Elizabeth Cripps' Ancestry:
Notes & Sources

These items are in no particular order.  Please use Our Cripps Line and associated family pages to relate these items in a meaningful way.  However, there are a few items listed below that are not referenced in the family pages, e.g., in cases in which they refer to documents where no information was found, or they are sources not yet assimilated -- these have been marked as such, below.  This is a work in progress!

264.  English marriage registration #3 in the Bradfield District for 1837 (from General Register Office) gives:
Married in the Parish Church of Bucklebury, Berkshire 10/18/1837:
   John Wollice, of full age, labourer, resides Yattendon, father William Wollice, labourer
   Elizabeth Cripps, a minor, resides Bucklebury, father Stephen Cripps, labourer
witnessed by Nathaniel Hedges and Eliza Cripps.
(all but Nathaniel signed with an X)
[BWB:  I believe that these are the John and Elizabeth Wallace who were the parents of William Wallace of Yattendon, father of our Edythe M. Wallace.  Supporting this thesis is that one William Cripps was a witness at William Wallace's and Mary Anne Jerome's wedding.  I believe this William Cripps was Elizabeth's brother due to same birth locations and similar, compatable ages per census of 1871 and 1891.  And, item [333] lists an Eliza Cripps as a sister to Elizabeth.]

333.  "Descendants of Richard Cripps" by Mary Cripps-Warwick of Berkshire, England, 12/8/2004 (provided in private e-mail communications).
[38KB] in PDF format (need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this)

355.  Private e-mail communication received from the Berkshire (England) Record Office 9/21/2004 contains a [transcription] of documents relating to the ancestors of William Wallace and Mary Anne Jerome.
The following are transcriptions and copies of the originals (for ancestors) obtained via postal mail (locations are Yattendon except as noted):
355n. in Bucklebury, 1818: January 11th/#178, Elizabeth d'r of Stephen and Sarah Cripps, abode Bucklebury, Labourer, performed by Rev. J'no Hemus.  [84KB]

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