Sarah Ann Claxton's Ancestry:
Notes & Sources

These items are in no particular order.  Please use Our Claxton Line and associated family pages to relate these items in a meaningful way.  However, there are a few items listed below that are not referenced in the family pages, e.g., in cases in which they refer to documents where no information was found, or they are sources not yet assimilated -- these have been marked as such, below.  This is a work in progress!

146.  1901 Census for Belton, Suffolk, England lists Edward and Sarah Beckett and other family members; these were the grandparents of Grace Hilda (nee Beckett) Beals.
(Text version)  (Original:  177KB or 356KB)

148. IGI entry for the christening of David Bickers Claxton, father-in-law to Bertie William Beckett, and child of Henry Nuthall and Caroline Claxton.
(Text version)
[BWB: the name 'Nuthall' appears in other records as 'Nuthill' and 'Nuttall'.]

149. IGI entry for the marriage of Henry Nuthill Claxton and Caroline Kelly, 8/18/1814 in Fritton, Suffolk, England.
(Text version)

150. Family genealogy of the Carver family of  Norfolk and Suffolk, England by Glenn W. Carver, published July 2001 at:  
(local copy of this page).
This is of interest because James Carver's daughter Sarah married David Bickers Claxton, whose daughter Sarah Ann was Bertie William Beckett's mother.  The following local web pages detail the family line:
James b.1795 - John b.1754 - Thomas b.1711 - Thomas b. 1680
A brother of John's is James b.1759.
Mr. Glenn Carver also supplied the following items:
-- Picture of the Carver Farm House:          (83KB)
-- Map showing location of Carver Farm:   (110KB)
-- Map of Norfolk county area of England: (189KB)

A curiosity shows up in James' page and in the 1881 Census, wherein Elizabeth Hilda Beckett, 8 years old and sister to Bertie William Beckett, is listed as staying with her maternal grandparents -- though this may only mean that she was visiting at the time of the census and so got recorded there.
[BWB: attempts to find/e-mail Mr. Glenn Carver have failed.]

154. Vital Record Index for the British Isles, Second Edition (a Resource File available at FHC) was searched c.11/2002.  The following results were obtained:
154a. No Beckett/Claxton marriage record was listed, nor any for a David Claxton.

154c. Found a christening for Harriet Claxton, 9/3/1848 in Belton, parents David and Sarah Claxton.

155. IGI entry for christening of Elizabeth Harriett Beckett, 7/14/1872, Suffolk County, England; parents Edward and Sarah Beckett.
(Text version)
[BWB: This is the sister of Bertie William Beckett that was 'staying' at her grandparents David and Sarah Claxton at the time of the 1881 census.  Notice that her middle name is the same as her aunt's given name, per 154c above.]

157. 1881 Census for Belton, Suffolk, England lists two families of interest:

157a. Edward and Sarahann [sic, but Sarah Ann is used other places] Beckett and family.
(Text version)
[BWB: This is Bertie William Beckett's birth family, though he wasn't born until 1886, by which time there may have been other children born as well.  Also, the 1901 Census [146] lists 3 other children born after Bertie; there may have been others that had left the home by 1901.]

157b. David B. and Sarah Claxton and family.
(Text version)
[BWB: This establishes/confirms the connection with Edward and Sarahann Beckett (through the granddaughter listed herein), as well as with James Carver [150] who married the Mary Burrage listed herein, and fathered this Sarah.]

158.  IGI entries for the christenings of children of Henry Nuthall and Caroline Claxton.
(Text version)

162.  1891 Census for Belton, Suffolk Co., England (FHL microfiche 6096607) lists the following ancestors:

162a. Family 33, Lockless Lane:
        Edward Beckett, head, 44, Gardener's Labourer, b.Belton
        Sarah Ann, wife, 40, b.Belton
        Elizabeth H., daughter, single, 18, dressmaker, b.Bradwell, Suffolk
        Albert E., son, 15, gardener, b.Belton
        Ethel L., daughter, 12, b.Belton
        Elsie, L., daughter, 10, b.Belton
        Harry, son, 9, b.Belton
        Bertie W., son, 5, b.Belton
        Hilda M, daughter, 1, b.Belton
        [Page 3, and Page 4]

The census also lists various Claxton individuals/families, as well as other Becketts, Hales, etc., but their relationship to the family has not been established.

163. 1891 Census for the towns of Bradwell, Burgh Castle and Fritton, Suffolk Co., England (FHL microfiche 6096607) lists various Becketts, Burrages and Claxtons but their relationship to the family has not been established.  [BWB: the proximity to Belton and the birthplaces of these individuals suggest they are related.]

166.  English Birth Certificate for birth #196 in 1851, sub-district Gorleston, district Mutford, county Suffolk:
        Sarah Ann Claxton, b.9/10/1851 in Belton
        to David Claxton, occupation Carter, and
        Sarah Claxton formerly Calver,
        signed with an 'X' by David, and registered 9/19/1851.
*************need copy**********************

167. English Marriage Certificate for marriage #99 in 1870 solemnized 10/6/1870 at the parish church in the parish of Belton in the County of Belton, for
        Edward Beckett, 'full age', gardener, residence Belton, father Edward Beckett, blacksmith, and
        Sarah Ann Claxton, 19, residence Belton, father David Claxton, market gardener,
        witnessed by Harriet Claxton and George Claxton.

238.  History of Belton, Suffolk Co., England published on the Internet, mentions that David Claxton gave land in 1857 for a chapel, and about 30 years later helped raise funds for a larger chapel.  Also mentioned is Rev. Francis Howes, who was the father of Arthur Plumtre Howes, with whom Bertie William Beckett was living in 1901 in Boulton Abbey, about 225 miles from Belton. 
[BWB:  David Claxton was Bert's grandfather -- this is the 'connection' by which we find Bert so far from home.]
[Local Copy]  [Web Page]

239.  Suffolk County (England) Directory for 1875 describes towns in which various Becketts and Claxtons lived.
239a. Belton (page 732) mentions David Claxton, maternal grandfather to Bertie William Beckett. [85KB]
239b. Burgh Castle (pages 751-2)  [86KB] and  [87KB]
239c. Fritton (page 801)  [84KB]

266.  1861 Census for Belton, Bradwell and Burgh Castle, Suffolk ENG, FHL Microfilm #542771 lists the following families of interest:
In Belton:
266a. Family 1:  Francis Howes, 56, Rector of Belton, wife, 11 children 6 mos to 20yo, 6 servants.
[BWB: Full name was Thomas George Francis Howes; used variations from time to time.]

266b. Family 52:  David Claxton, 39, Farmer w/65 acres, ..(unreadable) 4 .. boy, b.Belton; Sarah, 37, b.Burgh Castle; Harriett, 12; Sarah Ann, 9; George, 7; James D., 2; Elizabeth, 6 mos; 1 servant
[BWB:  David B, and our Sarah Ann who married Edward III, parents of our Bertie.]

266c. Family 59:  Henry Claxton, 35, blacksmith, b.Belton; Mary, 30, b.Reedham Norfolk; Caroline, 6; Maria, 4; Eliz (F), 1; Mary G., 4 mos
[BWB: brother to David.  Note Caroline and Maria not listed at home 10 years later, in 1871.  And, Mary G. is missing.]

268.  1871 Census for Belton, Bradwell and Burgh Castle, FHL Microfilm #830830, contains the following families of interest:
In Belton:
268a. Family 54:  David Claxton, 50, gardener, b.Belton; Sarah, 45, b.Burgh Castle; James D., 12, Elizabeth, 10; and a general servant
[BWB: parents of Sarah Ann, wife of Edward III, currently in Bradwell (see below), and mother of our Bertie.]

268b. Family 55: Henry Claxton, 45, blacksmith, b.Belton; Mary?, 39, b.Reedham; Maria, 14; Alice, 11; Mary A., 10; Charles, 8; Walter, 5; Agness, 3; Margaret E., 1
[BWB: brother to David.]

In Bradwell:
268i. Family 13: Edward Beckett, 24, Licensed Pictualor [Peddler?], b.Belton; Sarah A., 19, Dressmaker, b.Belton; and a domestic servant
[BWB: our Edward III, father of Bertie Wm.]

269.  1841 Census for Belton, Burgh Castle, Browston Green, and Fritton, Suffolk ENG, FHL Microfilm #474640, lists the following families of interest:
In Belton:
269a. William Claxton, 35, Carter, b.Suffolk, Mariah,  7
[BWB: don't know the relationship to David and Henry.]

269b. Henry Claxton, 15, Blacksmith Apprentice, b.Suffolk
[BWB: my notes say "resides with Bedinghelp?" but I believe the name is Beddingfield.]

269c. David Claxton, 20, M.S.[metal smith?], b.Suffolk; resides with Hammond family.

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