Joseph Gannett and Deborah Coombs - Timelines/Facts

Date Joseph Gannett - Fact or Comment
c.1660 Born in Scituate, MA to Matthew and Hannah Gannett.
Date Deborah Coombs - Fact or Comment
? Born to Henry and Elizabeth (nee ?) Coombs.
Date Joseph and Deborah Gannett - Fact or Comment
8/15/1682 Married.  They eventually had 5 children.
8/4/1684 Daughter Hannah born in Scituate, MA.
8/14/1693 Joseph died in Roxbury, MA at age 33.

Date Deborah Gannett - Fact or Comment
12/8/1703 Daughter Hannah married Ebenezer Kent in Scituate, MA.
9/27/1719 Grandson Issac Kent born to Hannah and Ebenezer in Hingham, MA.
Died in Scituate, MA.

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