William Henshaw and ? - Timelines/Facts

Date William Henshaw - Fact or Comment
? Born.
11/1776 to
Possibly the same William Hinshall/Henshaw in Colonel Shaw's Annapolis Militia for the defense of Nova Scotia.  [39g-1]
Date ? - Fact or Comment
? Born.
Date William and ? Henshaw - Fact or Comment
? Married.  They had at least 3 children.  [207]
Son Samuel Henshaw born.
Before 1785?
Son Samuel married Sarah Elizabeth Morgan.  [207]
Twin granddaughters Nancy and Betsy Henshaw born in Clements.  [207d]
William Henshaw obligated under the 1791 Capitalization Tax Act for Clements Twp.  [193]  [39g-2]
Granddaughter Nancy married Stephen Beals.
Great grandson George Fletcher Beals born to granddaughter Nancy and Stephen Beals in Inglisville, Annapolis Co., N.S.
William (of Clements Twp.) sold Lot #9, 200 acres, in Graywood, Annapolis Co., N.S. (just East of Lamb's Lake) to Thomas Berry for 5 Pounds.  [207b]
[BWB: This location is South and a bit East of Annapolis Royal, a considerable distance from Clements Twp. and the Waldeck Line Rd. where the Henshaws lived.  However, note that Thomas Berry owned land on either side of Nancy and Stephen Beals' farm on the Waldeck Line Rd., so there seems to be a connection.  And, there were a number of intermarriages between the Henshaw and Berry families, see ref 232. ]
Date William Henshaw - Fact or Comment
After 4/1817
[BWB: Do not know if William or his wife died first, but the land sale in 1817 presumably did not contain a wife's name as was the custom, suggesting the wife had died earlier.]
Date ? Henshaw - Fact or Comment
? Died.
(do not know who died first)

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