F. Dolina (nee Beals) Smith's Photographs

To ensure quality, the following photographs were scanned directly from a hardcopy of Mrs. Smith's document.  The quotations are taken from text that accompanied the respective photographs.

Stephen Beals, 1791-1876
Stephen and Nancy Beals' home in NS, "..., built about 1814.  It fell down about 1920.  This snap was taken in 1915.  There were two fireplaces and an oven.  The house contained nine rooms.  Two families were  born in this home, the nine children of Stephen and Nancy, and the eight children of Lucy's (their youngest daughter).  The house was located at Clementsport, N.S.  The picture was given to George W. Beals by Z.C. Beals in 1940."

Some children of Stephen and Nancy:
Isaac Beals, 1825-1898
Samuel Beals, 1815-1884
Stephen Beals, Jr., 1820-1876 and Stephen Beals, Jr., c.1870

Stephen Beals Jr's wife Charlotte, 1825-1873
Stephen and Charlotte's home in Grand Valley c.1937 "Built 1856... George, Warren and Jessie were born in this house."
Monument in memory of Stephen and Charlotte "in the Grand Valley Cemetery was cut and carved by one of Stephen's sons."

Some children of Stephen and Charlotte:
Charles Beals "the best in the family" and Charles' wife
Joseph Beals c.1892 age 38
George Washington Beals, Mrs. Smith's great uncle, c.1944 age 80
Warren Beals c.1899 age 32 and later, Warren Whittington Beals, 1867-1951
Mary Beals c.1891 age 16 (twin to Jesse and d/o Stephen and 2nd wife Henrietta Lee)

Coat of Arms adopted by Canadian branch of Beals