William Ripley and Amia Emmote Jackson - Timelines/Facts

Date William Ripley - Fact or Comment
5/14/1598 Born in Ripon, Yorkshire, ENG to William and Dorothy Ripley.
Date Amia Emmote Jackson - Fact or Comment
12/7/1592 Born in Swanton Abbot, Norfolk Co., ENG to Richard (b.1568 in Swanton Abbot) and ? Jackson
Date William and Amia Emmote Ripley - Fact or Comment
8/14/1621 Married in Whitby, Yorkshire, ENG; they would eventually have 9 children.
Daughter Sarah born in Moulton Near Spalding, Lincoln Co., ENG
Immigrated to Boston, MA on board the Diligent.  William has been dubbed "Planter of the Commonwealth".
11/18/1652 Daughter Sarah married Jeremiah Beal in Boston, MA.
Grandson Jeremiah Beal, Jr. born in Hingham, MA to Sarah and Jeremiah Beal.
Date William Ripley - Fact or Comment
7/11/1656 Died in Hingham, MA.
(do not know who died first)
Date Amia Emmote Ripley - Fact or Comment
? Died.
(do not know who died first)

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