Isaac Kent and Rachel Beal - Timelines/Facts [11]

Date Isaac Kent - Fact or Comment
9/27/1719 Born in Hingham, MA to Ebenezer and Hannah Kent.
Date Rachel Beal - Fact or Comment
8/25/1719 Born in Hingham, MA to Andrew and Rachel Beal.
Date Bertie (aka Bert) William and Agnes Beckett - Fact or Comment
10/25/1739 Married at the Second Parish of Hingham MA [44d]; they would eventually have 13 children.
3/1/1751-52 Daughter Abigail born in Milford, MA.
12/29/1784 Isaac died in Round Hill, Annapolis Co., Nova Scotia at age 65

Date Rachel Kent - Fact or Comment
4/17/1791 Grandson Stephen Beals born in Lawrencetown, Annapolis Co., N.S. to daughter Abigail and husband Abel Beal/Beals
5/15/1805 Died in Round Hill, Annapolis Co., N.S. at age 85.

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