Nancy Henshaw's Ancestry:

Notes & Sources

These items are in no particular order.  Please use Our Henshaw Line and associated family sheets to relate these items in a meaningful way.  However, there are a few items listed below that are not referenced in the family sheets, e.g., in cases in which they refer to documents where no information was found, or they are sources not yet assimilated -- these have been marked as such, below.  This is a work in progress!

38. (Not referenced) Hillard/Hilliard Family Genealogy: [website]  [local copy].  See also item 39 below.

39. The following secondary source is cited by [38] and many other authors' genealogies:
          [BWB: we obtained a copy of this book and have verified the contents.]

          Title: History of the County of Annapolis, Nova Scotia
          Author: W. A. Calnek, edited by A. W. Savary
          Publication: William Briggs, Toronto, Canada and Phillimore & Co., London, England, 1897; reprinted by Global Heritage Press, Milton, Ontario, 1999

           [BWB: The following references to various people and places was derived from a single and not always careful read of this 660 page book, and so should not be considered exhaustive or complete - but, it's a start.  Also, I did not read the biographies nor many of the genealogies.]         

          39g. Index to mentions of Henshaw family:
                [BWB:  Nancy b.1789, d/o Samuel, married our Stephen b.1791.]
                    1. p.208:  William - Colonel Shaw's Annapolis militia 11/12/1776 - 12/18/1776
                    2. p.252: Samuel, William - obligated under 1791 Capitalization Tax Act, Clements Twp
                    3. p.255:  Samuel - cleared 3 acres in Clements Twp c.1805
                    [BWB: it's interesting to note that Calnek has no genealogy section for the Henshaws.]

184.  1827 Census of Nova Scotia, Sheets 110-125 for Annapolis County, as transcribed in Genealogical Newsletter of the N.S. Historical Society, #23, pp 52-72, courtesy of Allan Dunlop, PANS, lists the following families of interest (all are farmers, except as noted):
(Legend Page)
        184h. Hanshaw (sic): in Clements Twp; Edward+1/3, Samuel+2/3
    ***NEED COPY***

193.  Poll Tax Rolls, 1791-1793 (RG 1 Volume 444), available at NSARM on microfilm no. 13580 and searched online:

Name Occupation Location Township Year Tax Livestock Sheet

Henshaw, Samuel     Clements 1791 £ 0 1 0   006

Henshaw, Wm.     Clements 1791 £ 0 1 0   006
207.  Jenkins, Lois C., "Descendants of William Henshaw of Clements Township", 2002, available at O'Dell Museum/Genealogy Room, Annapolis Royal, N.S., provides additional information on Nancy Henshaw, wife of Stephen Beals b.1791.  Ms. Jenkins cites the following sources of interest (we have not checked these references):
       207a. Probate records for Samuel Henshaw, Sr., NSARM/PANS RG 48, Reel 19, page 326.
       207b. Various Annapolis County Deeds [BWB: available at the Lawrencetown Municipal Center, Lawrencetown, N.S.]
       207c. Allan C. Marble's "Deaths of Nova Scotians 1800-1850"
       207d. Trinity Anglican Baptisms, Digby, N.S.
       207e. St. Luke's Anglican Baptisms, Annapolis Royal, N.S.

215.  "Sergeant George Morgan, Royal Artillery" by A. Wayne Morgan of Annapolis Royal, N.S. c.2003, which Mr. Morgan generously provided c.7/2003 in a private communication.  This document is a major update to Mr. Morgan's 1999 book "George Morgan and his Descendants", available at the O'Dell Museum/Genealogy Room in Annapolis Royal, N.S.
[BWB: I have not yet checked Mr. Morgan's referenced sources, but have little doubt as to their applicability.]
Original Text as RTF file, or converted to a Web Page.

216.  Morgan Family file, viewed at the Annapolis Valley Macdonald Museum/Genealogy Room contained a short document on Edward Morgan that provides additional data to the provided in the previous document.   HTML file.
[BWB:  In the case of date differences, I have used those in the previous document, due to the extensive citations.]

232.  Descendants of William Henshaw, a one-page genealogy in the Henshaw Family File at the Annapolis Valley Macdonald Museum/Genealogy Room, shows intermarriages between the Henshaws and the Berrys.
*****NEED COPY*****

237.  "A Geography and History of the County of Digby Nova Scotia", Isaiah W. Wilson, 1972 (viewed at the Spring Garden Public Library in Halifax NS c.6/2003) describes the settlement of Morganville in the Bear River area, and Edward Morgan's role.  [Edward was the uncle of Nancy Henshaw, wife of Stephen Beals b.1791.]
*****NEED COPY*****

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