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1861 Public Archives of Canada Census
Erin Twp, Wellington Co., Ontario
Pg. 52

Name Occupation Place of Birth Year
Religion Age M/F
Nancy Brown   U Canada     6 F
Thomas Brown   U Canada     4 M
Margret Brown   U Canada   FC Presbyterian 21 F
John ?Buce Carpenter Scotland 1861   36 M
Ellen ?Buce   U Canada 1861 FC Presbyterian 18 F
Reuben Stump Laborer U Canada   FC Presbyterian 20 M
George Beals Shomaker N Scotia   Baptist 45 M
Ann Beals   N Scotia   Baptist 46 F
Isaac Beals Shomaker U Canada   Disciple 18 M
Frances Beals   U Canada     16 M
Stephen Beals   U Canada     14 M
Fletcher Beals   U Canada     12 M
Robert Beals   U Canada     10 M
Jane Beals   U Canada     8 F
Lucy A. Beals   U Canada     6 F
James Simeon Harness Maker England   NC Methodist 36 M
Lucy Simeon   England   NC Methodist 35 F
James Simeon   England     11 M
John Simeon   England     9 M
Mary Simeon   England     7 F
Lucy Simeon   U Canada     4 F
Elizabeth Simeon   U Canada     1 F
William Mathews Aprentice U Canada   Disciple 26 M
Samuel Erwin Constable N Scotia     25 M
Margret Erwin   U Canada     26 F
Thomas Erwin   U Canada     6 M
Margret Erwin   U Canada     4 F
Martha Erwin   U Canada     2 F
John Erwin   U Canada     1 M
Cathrine Johnson   Scotland   C of Scotland 49 F
Fany Johnson   N Brunwick     13 F
Albert   U Canada     1 M
Henry McNaughton Physician U Canada   FC Presbyterian 33 M
Ellen McNaughton   Scotland   W Methodist 43 F
Ellen McDonald   U Canada     12 F
Henry Tutton {?Sutton} Wagon Maker England   C of England 55 M
Barbra Tutton {?Sutton}   Scotland   FC Presbyterian 44 F
John Tuton {?Sutton}   U Canada     16 M

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