Abigail Kent's Ancestry:
Notes & Sources

These items are in no particular order.  Please use Our Kent Line and associated family pages to relate these items in a meaningful way.  However, there are a few items listed below that are not referenced in the family pages, e.g., in cases in which they refer to documents where no information was found, or they are sources not yet assimilated -- these have been marked as such, below.  This is a work in progress!

11. Beales/Beal/Beals Family Genealogy by Donald W. Beals:  (local copy)
This key data was generously provided by Mr. Donald W. Beals, another living decendant of Edward Beales, via private communication.    Mr. Beals has spent 25 years researching the Beals family -- and the supplier of most of the Beals data for the Miller/Molesworth Family Genealogy referenced above and for the Whitman/Beal/Spinney Family Genealogy by Ms.P.D.Crowe [58].   In addition to his own research, he has drawn upon (and in many instances, corrected) the work done in the 1940's by George Washington Beals [115] and the subsequent work done by F.Dolina (nee Beals) Smith [87], George's grand-niece.

38. (Not referenced) Hillard/Hilliard Family Genealogy: [website]  [local copy].  See also item 44 below.

44.  Vital Records of Cohasset Massachusetts, to the Year 1850, N.E. Historic Genealogical Society, compiled by Thomas W. Baldwin, published 1916 at Boston Mass., contains transcriptions of town records of interest to us, as follows.  (source provided by [38])

44a.  Front Matter:  Cover [15KB], Statistics [40KB], Abbreviations [72KB]

44b.  Births for Beal*:  Pages 24-5 [104KB], Pages 26-7 [103KB], Pages 28-9 [93KB]
          - Abell Beal, son of Andrew and Rachel, baptized Oct 28, 1733 (church record of First Congregational Society, formerly the Second Parish of Hingham)
          - Abel Beal, son of Abel and Deborah, July 6, 1755
          - and various siblings are listed

44c.  Births for Kent:  Pages 52-3 [101KB], Pages 54-5 [103KB]
          - siblings of our Isaac Kent and our Abigail Kent are listed

44d.  Marriages for Beal*:  Pages 130-1 [105KB], Pages 132-3 [99KB]
          - Abel Beal and Deborah Lambert, m. Mar. 11, 1755   
          - Abel Beal and widow Susannah Humphrey, m. Feb. 6, 1789 in Hingham
          - Rachel Beal and Isaac Kent, m. Oct. 25, 1739 (church record record of First Congregational Society, formerly the Second Parish of Hingham)

44e.  Deaths for Beal*:  Pages 190-1 [99KB], Pages 192-3 [95KB]
          - Abel Beal, d. Apr. 20, 1805 at 72 yo (church record record of First Congregational Society, formerly the Second Parish of Hingham), or
             ... Apr. 19, 1805 at 71yo (North Cohasset Cemetery grave record)
          - Andrew Beal, d. Jan. 10, 1762 at 77 yo (North Cohasset Cemetery grave record)
          - Deborah Beal, wife of Abel, d. June 15, 1788 in 54th year (North Cohasset Cemetery grave record)
          - Rachel Beal, widow of Andrew, d. Nov. 20, 1780 at 84yo (North Cohasset Cemetery grave record)

[BWB: While an early source from a reputable organization, this is still a secondary source and (ideally) the original records should be consulted.]

             The following information was located in "Massachusetts Vital Records, 1600s-1800s" available at Genealogy.com and viewed online c.7/2003:

            Abel  Beal
            Event Type:  Birth    
            Event Date:  6-JUL-1755    
            Town of Record:  Cohasset    
            County of Record:  Norfolk
            Comment:  /S OF ABEL AND DEBORAH 

            Abel Beal
            Event Type:  Death     
            Event Date:  20-APR-1805         
            Town of Record:  Cohasset     
            County of Record:  Norfolk     
            Comment:  A. 72 Y. /N C. R. 1. /N (APR. 19, 1805, A. 71 Y. G. R. 5.)

  Deborah Beal
 Event Type:  Death     
 Event Date:  15-JUN-1788     
 Town of Record:  Cohasset     
 County of Record:  Norfolk     
 Comment:  W. OF ABEL, IN HER 54TH Y. /N G. R. 5.  [grave report 5]

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58. (Not referenced) Whitman/Beal/Spinney Family Genealogy:  (website)  (local copy).   Ms. P.D. Crowe, the author of this web site, has worked closely with Don Beals [11] with regard to her inclusion of Beals family genealogy.

87.  The Beals Family Ancestry of  F. Dolina (nee Beals) Smith, another decendant of Edward Beales.  Mrs. Smith supplemented the research done in the 1940's by her great uncle George Washington Beals [115], adding her own line, as well as providing personal stories, photographs and references.  See also [11] above.

115.  The Beals Genealogy by George Washington Beals, an Ontario schoolteacher, b.7 Dec 1864, d.18 Aug 1954, s/o Stephen Beals b.1820 and Charlotte Boomer.  Mr. Beals' work was augmented and updated by his grand-niece F. Dolina (nee Beals) Smith [87], by Donald W. Beals [11 and of course by the present effort (most notably in the line of George Fletcher Beals and his descendants, where names and dates were corrected, and primary documents were located and cited).
] [BWB: a few pages are missing in this copy.]

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