Mary Anne Jerome's Ancestry:
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These items are in no particular order.  Please use Our Jerome Line and associated family pages to relate these items in a meaningful way.  However, there are a few items listed below that are not referenced in the family pages, e.g., in cases in which they refer to documents where no information was found, or they are sources not yet assimilated -- these have been marked as such, below.  This is a work in progress!

89.   1881 British Census for Yattondon, Berkshire, ENG (as transcribed and contained on CDs at the Family History Centers of the LDS Church)  lists the William Wallace family living in a 'cottage':

William Wallace, agricultural laborer, 38, b.Yattondon
Mary A. Wallace, 36, b.Ashampstead, Berks
Henry Wallace, agricultural laborer, 12, b.Bradfield, Berks
Rose A. Wallace, scholar, 8, b.Yattondon
Edith Wallace, scholar, 6, b.Yattondon
Isabell E. Wallace, 2, b.Yattondon
Neighbors included families of Wernham, Billington, Hall, Hunter, Watts, King on one side and Phelps, Serle, Reeve, Joyce, French, Wise on the other side.   The household of Ms. Lydia G. Reeve, 36, also included:

Agnes Wallace, visitor, 14, b.Bradfield.

Based on proximity, age, and birthplace, I believe this to be an older daughter of William and Mary Wallace.

In addition, LDS' web site  contains the following listing under the name 'Wallace':

Rose Annie Wallis, born to Mary Ann and William Wallis, christened 7/7/1872 in Yattendon.

On the other hand, the 1891 Census does not list the Wallace family, nor most of the neighboring families.   This suggests that the Wallaces, along with their neighbors (perhaps under the guise of their church memberships), all emigrated from England sometime in the 1880's.

122. 1851 Census for Yattendon and Ashampstead, Berkshire, England (FHL microfilm #193599) contains the following 'Jerome' entries:
122b. (2MB) Ashampstead, family 46:
        Richard Jerome, 45, (no occupation written), b.Yattendon, Berkshire
        Esther, 40, b.Streatley, Berks
        Carolina, 13, b.Yattendon
        Mary A., 9, b.Ashampstead, Berks
        Ellen (grandaughter), 3, b.Bradfield, Berks
        William Pickett (son in law), 25, Ag. Lab., b.Ashampstead
        Harriott(sic) Pickett, 18, b.Yattendon
[BWB: I believe this Mary A. is the mother of Edith M. Wallace due to her age, place of
birth, and her marriage registration.  See also the 1881 Census.  Another family listed in Bradford Village had a servant, Sarah Jerome, 15, b.Yattendon, that could be another child of this couple due to age and proximity.]
Another 'Jerrom' family was listed that had a daughter Mary, 16, but she was born in Yattendon, not Ashampstead as the mother of our Edith M. Wallace was: (2MB).

[BWB: There were a number of other 'Jerome' families listed, in Bucklebury and Basildon, but no known relationship to Richard and Esther above, except possibly as parents of Richard:  James Jerome, 69, b.Hampstead, Berks, and Ann, 66, b.Norrie Leacock, Wilts; and Elizabeth Jerome, 76, widow, b.Great Marlow, Berks.]

256.  English Birth Certificate for Birth #329, 3/6/1845 at Ashampstead Berkshire, Mary Anne Jerome.  Parents Richard Jerome, Agricultural Labourer, and Esther Jerome (nee Hazell?), registered 4/4/1845.
***** NEED COPY *****

260.  1871 Census for Berkshire, England (c/o lists several families of interest:
260b. Family 85 in Ashampstead Berks, living by the Common:
     Richard Jerome, 67, Lab. Woodman, b.Yattendon, Berkshire, England
     Esther Jerome, 62, b.Streatley, Berkshire
260e. Family 81, on Burnt Hill:
     Edward Alexander, 22, labourer
     Mary Alexander, 22.

261.  1881 Census for Ashampstead, Berkshire, England (c/o, the LDS' website) lists the following family:
     Richard Jerome, 77, Agricultural Labourer, b.Yattendon, Berkshire
     Esther Jerome, 72, b.Streatley, Berkshire.
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355.  Private e-mail communication received from the Berkshire (England) Record Office 9/21/2004 contains a [transcription] of documents relating to the ancestors of William Wallace and Mary Anne Jerome.
The following are transcriptions and copies of the originals (for ancestors) obtained via postal mail (locations are Yattendon except as noted):

355f. Thos., Son of Richard & Sarah Jerome, Jan. 15th, 1799  [BWB: not copied; on file]
355g. Amelia, Daughter of Richard & Sarah Jerome, June 1st, 1802  [BWB: not copied; on file]
355j. Richard, Son of Richard & Sarah Jerome, Oct. 21, 1804  [133KB, see 2nd arrow in right margin]
355k. Henry, Son of Rich'd & Sarah Jerome, May 31st, 1807  [BWB: not copied; on file]

360.  Private e-mail communication received from the Berkshire (England) Record Office 12/8/2004 contain a [transcription] of documents relating to the Jerome family, maternal ancestors of our Edythe M. Wallace.
The following are transcriptions and copies (for ancestors) of the originals obtained via postal mail (locations are all Yattendon Berks except as noted):

360a. Decemb'r 1st 1728: Isaac Jerome Jun'r, Batch'r & Rachael Lock, Spinster, both [unreadable] parish were married by Publication of Bans(sic).
[BWB:  As this marriage predates our earliest known Jerome ancestor by at least two generations, the connection if any is unknown.]

Family Group 1:
360b. Richard Jerom, Son of Isaac & Mary Jerom was baptized July 7, 1765.  [201KB]
360c. Sarah Daughter of John & Ann Awbrey was baptised April 17th 1772.  [110KB]
360d. Richard Jerrom of the Parish of Yattendon Berks & Sarah Awbery(sic) were published Dec'r 9, 16 & 29.  Married in the parish church by Banns 15 January 1788.  [89KB]
360e. Baptism:  John, Son of Rich'd & Sarrah(sic) Jorham(sic), April 20, 1788  [BWB: not copied; on file]
[BWB:  the 11-year gap to the next birth in 1799 -- see 355f -- is unexplained.]
360j. Baptism: Charles, Son of Richard & Sarah Jerome, May 4th 1810  [BWB: not copied; on file]
360k. Baptism: Isaac, Son of Richard (labourer) & Sarah Jerome, 23 May 1813 (born 7 Nov?)  [BWB: not copied; on file]
360m. Baptism: Elizabeth, Daughter of Richard (labourer) & Sarah Jerome, May 24th 1817  [BWB: not copied; on file]

Family Group 2:
360n. Richard Jerram, Batchelor, and Hester Hazel, Spinster, were married in the Chapel by Banns 25th October 1830; witnesses Hannah Hazel and John Nullis.  [94KB]
360p. Baptism:  Harriet D'r of Richard (labourer) & Hester Jerome, May 26 1833  [BWB: not copied; on file]
360q. Baptism:  Sarah D'r of Richard (labourer) & Hesther(sic) Jerome, Sep'r 27, 1835  [BWB: not copied; on file]
360r. Baptism:  Caroline D'r of Richard (labourer) and Hesther(sic) Jerome, Dec'r 30 1838  [BWB: not copied; on file]
360s. Baptism:  Hester D'r of Richard (labourer) & Hester Jerram, abode Ashampstead, May 8 1842; born March 3rd  [BWB: not copied; on file]
360t. Baptism:  Mary Ann, D'r of Richard (labourer) & Hester Jerram, abode Ashampstead, May 18th 1845; born March 3rd.  [185KB]
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