27 August 2004
Dear Mr Beals
I have completed an hour's search in the parish records of Ashampstead, Yattendon and Bradfield and I found the following:
William Wallace        m.      Mary Ann Jerome, 19 Oct 1867, Ashampstead
(son of John Wallace)         (daughter of Richard Jerome)
Henry William    s/o    William and Mary Ann Wallace     bapt. 15 Aug 1869, Bradfield
Rosa Annie         d/o    William and Mary Ann Wallace    bapt. 7 July 1872, Yattendon
Edith Mary        d/o    William and Mary Ann Wallace     bapt. 3 Jan 1874, Yattendon
Isabel Ellen        d/o    William and Mary Ann Wallace    bapt. 30 June 1877, Yattendon
Amelia              d/o    William and Mary Ann Wallace     bapt. 4 Dec 1881, Yattendon
I also found a census record for the family in 1881 which reads as follows:
                     Name             Relation   Marital Status  Gender   Age     Birthplace                Occ.
Cottages    William Wallace    Head        M                 Male        38     Yattendon, Berks          Ag. Lab
                    Mary A Wallace      Wife        M                  Female    36    Ashampstead, Berks   
                    Henry Wallace       Son                              Male        12    Bradfield, Berks            Ag. Lab
                    Rose A Wallace      Daur                            Female     8     Yattendon, Berks          Scholar
                   Edith Wallace        Daur                            Female     6     Yattendon, Berks          Scholar
                    Isabell E Wallace   Daur                            Female     2     Yattendon, Berks
I can supply printouts from films of the original records and I have attached an order form for this purpose.  If you would like to have them, please print and complete the form, adding an authorisation for a credit card payment and send it to us by post.  I am afraid it cannot be completed online as we need an original signature for the copyright declaration.
If you would like me to carry on hunting for John Wallace's generation please let me know.
Yours sincerely
Searchroom Assistant
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