In creating these web pages, my youngest son Matt and I have selected a modified form of a 'family group sheet' so that we can present a chronology of our ancestors' lives, and provide interesting events beyond the purely genealogical birth/marriage/death facts.  We hope family members will find this presentation format informative, as well as enjoyable to read.

In presenting this information, attention has been paid to citing supporting references, using the familiar "[nn]" notation throughout the text, which are hyperlinks to a master list of notes and sources.  While many facts are substantiated by a primary source (a document created at the time of the event, by the participants in that event), some information has been obtained from secondary sources (documents created well after the event, usually by non-participants, e.g., other researchers).  So, this latter information should be treated as somewhat conjectural, until we can review cited references or can locate primary sources on our own.  This is an ongoing project.

The current state of this research is that we have proved the recent 6 generations of our line, from Laverne Wallace Beals to Abel Beals b.1755, by locating many primary documents.  We have yet to locate and/or review primary documents for the earlier 6 generations, up through Edward Beales of England -- the information on these generations is based purely on other researchers' data.

These pages are also available on CD by sending a request by e-mail.

The CD also contains a GEDCOM file that can be read by genealogical software, but this file does not contain all the facts and sources enumerated in these web pages, which are our primary means of documenting the family line.

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