneers of Massachusetts", short paragraph on John Beal
255b. "Boston and Eastern Massachusetts Genealogy" by Cutter, comments on ancient name and coats of arms.

256.  English Birth Certificate for Birth #329, 3/6/1845 at Ashampstead Berkshire, Mary Anne Jerome
Parents Richard Jerome, Agricultural Labourer, and Esther Jerome (nee Hazell?), registered 4/4/1845.
***** NEED COPY *****

257.  English Marriage Certificate for Marriage #80, 10/19/1867 at Parish Church in Ashampstead Berks, by Banns, between
William Wallace, 'full age', bachelor, labourer, resides Ashampstead, father John Wallace, labourer, and
Mary Ann Jerome, 'full age', spinster, resides Ashampstead, father Richard Jerome, labourer;
by John Holding, witnesses William Cripps and Mary Alexander.
See also item [345].
***** NEED COPY *****
[BWB: Believe William Cripps was William's uncle, brother of his mother.  See xxx. 
 Mary Alexander, 22, lived just 4 houses away from Mary Ann's parents per 1871 census [see 260e], so likely a 'best friend'.]

258.  English Death Certificate for Death #379, 12/26/1883 at The Common Ashampstead RSD Berks, William Wallace, 42yo, farm labourer, of Aneurism of Aorta, 9 months;
informant Mary Ann Wallace, widow, of Ashampstead, present at death; registered 12/31/1883.
***** NEED COPY *****

259.  English Death Certificate for Death #22, 6/15/1885 at Ashampstead Common RSD Berks, Mary Ann Wallace, 40yo, widow of William Wallace, farm labourer, of Pnemonia, 14 days; Abscess, 3 months;
informant Elizabeth Marshall of Bradfield (2-3 miles from Ashampstead Common) present at death, registered 6/18/1885.
***** NEED COPY *****
[BWB:  do not know who Elizabeth Marshall was -- a nurse?  a friend of the family?.  Found a likely one with husband Maurice, 3 young kids, in 1891 census.  Not clear if this is the one, and no obvious relationship.  Found a marriage between a Maurice Marshall and Elizabeth Crook about the right time, but again no obvious connection.  Any way, no Wallaces co-residing.]

260.  1871 Census for Berkshire, England (c/o lists several families of interest:
260a. Family 55 in Bradfield Berks, living on Burnt Hill:
     William Wallace, 28, Ag. Labourer, b.Yattendon, Berkshire, England
     Mary Ann Wallace, 26, b.Ashampstead, Berkshire
     Agnes F Wallace, 4, b.Bradfield, Berkshire
     Henry W Wallace, 1, b.Bradfield.
     [Local Copy]
260b. Family 85 in Ashampstead Berks, living by the Common:
     Richard Jerome, 67, Lab. Woodman, b.Yattendon, Berkshire, England
     Esther Jerome, 62, b.Streatley, Berkshire
     Image:  [275KB]
260e. Family 81, on Burnt Hill:
     Edward Alexander, 22, labourer
     Mary Alexander, 22.

***** NEED COPY *****

261.  1881 Census for Ashampstead, Berkshire, England (c/o, the LDS' website) lists the following family:
     Richard Jerome, 77, Agricultural Labourer, b.Yattendon, Berkshire
     Esther Jerome, 72, b.Streatley, Berkshire.
***** NEED COPY *****

262. 1891 Census for Malden, Surrey, registration district Kingston, Enum District 33, Folio 124, page 17-18  (c/o, lists:
     Agnes F. Wallace, 25, servant/nurse, b.Bradfield, Berks
     working in home of Horatio W. Miller, 53, Lamp Manufacturer, with wife, 6 kids, 5 servants.
     [Local Text Copy]  [Original 1st Page 245KB]  [Original 2nd Page 222KB]
[BWB: based on name, age, birth location, this is almost certainly the eldest child of William Wallace and Mary Anne Jerome, after their deaths in 1883, 1885.]

263.  1891 Census for the District York Calvalry Barracks in Fulford, Yorkshire, England (c/o lists:
     Henry Wallace, 22, Private in the 10th Royal Hussars, b.Reading, Berkshire.
***** NEED COPY *****
[BWB:  While Henry s/o William and Mary Anne Wallace was b.Bradfield per census data provided by his parents in 1871 and 1881, I believe this is our Henry.  It may be that he didn't know his real birth city, or used Reading as a matter of convenience, a larger, well-known city.  Given his being orphaned at age 16 in 1885, the military might have looked like a good opportunity for living and sustenance.  And, by process of elimination, there's no other Henry Wallace, 21-22, b.Bradfield listed in the 1891 Census.]

264.  English marriage registration #3 in the Bradfield District for 1837 (from General Register Office) gives:
Married in the Parish Church of Bucklebury, Berkshire 10/18/1837:
   John Wollice, of full age, labourer, resides Yattendon, father William Wollice, labourer
   Elizabeth Cripps, a minor, resides Bucklebury, father Stephen Cripps, labourer
witnessed by Nathaniel Hedges and Eliza Cripps.
(all but Nathaniel signed with an X)
[BWB:  I believe that these are the John and Elizabeth Wallace who were the parents of William Wallace of Yattendon, father of our Edythe M. Wallace.  Supporting this thesis is that one William Cripps was a witness at William Wallace's and Mary Anne Jerome's wedding.  I believe this William Cripps was Elizabeth's brother due to same birth locations and similar, compatable ages per census of 1871 and 1891.  And, item [333] lists an Eliza Cripps as a sister to Elizabeth.]

265.  IGI (c/o, the LDS' website) lists the following marriage:
     William Wallis m. Elizabeth Whittingham, 8/10/1794 in Yattendon, Berkshire, England.
     [Local Copy]
See also [355] for the parish record.
[BWB:  The date and location suggests that these are the parents of John Wallace, grandfather of our Edythe M. Wallace.]

266.  1861 Census for Belton, Bradwell and Burgh Castle, Suffolk ENG, FHL Microfilm #542771 lists the following families of interest:
In Belton:
266a. Family 1:  Francis Howes, 56, Rector of Belton, wife, 11 children 6 mos to 20yo, 6 servants.
[BWB: Full name was Thomas George Francis Howes; used variations from time to time.]

266b. Family 52:  David Claxton, 39, Farmer w/65 acres, ..(unreadable) 4 .. boy, b.Belton; Sarah, 37, b.Burgh Castle; Harriett, 12; Sarah Ann, 9; George, 7; James D., 2; Elizabeth, 6 mos; 1 servant
[BWB:  David B, and our Sarah Ann who married Edward III, parents of our Bertie.]

266c. Family 59:  Henry Claxton, 35, blacksmith, b.Belton; Mary, 30, b.Reedham Norfolk; Caroline, 6; Maria, 4; Eliz (F), 1; Mary G., 4 mos
[BWB: brother to David.  Note Caroline and Maria not listed at home 10 years later, in 1871.  And, Mary G. is missing.]

266d. Family 74: James Laws, widow, 47, ag lab, b.Lowestofs Suffolk; Elizabeth, 21, laundress, b.Belton; Cathrine, 15, b.Belton
[BWB: I believe this Elizabeth is the same Elizabeth Beckett that attended to the suicide Rosa Selina Burrage in 1889, rescuing her newborn.]

266e. Family 81:  Edward Becket, 61, blacksmith, b.Burgh Castle; Eliza, 39, laundress,b.Belton; Eliza, 19, laundress; Edward, 14, ag lab.; Harriet, 3, Mary Ann, 10 mos.
[BWB:  our Edwards II and III, grandparents and great-grandparents of our Bertie Wm Beckett.]

266f. Family 119:  Sarah Beckett, widow, 60, Nurse, b.White Chapel, London; William, 36, ag lab, b.Belton; Rachael, 23, Pursoress?, b.Browston Suff; Elizabeth (granddaughter), 3, b. Oulton
-- see 1871 data for this Elizabeth.
-- see 1851 data for Sarah and another child Samuel.

In Bradwell:
266g. Family 65: Edward Becket, 66, ag lab, b.Thurlton Norfolk; Martha, 61, b.Burgh Castle; Charlotte, 32, laundress, b.Bradwell
[BWB: do not know the relationship, if any.]

In Burgh Castle:
266h. Family 33: Thomas Henry Howes, 55, Rector of Burgh Castle, wife 54, 5 kids 11-22 , 3 servants
[BWB: another one of those Howes' boys!]
***** NEED COPY *****

267.  1851 Census for Belton, Bradwell and Burgh Castle, FHL Microfilm #207456 contains the following families of interest:
In Belton:
267a. Family 10 on Marsh Road: James Laws, 42, Labourer, b.?, Suffolk; Catherine, 45, b.Belton; Samuel, 21, Ag Lab; Maria, 18, House Servant; William, 16, Ag Lab; Elizabeth, 11; Charles, 7; Catherine, 5.
[BWB: I believe Elizabeth would marry Samuel Beckett (267f below) in 1866, as suggested by marriage entries on  I believe it was she that later, as a widow, would attend to the suicide Rosa Selina Burrage, rescuing her newborn.]

267b. Family 11: James Claxton, 22, Brick Maker, b.Needham, Norfolk; Jane E., 21, b.Caister, Norfolk.
[BWB: don't know the relationship of this Claxton to our David B. Claxton.]

267c. Family 23 on Lockless Lane: Michael Beddingfield, 54, Blacksmith Master, b.Gillingham, Norfolk; Elizabeth, 55, b.Weston, Suffolk; Michael, 22, Blacksmith Journeyman, b.Belton; Martha, 12; Edward Beckett, grandson, 4, b.Belton; Elizabeth Mills, visitor, 2, b.Yarmouth, Norfolk.
[BWB: Based on age and birth location, this Edward (III) married Sarah Ann Claxton and is the father of our Bertie William Beckett.  Since he was a grandson of Beddingfield, this means that Eliza, wife of our Edward II, was also a Beddingfield.  Note I had requested his birth certificate, but British records did not find one during the period 6/1845 - 6/1847.  Perhaps 'age 4' was a bit of a stretch, and he was really born late in 1847 or early 1848; might try and order this.]

267d. Family 37 on Lockless Lane: Edward Sharman, 22, Ag. Lab, b.Belton; Mary Ann, 31; Charles E., 1; Louisa Claxton, stepdaughter, 2, b.Belton.
[BWB:  Thus, Mary Ann had been married to a Claxton previously; don't know the family connection.]

267e. Family 55 on Goffins Lane: Edward Beckett, 31, Blacksmith Journeyman, b.Burgh Castle, Suffolk; Eliza, 29, b.Beccles; Eliza, 9, b.Belton; Mary Ann, 7; Charlotte, 2; Alice Y. Mial, visitor, 20, b.Ormesly, Norfolk.
[BWB: our Edward II, gf to Bertie Wm Beckett.  Entries at suggests Edward and Eliza married in the first quarter of 1842 in the Mutford District, Suffolk; would have to order certificate from England to confirm.]

267f. Family 98 on Brewston Hall lot: Sarah Becket, widow, 50, Laundress, b.Belton; Samuel, 17, General Servant, b.Belton.
[BWB: I believe Sarah was the widow of William Beckett, and that Samuel married Elizabeth Laws (267a above).]

In Bradwell:
267g. Family 53 on Jones Lane: William Backett[sic], 58, Ag. Lab, b.Hadley, Norfolk; Martha, 37, b.Burgh Castle, Suffolk; Charlotte, 21, Shirt Maker, b.Bradwell.
[BWB: relationship, if any, unknown.]

***** NEED COPY *****

268.  1871 Census for Belton, Bradwell and Burgh Castle, FHL Microfilm #830830, contains the following families of interest:
In Belton:
268a. Family 54:  David Claxton, 50, gardener, b.Belton; Sarah, 45, b.Burgh Castle; James D., 12, Elizabeth, 10; and a general servant
[BWB: Daughter Sarah Ann now married, wife of Edward III, currently in Bradwell (see below), and to be the mother of our Bertie.]

268b. Family 55: Henry Claxton, 45, blacksmith, b.Belton; Mary?, 39, b.Reedham; Maria, 14; Alice, 11; Mary A., 10; Charles, 8; Walter, 5; Agness, 3; Margaret E., 1
[BWB: brother to David.]

268c. Family 57: Samuel Becket, 36, ag lab., b.Browston Suffolk (nr Belton); Elizabeth, 31, b.Belton; Alice, 5; Charles, 3
[BWB: I believe this is the Elizabeth Laws, and this is the Elizabeth Becket that recovered Rosa Selina Burrage's newborn from her suicide/body.]

268d. Family 63: James Lawes, widow, 62, b.Lowessofs, Suffolk; Catherine R. Laws (relationship unreadable), 29, housekeeper, b.Belton
[BWB: I believe the father of Elizabeth Laws Becket, above.]

268e. Family 85: Thomas G.F. Howes, 64, Rector of Belton, wife 55, 7 children 11-32 (incl Arthur P., 18, the later Rector of Bolton Abbey, employing our Bertie), 3 servants.

268f. Family 93: Edward Becket, 50, blacksmith, b.Burgh Castle; Eliza, 48, laundress, b.Beccles; Harriet, 13; Mary A., 10; James, 8; on Goffin's Rd (same as at other times).
[BWB: our Edward II, grandfather to Bertie.]

268g. Family 113: John Becket, 41, ag lab., b.Belton; Harriet, 43, b.Potahayam, Norfolk
[BWB: don't know relationship.]

In Bradwell:
268h. Family 2:  The Rectory is now occupied by one John Walker, et al.

268i. Family 13: Edward Beckett, 24, Licensed Pictualor [Peddler?], b.Belton; Sarah A., 19, Dressmaker, b.Belton; and a domestic servant
[BWB: our Edward III, father of Bertie Wm.]

268j. Family 46: Martha Beckett, widow, 71, b.Burgh Castle, mother in law to William and Charlotte Osborn (b.Bradwell), 54 & 42. (so Charlotte Beckett
[BWB:  based on age, this is likely Martha Partridge, who married our first Edward Beckett. -- therefore, Charlotte would be sister to our Edward II.]

In Burgh Castle:
268k. Family 2: Horatio Burrage, 38, and family, including Rosa Selina, 4.
[BWB: Rosa Selina would commit suicide in 1889, after her mother had died 4 years earlier, and Rosa had a second unwanted pregnancy.]

268L. Family 53: Samuel Burrage, 79; Margaret, 78.
[BWB: parents of Horatio, above.]
***** NEED COPY *****

269.  1841 Census for Belton, Burgh Castle, Browston Green, and Fritton, Suffolk ENG, FHL Microfilm #474640, lists the following families of interest:
In Belton:
269a. William Claxton, 35, Carter, b.Suffolk, Mariah, 70

269b. Henry Claxton, 15, Blacksmith Apprentice, b.Suffolk
[BWB: my notes say "resides with Bedinghelp?" but I believe the name is Beddingfield.]

269c. David Claxton, 20, M.S.[metal smith?], b.Suffolk; resides with Hammond family.

In Burgh Castle:
269d. Samuel Burrage, 49, occ: P. [?], b.Suffolk; Margaret, 46; 6 children, including Horatio, 8.
[BWB: s/o Samuel Burrage I, husband of Emma Bull, and therefore brother to Mary Burrage.]

269e. James Bull, 75, Ag Lab
[BWB: brother to Emma Bull, wife of Samuel Burrage I?]

269f. M. Burrage, female 75, indiginent; Charles, 30, M.S.; Mary, 25; John, 1; Eliza, 15, indiginent.

In Browston Green:
269g. William Beckett, 40, Ag Lab, b.Suffolk; Sarah, 40, b.N.London; Elizabeth, 12, b.Suffolk; John, 10, Samuel, 6; Rachel, 3.
[BWB: Samuel may be the future husband of Elizabeth Laws.  Do not know if William is related to us or not; he would have been a contemporary of our Edward I, and therefore possibly a brother.]

In Fritton:
269h. Robert Burrage, 66, Labourer; Mary, 60; Elizabeth, 28; Robert, 26; Sarah, 24; Charles, 1.

[BWB: there were no families of interest in Bradwell at this time.]
***** NEED COPY *****

270.  1861 Census for Shiffnal, Salop (aka Shropshire) England (FHL microfilm #542878):
Family 201:
Joseph Brookes, 48, Stocktaker at Ironworks, b. W.Hampton [Wolverhampton?], Staffordshire
Charlotte, 47, b. Tong, Salop
George, 20, Labourer, b. W.Hampton
William, 17, Labourer, b. W.Hampton
Mary, 12, scholar, b.Shiffnal, Salop
Ann, 7, scholar, b.Shiffnal
Thomas, 4, scholar, b.Shiffnal
Emma, 1, b.Shiffnal
***** NEED COPY *****
[BWB: Thomas would marry Maria Lee in 1881, the parents of our Agnes Martha Brookes.  There were no other Brookes in the same census district, in 358 households.  Did not check other census districts in Shiffnal, of which there were many.]

271.  1871 Census for Canal Boats lying at Worcester Wharf, Birmingham England (British Public Record Office RG10/3100 Reel 11, also available at ), contains the following entry:
No. 365
LEE, Benjamin, Mar., Aged 50, Master, Brn. Worcs
LEE, Benjamin, Aged 16, B'man, Brn. Worcs
[Local Copy]
[BWB: based on age, occupation and location, the elder Benjamin is probably the father of Maria Lee, who married Thomas Brookes in 1881.]

272. (Not referenced)  1881 Census for Burgh Castle, Suffolk, England (c/o c.3/2004) lists Horatio Burrage and his family, including Rosa Selina, 14.
[Local Copy]

273.  Website produced by Sheila Hutchinson c.2002 contains two interesting items:
273a. Decendents of Samuel Burrage and Emma Bull: 
[Local Copy]  [Original:]
273b. The Suicide of Rosa Selina Burrage, Samuel's great-granddaughter: 
[Local Copy]  [Original:'s/Page_5x.html ]
[BWB:  I modified this latter local copy to avoid overtyping found in the original.]

[BWB: The interest here is that Samuel Burrage and Emma Bull are our ancestors, if one believes they had a daughter Mary that married James Carver, per source [150] above.  Also of interest is that the Elizabeth Beckett that attended to Rosa Selina may also be related, though that connection has not been established.]

274.  IGI entry available at c.3/2004 lists:
John Wallis, christened 23 SEP 1804 in Yattendon, Berkshire, England;
parents William and Elizth Wallis.
[BWB: This information agrees with census data for John Wallace, so I presume John Wallis is the same person.]

275.  Burial information for Thomas and Maria Brookes, provided by Windsor Grove Cemetery in private correspondence.
[Letter text
[Headstone picture 1 - 19KB]  [Headstone picture 2 - 20KB]  [Headstone picture 3 - 265KB]
[BWB: I believe the headstone reads:
    Also to the memory of
        Killed in action
         Nov 11, 1917
     AGED 18 YEARS"

276.  English marriage certificate for marriage #272 on 2/13/1842, obtained from the General Register Office in England:
Edward Becket [sic], of full age, single, Blacksmith, resides Gorleston, father Edward Becket, Labourer &
Eliza Beddingfield, of full age, single, resides Gorleston, father Michael Beddingfield, Blacksmith,
witnesses Eliza Becket and William Bristow,
solemnized by Banns and married in the Parish Church of Gorleston, County Suffolk,
per J.W. Salmon, Clerk.
***** NEED COPY *****

277. English marriage certificate for marriage #27 on 12/25/1837, obtained from the General Register Office in England:
Joseph Brooke, of full age, Bachelor, File-cutter, resides Paine's Lane, father George Brooke, Latch-maker &
Charlotte Horton, of full age, Spinster, resides Paine's Lane, father John Horton, Miner,
witnesses John Brindley and Elizabeth Dawes,
solemnized and married in the Parish Church of Wrockwardine, County Salop [aka Shropshire],
by Geo. L. Yate, Vicar.
***** NEED COPY *****

278. Military records for Thomas Brookes, Jr.
278a.  Enlistment
Enlisted 6/27/1916, re-sworn to duty 11/13/1916
Residence: 20 Niagra St., Windsor, ONT
b.3/29/1899 in Birmhingham, Warwickshire, ENG
Next of Kin: Maria Brooks [sic], mother
Occupation: Plumber
Previous service: 21st Regiment of Essex Fusiliers
Personal: 5'9", 34-1/2" girth, fair complexion, blue eyes, light hair, scar below left eye.

278b.  Death, Commemoration and Burial
DIA 11/11/1917, a Private in the 15th Battalion
Buried in Etaples Military Cemetery, Etaples, France (16 miles south of Boulogne)

278c. Thomas' war file, obtained from Library and Archives Canada c.5/2004.  See Paraphrased Transcription by BWB.
***** NEED COPY *****

279. (Not referenced)  Nova Scotia road maps, tourism map, map of Kejimkujik (aka Keji) Park, and genealogical research guides.

280. (Not referenced)  Ontario road maps, tourism maps, and other visitor information.

281. (Not referenced)  Photographs taken 4/2002 of family sites in Windsor, Sarnia and Strathroy, ONT.
***** NEED COPY *****

282. (Not referenced)  Photographs taken 10/2002 of family sites in St. Thomas, Erin and Grand Valley, ONT.
***** NEED COPY *****

283. (Not referenced)  Photographs taken 6/2003 of family sites in Annapolis County, N.S.
***** NEED COPY *****

284. (Not referenced)  A ring-bound book "Grand Valley Centennial, 1861-1961", commemorated August 4, 5, 6 and 7, 1961, graciously copied and provided by F. Dolina (Beals) Smith of Toronto [87] c.6/2003.  This book contains much local history, as does a similar book from 1981 [138].  Several Beals family members are mentioned, as follows:
284a. pg 16:  "Isaac Beals was the first shoemaker, 1860"  [George Fletcher Beals' presence 1875-1896 was not mentioned.]
284b. pg 17:  "The first sawmill was one mile west of the village run by Steven[sic] Beals.  He obtained power for the mill from the Boyne Creek.  Instead of money for custom sawing, he took a portion of the lumber, as there was very little money in circulation among the settlers.  He soon accumulated a nice quantity of lumber, so started building houses in the village.  This included three frame houses on Mill Street and a small workshop on Main Street, and the first Disciple Church...  He also built the first schoolhouse of the village on the corner of Main and Amaranth...  This also had the mdistinction of being the first building in the village not constructed of logs."
284c. pg 42:  Stephen Beals and wife were charter members of the Disciples Church.
284d. pg 51:  "The first straight roads opened in Luther were the two now known as "blind lines."  Four settlers came in 1855 to the one running north and south just west of the village."  Included was Steven[sic] Beals.
***** NEED COPY *****

285.  Marriage record from the First Baptist Church of Strathroy, ONT, now at the Canadian Baptist Archives, Divinity College, McMaster University, 1280 Main St. W., Hamilton, ONT  L8S 4K1, file number 0-0409-pre99 (copy received 6/2004):
-- Bridegroom: George Edgar Beals, 22, of Port Huron MI, born in Dufferin Co., ONT, bachelor, baker, Baptist, parents Robert Beals and Mary Smith.
-- Bride:  Edith M. Wallace, 24, of Strathroy, ONT, born in England, spinster, Baptist, parents William Wallace and Mary Jerome
[BWB: she was really 28!]
-- Married by license
-- Signatures in their own hand:  G. Edgar Beals, Edythe M. Wallace, Tom Blake (witness, of Sarnia), Amelia Wallace (witness, of Bothwell)
[BWB: hence, why newspaper announcement said Edgar Beals.  Also, note spelling of Edythe by her own hand.]
-- Certified by Rev. D. Dack as being performed on 10/20/1902
[Copy: 528K]
[BWB: ONT vital records say 28th, as does newspaper announcement; the 28th was her birthday, so inclined to believe that date].

286. (Not referenced)  History of East Luther Twp, Dufferin County; located on c/10/14/2002.
[Local Copy]

287. (Not referenced)  Website for the Town of Erin c.2004 gives a present day map of Erin, history of Erin Village, and history of Erin Twp.

288. (Not referenced)  Vital Records Index for British Isles, viewed at FHC, San Jose, CA lists various Claxton's, including:
288a. Harriet Claxton, christened 9/3/1848, recorded in Belton, Suffolk, ENG, parents David and Sarah Claxton
288b. Several children of Henry and Mary Claxton (brother to David), including Maria, Alice, Mary Ann, and Charles.
***** NEED COPY *****

289. (Not referenced)  Vital Records Index for British Isles, viewed at FHC, San Jose, CA lists the christenings of various children of our Edward and Eliza Beckett.
***** NEED COPY *****

290.  The 1871 Census for Canada (a portion of which is on FHL Microfilm 349160) lists:
290a. Eramosa Twp., Divison 1, page 13, family #45
     Isac A Beals, 27, b.Ontario, Baptist, Shoe Maker and
     Ruth A. Beals, 20, b.Ontario, Baptist.
     [Issac is son of our George Fletcher Beals.]  See also [130].
290b. Erin, Division 2, page 8, family #28
     Henry Boomer, 28, b.Nova Scotia, Methodist, Merchant
     Robert D. Boomer, 24, b.N.S., Methodist, Merchant
     Frederick Boomer, 22, b.N.S., Methodist, Clerk
     Lizabeth A. Boomer, 19, b.Ontario, Methodist, Housekeeper
     [relationship to Ann or Charlotte Bulmer/Boomer, if any, unknown.]
[BWB: also looked for our John Smith family, but later research shows them still in Stamford, Lincolnshire, England in 1871 -- see item [353]. ]
[not copied]

291  English death certificate for Agnes Wallace, 31, Nurse Domestic, d.11/20/1897 in Foliejon Park, Winkfield, Berkshire County, of Cerebral Hemorrhage of 7 days.  Informant Gilbert G. Blane of Foliejon Park, present at time of death.

[BWB:  For more on Foliejon Park/Winkfield, see and links at bottom.

BTW... small world phenom...  the reference to Shottesbrook...  Agnes' sister Rose married Joseph Tagg, who was b.Shottesbrook, and where they apparently made their home, as Rose's first two kids were born there as well.  Maybe this was motivation for Agnes leaving Surrey and going back to Berks?

Winkfield and Shottesbrook are about 5 miles apart.

Informant was one Gilbert G Blane.  He shows up in 1891 census, wife, 1yo kid, and half a dozen servants, living in Foliejon Park.  He's retired military b.Bombay India.  In 1871 census a 61yo Gilbert J. Blane shows up, also military, also with children b.India, and also with many servants.  Would guess this was father.  And, would guess Agnes was a servant in Gilbert G's home... based on all the (circumstantial) evidence.]

292. Michigan death certificate for Elenor[sic] Lane, 52, d.7/12/1944 at Dryden Village, Lapeer County, Michigan, of Cardiac Decompensation and Failure/Mitral Valve Regurgiation and Insufficiency of 8 months or more.  Contributory causes: Ascites (fluid in abdomen), Renal Failure.  Buried Dryden Cemetery 7/15/1944.  Born 9/29/1891.  Married to Thomas Lane of Dryden.  Parents Robert Beals (b.Canada) and Mary Smith (b.England).

293.  Port Huron City Directories for several years 1904-1911 (FHL microfilm #2309228) and 1921-1928 (FHL microfilm #2309229):

293a. 1904, 1906, 1909, 1921: no Beals listed. (1911 not checked as Beals accounted for at that time in Algonac and Sarnia)

293b. 1926:  Beals, Mary J (wid Robert) and Richard E. (wks Muellers [Brass Works]), 2123 11th Av., phone at this address. [alpha 1.8MB]  [street 1.7MB]  [Muellers 1.7MB]

293c. 1928:  Beals, Mary (wid Robert) and Richard C. (wks Muellers), 2123 11th Av.  [alpha 1.8MB]

294. (Not referenced)  Picture of Hugh McColl, postmaster of Strathroy ONT, who employed Edythe M. Wallace in his home, and in whose home Edythe and George Edgar Beals were married in 1902.
[BWB:  This picture demonstrates that none of the pictures in Edythe (Wallace) Beals' photo album are of Hugh McColl.]

295.  Birth registration #192 in 1853 for Mary Jane Smith, parents John Smith, hairdresser, and Eleanor (nee Andrews) Smith, residing Scotgate, Saint John's, Stamford [Lincolnshire].
Obtained from the General Register Office, England c.7/2004.

296.  Records from the Guthrie Home in London, Ontario, to which Dr. John T. Middlemore sent children from England (primarily from his Home in Birmingham), and from which the children were placed in "adopted" (in modern parlance, "foster") families.  Obtained from the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa [web site ] ca.7/2004, whose volunteers researched and copied microfilm at the Library and Archives of Canada in Ottawa.  Middlemore was only one of many individuals and organizations that emigrated children to Canada and other UK colonies -- with the rationalization that the children would be better off in rural, agricultural Canada than in the overcrowded slums of the industrial cities of England. 

In the case of our Edith M. Wallace and her two younger sisters Isabel and Amelia, Middlemore apparently "rescued" them from the Bradfield Union Workhouse, another English institution that provided ("forced") work in exchange for room and board; they were rough and mean places by all accounts, people often leaving and preferring the streets.

296a. Transcribed records for Edith Mary Wallace
296b. Transcribed records for Isabel Ellen Wallace
296c. Transcribed records for Amelia Wallace

[BWB:  I enquired as to why the 'Visitor' reports on children's progress were on letterhead of the Home run by Miss Annie Macpherson.  [Response I received] ]

297. (Not referenced)  Selected excerpts of the records of the Bradfield Union Workhouse, as they pertain to Edith, Isabella and Amelia Wallace, provided by the Berkshire Record Office, Reading, Berkshire, England 7/30/2004.
Photocopy not available due to BRO restrictions.

298. (Not referenced)  Possible information on Richard and Esther Jerome's deaths, and possible other children were found at in June, 2004.
298a. Richard Jerome, 77, died March Quarter of 1882 in Bradfield District of Berkshire, Vol 2c, Page 226.
298b. Esther Jerome, 76, died June Quarter of 1885 in Bradfield District, Vol 2c, Page 213.
[Local Copy]

299. (Not referenced)  Various items relating to the family line of James Outhouse, husband of Amelia Wallace, sister to our Edythe:
299a.  Genealogy of James (Josh Johiel, Joseph, Robert):  [Web Site]  [Local Copy]
299b.  Genealogy of Joseph (Robert, Nicholas, Simon, etc.)  [Local Copy]
299c.  1881 Census:  [Local Copy]
299d.  1901 Census:  [Local Copy]
[BWB: Need to verify the genealogies listed above.]

300. (Not referenced)  1881 Census of Strathroy, Ontario, listing the John S. Macrault family prior to Edith Wallace's immigration in 1887.  Obtained online at
[Local Copy]

301. (Not referenced)  1901 Census of Ekfrid Twp., Middlesex County, Ontario (very near Strathroy), listing the John S. Macrault family after Edith had left their home.  Obtained online at
[Local Copy]

302. (Not referenced)  Obituaries for Edythe M. Beals:

302a. Windsor Star (Windsor, ONT), Sept 17, 1946:
"BEALS -- Edythe M., 72 years, September 16th, 1946, at Metropolitan Hospital.  Dear mother of Laverne W. Beals, Detroit.  Sister of Mrs. Belle Koyle, of St. Thomas.  Resting James H. Sutton Funeral Home, 937 Ouellette Ave., where funeral services fwill be held Thursday, September 19th, at 3:30pm.  Rev. H. R. Nobles officiating.  Interment Greenlawn Memorial."
Obtained from the Windsor Public Library c.7/2004.

302b.  St. Thomas (ONT) Times Journal, 18 Sept 1946, page 7 col 1 [transcribed by Mrs. Pat Temple, a volunteer at the Elgin County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society 8/9/2004]:
Mrs. J. Coyle, Lydia street, St. Thomas, received word of the death in the Metropolitan Hospital, Windsor, Tuesday morning of her sister, Mrs. Edith Beal.  The funeral is being held in Windsor, Thursday afternoon."
[Owing to little information, I did not request a photocopy.]
[BWB:  Grace (Beckett) Beals' Christmas card address book for 1949-1952 lists Jesse C/Koyle, 30 Lydia St., St. Thomas ONT.  It appears cards were sent in 1949 and 1950, but none in 1951.  Note Isabella died in 1951.]

303. (Not referenced)  1901 Census for Bothwell, Zone Twp., Kent Co., Ontario shows the Richard White family, along with Edythe's sister Amelia Wallace (enumerated as White), b.11/3/1882 in England, age 18, adopted daughter.
[Text Version]   Images: [Low Res, 189KB]  [High Res, 472KB]
[BWB: I believe the birth year should be 1881, based on English birth index, second item below.]

304. (Not referenced)  St. Clair County, MI maps, visitor info, etc. around Algonac MI.

305. (Not referenced)  England birth index, obtained via, contains the following:
Amelia Wallace, birth, December quarter 1881, Bradfield district, Counties of Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Volume 2C, Page 336.

306. (Not referenced)  1881 Census for Bothwell, Zone Twp., Kent Co., Ontario lists the Richard White family, including a sister-in-law and a child who may well have been an 'adopted' immigrant from England.
[Text Version]

307. (Not referenced)  1905 marriages from MS 932 of the Ontario Archives, transcribed at contains the following item:
Registration #011016 in 1905 (Kent Co.)  James OUTHOUSE, 33, mechanic, of Zone, s/o Jehiel? OUTHOUSE & Nancy McNICKLE, married Amelia WALLACE, 22, of Redding?, adopted d/o Richard & Jane WHITE, witn:  Mr. M.G. FREEMAN & Mrs. T.W. SIMS, both of Thamesville, on 4 January 1905, at Thamesville.
[BWB:  The connection to Richard & Jane White says that this Amelia Wallace is sister of our Edythe.]

***** NEED TO VERIFY *****

308. (Not referenced)  1

309. (Not referenced)  Information about Rose Annie Wallace and husband Joseph Tagg:
309a.  1891 Census for Shottesbrook, Berkshire, England... Joseph with birth family.
309b.  Civil Registration Index for Rose and Joseph's marriage.  [Need to order to verify.]
309c.  1901 Census for Shottesbrook... Rose, Joseph and two children.  Image: [100KB]
[Local Text Copies]

310. (Not referenced)  1861 Census for Yattendon, Ashampstead and environs, Berkshire, England (FHL microfilm #542694) lists:

310a. In Ashamstead: 
     Richard Jerome, 56, Invalid, receives pay from [clerk?], b.Yattendon, Berks
     Esther         "      , 50, b.Streatley
     Sarah           "      , 25, b.Yattendon; home from [servier?]  (daughter)
     Henrietta    "      , 2 mos, b.Ashamstead  (granddaughter)
[BWB: Richard and Esther are the parents of our Mary Ann.   I had found Sarah, 15, a servant in 1851 Census.
310b.  In Yattendon:
     John Wallis, 58, Ag Lab, b.Yattendon
     Elizabeth    , 41, b.Bucklebury
[BWB:  Note that there is no children in household.  Most likely this is the John and Elizabeth that I have as our William's parents.  Since in 1851 Wm was 10 and George was 5 and they m.1837, it looks like George was the only sibling, and the only uncle/aunt the orphaned children William and Mary Anne could have turned to, if they did at all.]

310c.  The census lists a number of other familes of interest, but relationship unknown or uncertain; not copied.
    [Transcription and Notes]

311.  Photograph of G.E. Beals' Bakery in Algonac Michigan c.1906, obtained as a scanned image from the Algonac-Clay Historical Society and Museum 8/2004.  From the left, the people are:  Edythe M. (Wallace) Beals (partially hidden by horse), George Morrow, Mable Edwarads(sic), George Edgar Beals, and most probably his father Robert Beals.  [61KB]  [514KB]
[BWB: in a visit to the Museum 10/2004, I learned that the photograph was obtained in 1993 from the estate of a local collector of old photographs.  No other provenance is known.  It was about 5" x 7", with Kodak name repeated across the back.  It did not appear to me to be of 1906 vintage, more likely 1960s or 1970s and therefore a reprint from the original negative or reproduction from another print.  The apparent word "Beals" near the horse's hind leg -- or is it just grass? -- is not written on top of the present print, but might have been written on the negative or on an earlier print.  The legend on the bottom of this image is on a strip of paper glued to the bottom of the photograph.]

312. (Not referenced)  List of ship arrivals at the port of Quebec for 1887, the year Edith Wallace and her two sisters were shipped from England to Canada in the care of one Mr. Price.
[Web Site]  [Local Copy]

313. (Not referenced)  Port Huron City Directory for 1902, listing Edgar Beals [aka George Edgar Beals], baker, working and boarding with E.F.Siple, who had a grocery store and bakery.  (Obtained from the web site for the Michigan Room of the St. Clair Public Library in Port Huron MI, 8/2004.)
Local Copy [86KB]   Original:

314. (Not referenced)  Obituary for Eleanor (Beals) Lane from the Lapeer County Press newspaper of 7/19/1944 (copy provided by the Marguerite deAngeli Library branch of the Lapeer County Library c.7/2004):
"Eleanor Beals Lane was born at Grand Valley, Ontario in 1891 and died at her home in Dryden Wednesday, July 12.  She was married to Thomas Lane in Sarnia in 1913.  To this union three sons were born; Robert Leslie of Dryden, Harold, deceased, and Cpl Charles H. of Camp Breckenridge, KY.  Besides the husband and two sons, she leaves one brother, Charles R Beals, of Virginia.
"Funeral services were at the home Saturday afternoon at 2:30.  Sam Carlton officiating.  Burial in Dryden cemetery."
A side article mentioned that "Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bearn, of Capa and Mrs. Ulysses Dennis of Attica were [in Dryden] Saturday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Thomas Lane."  [BWB: do not know who these people were.]

315. (Not referenced)  Cross-stitch sampler done by Eleanor Andrews (mother of Mary Jane Smith, wife of our Robert Beals) at age 9 in 1834.
315a.  Photograph  [1.5MB]
315b.  Newspaper story from the Port Huron newspaper of 3/22/1930  [133KB]

316. (Not referenced)  Shoes made for Richard Charles (aka Dick) Beals by his father Robert Beals, at about age 9-10 on the occasion of him going to the U.S.A., and bronzed to preserve them (c/o his wife Edna (Steers) Beals) -- according to a family story related by Karen Edythe Beals.
Left [192KB]  and  [214KB];  Right [220KB]  and  [199KB]
[BWB:  Do not know why Dick went to the US.  One possibility is that he was visiting his brother George Edgar (and wife Edythe) in Algonac MI -- which would have been near the time that nephew Laverne Wallace Beals was born (1908).  Karen currently has the shoes.]

317. (Not referenced)  Listing at the website of the Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid, for John S. Macrault and his wife, foster parents of Edythe M. (Wallace) Beals.
[Local Copy]
[BWB:  This suggests that the Macraults have grave markers... would need to locate a transcription and possibly other burial records.]

318.  Information about Isabella Ellen (nee Wallace) Koyle, including 1901 Census for Springfield Village, ONT, burial in Union Cemetery, St. Thomas ONT, and ancestry of her husband Jesse Koyle - obtained from and
[Local Copy]
1901 Census image excerpt:  [32KB]

319. (Not referenced)  Information about George Wallace, brother to our William Wallace, including 1871 Census, 1881 Census, 1891 Census, 1901 Census, possible birth record, possible death record of one daughter, etc. -- obtained from and
[Local Copy]

320.  Grace Hilda (nee Beckett) Beals' Holy Bible, containing Grace's list of family birth, marriage and death dates.

321. (Not referenced)  One line of descendants of George Wallace, brother to our William Wallace, located on the Internet.
[Local Copy]

322. (Not referenced)  White, William: "History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Suffolk [England], 1844", reprinted 1970 by Augustus M. Kelley, New York, viewed on the Internet at,
322a.  Cover [22KB];  Suffolk, 1st page of many [74KB]
322b.  Belton, page 1 [97KB],  page 2 [91KB]
322c.  Bradwell, [97KB]
322d.  Burgh Castle, page 1 [97KB], page 2 [99KB], page 3 [101KB]

323.  Ontario Marriage Index (FHL microfilm #1819612) gives:
323a.  Isabella Wallace, 10/22/1894, Springfield, registration #002861 in 1894 (on FHL #1870704 items 2-4)
323b.  Amelia Wallace, 1/4/1905, Thamesville, registration #011016 in 1905 (on FHL #1871547)

324.  1891 Census for District 96 North Norfolk Co., Middleton Twp., Ontario (FHL microfilm #1465780) lists Family 106, consisting of:
    John Smith, 60, b.England, Baptist, (no occupation listed)
    Marey[sic]  "     , 60, <ditto>
    Fanny,  "     , 24, <ditto>
    George, "   , 11, b.Ontario
[BWB:  Don't know where Hannah lived, but probably married by this time.]

325. (Not referenced)  Ontario Death Index (FHL microfilm #1432270) gives:
325a.  Richard White, 12/18/1912, Zone Twp., registration #018352 in 1913 (on FHL #1854858)
325b. Jane Ann White, 02/20/1915, Bothwell, registration #016510 in 1915 (on FHL #1862267)

326. (Not referenced)  Ontario Birth Index (FHL microfilm #1819392) gives:
Francis Earl Koyl, 12/26/1894, South Dorchester Twp., registration #206198 (on FHL #1846245)

327. (Not referenced)  Ontario Death Index (FHL microfilm #1411569) gives:
Jonathan W. Ferrier, 12/30/1897, Springfield, registration #007675 in 1897 (on FHL #1853836)
[BWB:  This may be the J.W. Ferrier who was the foster parent of Isabella Ellen Wallace, sister to our Edythe.  Obtaining a copy of the death registration, or a newspaper obituary may indicate the relationship.]

328. (Not referenced)  "Ancestry of the Cummington, Mass. and Windsor, Mass. Beal/Beals/Bealls" by John D. Beal, Jr., 1979, Revised 1981 (filmed in 1989 by FHL, microfilm #1320859).

329. (Not referenced)  "Genealogy of Bala Beal of Hingham and Boston, Mass." by John D. Beal, Jr., undated (filmed in 1989 by FHL, microfilm #1320859).

330. (Not referenced)  "The Descendants of John Beal 1568-1987" by Mary Naomi Clark, undated, originally from Abington Dyer Museum and Library.   The copy below was obtained from the Kentville Museum and Archives, Kentville, Nova Scotia c.6/2003.

331. (Not referenced)  "Pioneers of Massachusetts" available on, page 41, mentions John Beal, as well as others with the Beal surname in 1600s Massachusetts.
[Local Copy]

332.  Information found on the Internet about the Ambassador Bridge that links Windsor Ontario and Detroit Michigan.
[BWB:  Our Bert Beckett said he worked as a welder on the bridge's construction.]
[Local Copy]  [Web Site]

333.  "Descendants of Richard Cripps" by Mary Cripps-Warwick of Berkshire, England, 12/8/2004 (provided in private e-mail communications).
[38KB] in PDF format (need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this)

334. (Not referenced)  1

335. (Not referenced)  1

336. (Not referenced)  1

337. (Not referenced)  1

338Sanborn Fire Insurance Map for Algonac, MI in 1907, copy obtained from St. Clair Public Library in Port Huron MI ca.8/2004, shows the location of the G.E.Beals' Bakery at the T-intersection of Pleasant and Water Streets.
Overview of 1907 map  [310KB],  zoom  [279KB],  and in 1895  [233KB].

339.  Obituary for Amelia (nee Wallace) Outhouse, youngest sister of our Edythe M. (Wallace) Beals, transcription obtained from Kent Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society ca. 8/2004, gives her death as 7/25/1928, survived by husband James Outhouse and children Rose, Edith, Violet, Dorothy, and 'little James' [later using the name Wallace].
[Note that Amelia's first two children were named after two of her sisters.]

340.   Obituaries for James Outhouse, husband of Amelia (Wallace) Outhouse published in the Chatham Daily News, ibid., gives his death as 9/14/1959, survived by the same children named above (but girls now married).
340a. Published 9/16/1959 [21KB]
340b. Published 9/23/1959 [14KB]

341.  Cemetery headstone transcriptions in the Bothwell/Zone Twp area of Ontario, ibid., record the final resting places of the following family members:

341a. West Bothwell Cemetery: 
       Ameila Outhouse 1884-1928 [Amelia was really born in 1881 per b/c]
       James Outhouse 1869-1959
       Oscar Outhouse [relationship unknown]
       Elizabeth Outhouse 1850-1915 [James' aunt]
       Richard White d.12/13/1912 in 69th year [foster parent to Amelia]
       Jane Ann White d.2/20/1915 in 81st year [foster parent to Amelia]
       Clara Armstrong b.1/2/1842, d.7/26/1913 [sister to Jane Ann, and member of the household]
[Page 1, 69KB]  [Page 2, 61KB]

341b. St. Pauls Roman Catholic Cemetery, Thamesville, Ontario:
       Alfred M. Farrell 1910-1956 and wife Violet M. [nee Outhouse] 1915--[blank]

341c. Maple Leaf Cemetery, Chatham, Ontario:
       Charles Haydon 1903-1976 and wife Edith [nee Outhouse] 1914--[blank]

342. (Not referenced)  The Commemorative Biographical Record of Kent County of 1904, ibid., mentions several Outhouse family members, including Joseph and Elizabeth Outhouse, grandparents of James Outhouse, husband of Amelia Wallace.
[Transcription]  [Copy of original, 84KB]

343.  Transcriptions of 1861-1901 Censuses for Zone Twp. Ontario, ibid., lists various family members:

343a. 1861 Census:
       Joseph and Elizabeth Outhouse and family, including Jehiet, father of James Outhouse, husband of Amelia Wallace.

343b. 1871 Census:
       Joseph and Elizabeth Outhouse and some family members.
       Jehiel and Nancy Outhouse, including James age 1.

343c. 1881 Census:
       Richard and Jane A. White [who would become foster parents to Amelia Wallace in 1887]
       [BWB: The Amos Williams listed here was probably another foster child, and perhaps a Home Child as well.]
       Johiel Outhouse family, including James age 11.
[Page 1, 45KB]  [Page 2, 60KB]

343d. 1891 Census:
       Richard and Jane A. White, including Amelia Wallace age 9

343e. 1901 Census:
       Jehiel Outhouse family, including James age 28 and b.1872 [strongly disagrees with 1871 census, above]
       Richard and Janet[sic] White, including Amy White[sic] [really Amelia Wallace; birth was 1881, not 1882]
       [BWB:  The Charles Gurney listed here was also one of the Home Children.]
[Page 1, 97KB]  [Page 2, 99KB]  [Page 3, 98KB]

344.  City Directories for St. Thomas, Ontario for the period 1919-1934 list Jesse and Isabella (nee Wallace) Koyle; researched and copied Ms. Barb Hoskins, Information Analyst at the St. Thomas Public Library ca.8/2004. However, in the 1919 - 1932 time period, Ms. Hoskins did not find George and Edythe Beals listed.  See also [118], that shows the George and Edythe were listed in St. Thomas 1933-1938 inclusive.
[BWB:  The fact that Isabella, Edythe's sister, lived in St. Thomas may be the motivation for George and Edythe moving there from Windsor, when they were in their 50's.  At least, their move would have been facilitated.]
344a. 1919:  [125KB]
       Jesse Koyle, foreman at MCR, home at 165 Wellington.
       Harold Koyle, fireman at MCR, same address. [probably a child of Jesse and Isabella]
344b. 1920:  [114KB]
       Jesse W. Koyle, section foreman at MCR, home 165 Wellington E.
       Harold Koyle, fireman at MCR, home at 6 Crocker.
       Harry Koyle, works at MCR, home at 165 Wellington E. [probably another child]
344c. 1921:  [95KB]
       Jesse W. Koyle, track foreman at MCR, home at 30 Lydia
       Harold Koyle, works at Dominion Brake Shoe Co., home at 6 Crocker Ave.
344d. 1932:  [90KB]
       Jesse W. Koyle (Isabella), yard foreman at MCR, home at 30 Lydia
       Harold M.(sic) Koyle (Marie), brakeman, home at 44 John
       Harry W. Koyle (Marion), home at 53 Gladstone Ave
344e. 1934:  [88KB]
       Jesse W. Koyle (Isabella), section foreman at MCR, home at 30 Lydia.
       Harold L. Koyle (Marie J.), proprietor Sun Beam Tobacco Co., 42 John
       Harry W. Koyle (Mariam[sic]), home at 42 John
       Marie J. Koyle, lvs [lives with?] Delia Duffey [is this Marie J. the wife of Harold, above?  A child?]
[BWB:  My request to Ms. Hoskins was to look at a few of the Directories in the periods 1915-1922, the period over which George and Edythe Beals are not listed elsewhere -- in an attempt to locate them during this period.  I also requested she look in a few of the Directories in the 1930's, since the Beals were there then.  I do not have any information to suggest that Ms. Hoskins reviewed all Directories during these periods.]

345.  Private e-mail communication received from the Berkshire (England) Record Office 8/27/2004 contains a [transcription] of documents relating to the family of William Wallace and Mary Ann Jerome, including a parish marriage record, parish baptismal records for the children, and the 1881 Census record.
The following are copies of the originals obtained via postal mail:
345a. Marriage record  [201KB]
345b. Baptism of Henry [1110KB]
345c. Baptism of Rose [176KB]
345d. Baptism of Edith [157KB]
345e. Baptism of Isabel [166KB]
345f. Baptism of Amelia [162KB]
345g. 1881 Census for Yattendon [125KB] and [119KB]  See also item [89].
[BWB: note that no baptismal record was provided for Agnes, whom I believe was the first born in this family.]

346.  Marriage registration #62 obtained from the General Register Office in England, dated 7/2/1851, and solemnized at the Register Office in the Stamford District, Lincolnshire ENG:
John Smith, 21, Confectioner, resides All Saints Place, Stamford, father Benjamin Smith, Hair Dresser.
Eleanor Andrews, 25, resides All Saints Place, father James Andrews, Cordwainer.
Witnesses:  Alfred Andrews and Sarah Andrews.
[BWB: Alfred and Sarah were siblings of Eleanor.]

347.  Birth registration #236 obtained from the General Register Office in England, dated 7/27/1856:  Hannah Smith, parents John Smith, Hair Dresser, and Mary (nee Stafford) Smith.
[BWB:  This proves John had just one surviving child by first wife Eleanor Andrews (our Mary Jane Smith Beals, wife of Robert), and the rest of the children were Mary Stafford's.]

348.  A short history of Stamford, Lincolnshire, England in the 1800s, obtained from ca.9/2004, indicates the town was on the decline in the 1860-1870 timeframe, which may have been the motivation for John Smith and his family emigrating to Canada about 1872.
[Local Copy]

349.  1841 Census for Deeping St. James, Lincolnshire, ENG (LDS' Family History Library microfilm #438757) lists the birth family for our John Smith living on Bridge Street:
       Benjamin Smith, 35, Hair Dresser, b. Lincolnshire
       Catherine, 30, not b.Lincs
       John, 11, b.Lincs
       Harrison, 9, b.Lincs
       George, 7, b.Lincs
       Joseph, 5, b.Lincs
       William, 3, b.Lincs

3501841 Census for Stamford, Lincolnshire, ENG (LDS' Family History Library microfilm #438760) lists the birth family for our Eleanor Andrews living on All Saints Place:
       James Andrews, 40, Shoem J [Shoemaker Journeyman?], not b.Lincolnshire
       Ann, 40, not b.Lincs
       Alfred, 20, Carpenters J, b.Lincs
       Eleanor, 15, b.Lincs
       Sarah, 13, b.Lincs
       Emma, 7, b.Lincs
       George, 4, b.Lincs
       Ann Gassier[?], 75, b.Lincs [BWB: is this the wife's mother?]

351.  1851 Census for Deeping St. James, Lincolnshire (LDS' Family History Library microfilm #87724) lists:
351a. Family 117
       Benjamin Smith, 49, Hair Dresser and Glover, b.Lynwood, Lincolnshire
       Catherine, 43, b.Morbora, Northamptonshire
       George, 18, b.Deeping St. James, Lincs
       Joseph, 15, b.Deeping St. James, Lincs
       William, 13, b.Deeping St. James, Lincs
       Jane, 6, b.Deeping St. James, Lincs
351b  Family 126
       John Smith, 21, unmarried, Confectioner, b.Deeping St.James, Lincs
[BWB: Harrison, son of Benjamin Smith, was not listed in Deeping St.James.]

352.  1861 Census for St.John's Parish, Stamford , Lincolnshire (LDS' Family History Library microfilm #542952) lists our John Smith's family living on Red Lion Square:
       John Smith, 30, Cutler, b.Deeping St.James, Lincs
       Mary, 29, b.Freeby, Leicestershire
       Mary Jane, 7, b.Stamford, Lincs
       Hannah, 4, b.Stamford
       Catherine, 3, b.Stamford
       Harrison B., 2, b.Stamford
Items [346] and [347] prove that Mary Smith was John's second wife.

353.  1871 Census for St.John's Parish, Stamford, Lincolnshire (LDS' Family History Library microfilm #839342) lists our John Smith's family living at #1Red Lion Square:
       John Smith, 40, Cutler and Glove Maker, b.Deeping St.James, Lincs
       Mary, 39, b.Freeby, Leicestershire
       Mary J., 17, Dressmaker, b.Stamford, Lincs
       Hannah, 14, b.Stamford
       Catherine, 13, b.Stamford
       Harrison B., 12, b.Stamford
       Henry H., nephew, 12, b.Stamford
       Louisa M., neice, 8, b.Stamford
       Fanny E., 4, b.Stamford

354.  1881 Census for the township of Middleton, North Norfolk county, Ontario, Canada (LDS' Family History Library microfilm #1375899) lists our John Smith's family
       John Smith, 50, b.England, Baptist, Cutler
       Mary, 49, b.England, Baptist
       Hanna[sic], 24, b.England, Baptist
       Fanny, 14, b.England, Baptist
       George, 1, b.England, Baptist
[BWB:  Mary Jane married Robert Beals in 1875 and they were living in Grand Valley at this time.  In 1875, Harrison B. was living in Guelph -- don't know where he was in 1881.  Don't know where Catherine lived, and don't know if the nephew and neice immigrated as well.  The 1 year old George is a mystery -- was he a very late child of Mary, or was he an adopted (perhaps Home Child) son?]

355.  Private e-mail communication received from the Berkshire (England) Record Office 9/21/2004 contains a [transcription] of documents relating to the ancestors of William Wallace and Mary Anne Jerome.
The following are transcriptions and copies of the originals (for ancestors) obtained via postal mail (locations are Yattendon except as noted):

355a. William Wallis to Elizabeth Whittingham, 10th August 1794 [90KB]

355b. Elizabeth Whittingham, Daughter of William and Lucy his wife was baptized Sept 29th, 1771 [94KB]
355c. Nov. the 23, 1794, Priscilla, Daughter of Wm & Eliz. Wallis  [BWB: not copied; on file]
355d. Mary Ann, Daughter of William & Elizabeth Wallis Dec 25 1796  [BWB: not copied; on file]
355e. Harriet, Daughter of Will'm & Eliza'th Wallis, Jan. 6th, 1799  [BWB: not copied; on file]
355f. Thos., Son of Richard & Sarah Jerome, Jan. 15th, 1799  [BWB: not copied; on file]
355g. Amelia, Daughter of Richard & Sarah Jerome, June 1st, 1802  [BWB: not copied; on file]
355h. Charles, Son of William & Elizabeth Wallis, May 29th, 1803  [BWB: not copied; on file]
355i. John, Son of William & Eliz'th Wallis, Sep. 23rd, 1804  [133KB, see 1st arrow in right margin]
355j. Richard, Son of Richard & Sarah Jerome, Oct. 21, 1804  [133KB, see 2nd arrow in right margin]
355k. Henry, Son of Rich'd & Sarah Jerome, May 31st, 1807  [BWB: not copied; on file]
355m. Lucy, Daughter of Wm & Eliz'th Wallis, July 12th, 1807  [BWB: not copied; on file]
355n. in Bucklebury, 1818: January 11th/#178, Elizabeth d'r of Stephen and Sarah Cripps, abode Bucklebury, Labourer, performed by Rev. J'no Hemus.  [84KB]

355p. Charles Wallis, June 26th, 1803  [BWB: not copied; on file]
355q. in 1837: William Wallis, Febry 8, age 67; Elizabeth Wallis, March 29, age 65 [153KB]

356.  Headstone transcriptions for the Courtland Fellowship Baptist Cemetery (LDS' Family History Library microfiche #6125292) lists various members of John Smith's family, in a family plot:
       Fanny Elizabeth Smith, dau. of J. & M. Smith, 1866-1935
       Catharine, dau. of J. & M. Smith, 1857-1936
       Mary, beloved wife of the late John Smith, died Aug. 30, 1921, aged 90yrs
       John Smith (in memory of), who died March 2, 1901, aged 72yrs.
There were a few other Smith's listed, but presumably no relation.
[Cover of booklet, 27KB]  [Our Smiths, 29KB]  [Map, 27KB]  [other Smiths, 29KB]

357.  Headstones at Mt. Pleasant (aka Dryden) Cemetery, Dryden, MI:
357a. Eleanor B. Lane, 1891-1944  [262KB]
357b. Harold S. Lane, June 28, 1915 - June 26, 1942 (s/o Thomas and Eleanor)  [244KB]
There were also a number of other Lanes in the cemetery, relationship unknown, including a pair of graves immediately to the right of Eleanor's and Harold's [174KB].  No marker for Thomas Lane was in the immediate area, but only two of the four sections were searched; no caretaker was present on the day of visit, 10/10/2004.

358.  Photographs c.10/2004, taken in Indiana:
358a.  Richard Charles (aka Dick) Beals, youngest son of Robert and Mary Jane Beals and father of Karen Edythe.  [213KB]
358b.  Karen Edythe Beals, 60, and Barry W. Beals, 64.  [265KB]

359.  Private e-mail communications received from the Berkshire (England) Record Office 10/29/2004 and 11/12/2004 contain a [transcription] of documents relating to the birth family of William Wallis, great grandparents of our William Wallace.
The following are copies of the originals (for ancestors) obtained via postal mail:
359a. Marriage of Thomas Wallis to Mary Hamblin 10/8/1767 [88KB
            [BWB: note scribe erred on top item, continuing it onto the second item.]

359b. Baptism of William Wallis 1/30/1768  [Full Page 322KB]  [One Line 43KB]
359c. Baptism of James Wallis 4/1/1770  [BWB: extremely poor copy; on file]
359d. Baptism of Elizabeth Wallis 9/26/1773  [BWB: not copied; on file]
359e. Baptism of Ann Wallis 3/31/1776  [BWB: not copied; on file]

359f. Burial of Elizabeth Wallis 6/2/1776  [BWB: not copied; on file]
359g. Burial of Thomas Wallis May 2, 1783  [111KB]
         (This received in the 12/8/2004 batch, below.)

***** NEED COPY *****

360.  Private e-mail communication received from the Berkshire (England) Record Office 12/8/2004 contain a [transcription] of documents relating to the Jerome family, maternal ancestors of our Edythe M. Wallace.
The following are transcriptions and copies (for ancestors) of the originals obtained via postal mail (locations are all Yattendon Berks except as noted):

360a. Decemb'r 1st 1728: Isaac Jerome Jun'r, Batch'r & Rachael Lock, Spinster, both [unreadable] parish were married by Publication of Bans(sic).
[BWB:  As this marriage predates our earliest known Jerome ancestor by at least two generations, the connection if any is unknown.]

Family Group 1:
360b. Richard Jerom, Son of Isaac & Mary Jerom was baptized July 7, 1765.  [201KB]
360c. Sarah Daughter of John & Ann Awbrey was baptised April 17th 1772.  [110KB]
360d. Richard Jerrom of the Parish of Yattendon Berks & Sarah Awbery(sic) were published Dec'r 9, 16 & 29.  Married in the parish church by Banns 15 January 1788.  [89KB]
360e. Baptism:  John, Son of Rich'd & Sarrah(sic) Jorham(sic), April 20, 1788  [BWB: not copied; on file]
[BWB:  the 11-year gap to the next birth in 1799 -- see 355f -- is unexplained.]
360j. Baptism: Charles, Son of Richard & Sarah Jerome, May 4th 1810  [BWB: not copied; on file]
360k. Baptism: Isaac, Son of Richard (labourer) & Sarah Jerome, 23 May 1813 (born 7 Nov?)  [BWB: not copied; on file]
360m. Baptism: Elizabeth, Daughter of Richard (labourer) & Sarah Jerome, May 24th 1817  [BWB: not copied; on file]

Family Group 2:
360n. Richard Jerram, Batchelor, and Hester Hazel, Spinster, were married in the Chapel by Banns 25th October 1830; witnesses Hannah Hazel and John Nullis.  [94KB]
360p. Baptism:  Harriet D'r of Richard (labourer) & Hester Jerome, May 26 1833  [BWB: not copied; on file]
360q. Baptism:  Sarah D'r of Richard (labourer) & Hesther(sic) Jerome, Sep'r 27, 1835  [BWB: not copied; on file]
360r. Baptism:  Caroline D'r of Richard (labourer) and Hesther(sic) Jerome, Dec'r 30 1838  [BWB: not copied; on file]
360s. Baptism:  Hester D'r of Richard (labourer) & Hester Jerram, abode Ashampstead, May 8 1842; born March 3rd  [BWB: not copied; on file]
360t. Baptism:  Mary Ann, D'r of Richard (labourer) & Hester Jerram, abode Ashampstead, May 18th 1845; born March 3rd.  [185KB]
***** NEED COPY *****

361.  Obituary for Mrs. Jesse Koyle (nee Isabel Ellen Wallace, sister to our Edythe M. Wallace), St. Thomas (ONT) Times Journal, 7/16/1951, page 12 column 2, provided by the Elgin County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society.
[transcription]  [copy, 32K]

362.  A letter from the General Register Office in England, dated 18 Oct 2004, states that they could find no death registration for Eleanor Smith (nee Andrews) over the [quarters] ending Dec 1853 to Sept 1856.  
[BWB:  This leaves in question what happened to Eleanor after the birth of our Mary Jane Smith Beals 11/20/1853, and before the birth of John Smith's second surviving child Hannah on 7/27/1856,  by a second wife Mary Stafford; see below.]
***** NEED COPY *****

363.  1855 Marriage registration #134 for the marriage solemnized at the Independent Chapel (Congregationalist), Stamford, Lincolnshire on 10/17/1855 between:
-- John Smith, 25, Widower, Hairdresser, resides Scotgate, Stamford, father Benjamin Smith, Hairdresser, and
-- Mary Stafford, 24, Spinster, Servant, resides Scotgate, Stamford, father Robert Stafford, Labourer;
witnesses George Smith and Jane Ringham.

364.  The Border Cities Star newspaper (later the Windsor [ON] Star), 4/5/1926, contains a Local News item as follows:
"Mrs. G. Waples, whose parents, Mr and Mrs. T. Brookes, died recently, is ill at the home of her sister Mrs. B. Beckett, 37 Allendale avenue."

365.  Death notice for Thomas Brookes, The Border Cities Star [later, the Windsor Star] newspaper, 3/26/1926, page 5:
"BROOKS[sic] -- Thomas, aged 70 years, died March 26th at residence of his daughter, Mrs. W. H. Lee, 1510 York St., Windsor.  Survived by four daughters and one son.  Funeral services Saturday, March 27th, at 2 o'clock from 1510 York St.  Interment Windsor Grove Cemetery."
[BWB: besides the last name spelling error, should be Brookes, the daughter was Mrs. William (aka Bill) H. Neale, not Lee.]

366Notice about death of Pte. Thomas Brookes [Jr.], The Evening Record [later, the Windsor Star] newspaper, Thursday, 11/15/1917, page 9:
"Pte. Brooks[sic] Dies of Wounds.
"On Wednesday afternoon, Mrs. Marie Brooks, 9 Charles street, received an official telegram conveying the sad news that her son, Pte. Thomas Brooks, previously reported gassed and dangerously wounded, had died of his wounds on Nov. 11th, at the hospital at Etaples, France.  Pte. Brooks, who was just eighteen years of age, enlisted here with the 241st battalion and accompanied it overseas last spring."

367.  Algonac Community Centennial 1867-1967, Updated 1967-1993 (obtained at the Algonac History Museum 10/2004), gives the history of Algonac, MI, birthplace of Laverne Wallace Beals.  While there is no mention of the Beals family herein, there are two old photographs of the building in which the Beals Bakery stood ca.1906:
367a.  1920's, the building on Water St (now St. Clair River Drive), far right [40K]
367b.  1910's, the intersection of Pleasant and Water; building partially hidden on far right corner. [52K].
[BWB:  The building is identified via features found in the Beals Bakery building, see [Item 311] and next item, and via the Sanborn Fire Insurance Map of 1907 [Item 338].]

368.  Photo Album, presumably assembled by Edythe (Wallace) Beals, kept by Grace (Beckett) Beals, and currently (2005) in the possession of Brian Beals.  (At 50 pages total, not reproduced here.)  The following images are presumed to be of several family members:

368a.  Edythe sitting on the street(mid-field left) in front of the bakery (near right) in Algonac MI, ca.1908.  [61KB]  [273KB]
[BWB: compare building architecture/detailing with [Item 311];  pipe on adjacent building identifies this as a later photograph.]

368b.  Robert and Mary Jane (Smith) Beals with Laverne Wallace Beals at the waterfront in Algonac, 1908. [69KB]  [324KB]
[BWB:  Identity based on the album containing another photograph of the gentleman, and him also appearing in the Beals Bakery picture, [Item 311].]

368c.  The wedding of Eleanor Beals to Thomas Lane in Sarnia, 1913.  [75KB]  [309KB]
[BWB:  Identity based on Edythe and son Laverne in this photograph, with Laverne presumably age 5, as he would have been in 1913.

368d.  Amelia (nee Wallace) Outhouse, husband James and 4 of their 5 children (one girl missing), location and date unknown.  [81KB]  [368KB]
[BWB:  Identity based on woman bearing close family resemblance to Edythe, husband being 15 years older, and the grouping of children which matches Amelia's.  Note that Edythe and Amelia were close... Amelia was a witness to George and Edythe's marriage in 1902.]

369.  Obituary for George Edgar Beals, Windsor Daily Star, Saturday 10/28/1939, page 8:
"Funeral services for George Edgar Beals, 57, of 911 Langlois avenue, who died yesterday at Metropolitan General Hospital, will be held Monday afternoon at two o'clock at the James H. Sutton Funeral Home, 937 Ouellette avenue.  Rev. H. R. Nobles will officiate.
"Mr. Beals is survived by his widow, Edythe; one son, Laverne, Detroit; one sister, Mrs. Thomas Lane, Dryden, Mich.; and one brother, Richard, Detroit."

370. (Not referenced)  Statement of Death for Isabella (nee Wallace) Koyle, sister to our Edythe/Edith Mary (nee Wallace) Beals.
d. 7/16/1951, age 73, at 30 Lydia, St. Thomas, Ontario [the family home]
b. 4/25/1878 in England to William Wallace and Mary Ann Jerome, both of which were b. England
Lived in St. Thomas 35 years [ca.1916], in Ontario 67 years, in Canada 67 years [==> immigrated ca.1884]
Informant: Jesse Weaver Koyle, husband.
See also [Item 361] for Isabella's obituary.
[BWB: we know the 3 Wallace girls immigrated 8/1887 per [Item 296], so husband Jesse was a bit off -- but of course his information was second hand.]

371. (Not referenced)  A
***** NEED COPY *****

372. (Not referenced)  A
***** NEED COPY *****

373. (Not referenced)  A
***** NEED COPY *****

Other Sources to check:

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