Samuel Henshaw, Sr. and Sarah Elizabeth Morgan - Timelines/Facts

Date Samuel Henshaw, Sr. - Fact or Comment
Samuel was born to William and ? Henshaw.  [207]
Date Sarah Elizabeth Morgan - Fact or Comment

Sarah Elizabeth was born to George and Ann Morgan.  [215]

George was b.abt.1722 in Nottingham Co., ENG.  He joined the Royal Artillery in 1744, rising to rank of Sergeant and retiring after 25 years in 1769.  His company was in Nova Scotia from 1745 to the mid 1750's and at various other times, e.g., 1759, 1760, and 1766.  In 1766 his company was transferred back to England, were he remained until retirement in 1769.  [215, 216]

George married Ann (nee Harris) Davis, a widow of 6 years with 4 children, on 8/18/1766 in Annapolis Royal, N.S.  She was born about 1732 in N.S.  The union produced 5 additional children.  [215, 216]

Sarah's brother Edward Morgan founded Morganville, a settlement near Bear River, NS.  [237]
Date Samuel, Sr. and Sarah Elizabeth Henshaw - Fact or Comment
Before 1785?
Married.  They eventually had 10 children over the period 1785 - 1810 (although birth dates of 2 children are unknown). [ 207]
Samuel and Sarah were baptized at St. Luke's Anglican Church, Annapolis Royal. [207e]
1789-90 Daughter Nancy born in Clements Twp., a twin to sister Betsy according to baptismal records.  [207d]
Samuel Henshaw obligated under the 1791 Capitalization Tax Act for Clements Twp. [193]  [39g-2
[BWB:  given his first recorded land purchase waspresumably in 1792, why was he obligated?]
Samuel bought Lot #8 on the Waldeck Line Rd, Clements Twp., 100 acres, from Carl Gasserth (sic).  [207b]
Possibly the same Samuel Henshaw, rather than his son Samuel Jr., cleared 3 acres in Clements Twp.  [39g-3]
Sarah's father George Morgan died at 86 in Clements Twp.
c. 1812
Sarah's mother Ann (nee Harris) Davis Morgan died at 80 in Clements Twp.
Samuel bought Lot #16 on the Waldeck Line Rd, 100 acres, from John Peter Miller.  [207b]
Daughter Nancy married Stephen Beals.
Daughter Nancy and Stephen produce their second child, grandson George Fletcher Beals, born in Inglisville, Annapolis Co., N.S.
Daughter Nancy and Stephen and their family of two boys move from Inglisville to Clements Twp.
Daughter Nancy and Stephen bought the northern half of Lots #26 and #27 on the Waldeck Line Rd., 200 acres, from George and Hannah Kniffen, for 300 Pounds. [ 207b]   (This property is approximately 1-1/4 miles East of Samuel and Sarah's Lot #16 purchased 4 years earlier.)
Samuel and Sarah sold Lot #8 to Jacob Peck.  [207b]
Samuel, a farmer, and his family are listed in 1827 Census, with 3 males and 3 females in the household.  [184h]
3/6/1828Samuel died in Clements Twp., Annapolis Co., N.S.  [207a]

Date Sarah Elizabeth Henshaw - Fact or Comment
2/15/1831 Died.  [207c]

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