David Bickers Claxton and Sarah Carver - Timelines/Facts

Date David Bickers Claxton - Fact or Comment
Born in Belton, Suffolk Co, ENG to Henry Nuthall and Caroline Claxton.  [157b] [150] [148]
Christened in Belton, Suffolk Co. according to the IGI.  [148]
David, 20, is listed in the census for Belton.  His brother Henry lived nearby.  [269c]
Date Sarah Carver - Fact or Comment
1825-26 Born in the town of Burgh Castle, Suffolk Co., ENG to James and Mary Carver.  [157b]
Date David Bickers and Sarah Claxton - Fact or Comment
Married in Belton.  [150]  Only 2 children are known to have been born to the couple but there could have been more.
Daughter Harriet christened in Belton according to IGI.  [154c]
David donated land for a chapel.   [238]
9/10/1851 Daughter Sarah Ann Claxton born in Belton.  [166]  David is said to be a carter.
David, a farmer with 65 acres, and his family are listed in the census, living in Belton.  [266b]
10/6/1870 Daughter Sarah Ann married Edward Beckett in the Parish Church, Belton.  [167]
Family listed in the census, living in Belton -- except for Edward and Sarah Ann Beckett, who were in nearby Bradwell.  David's brother Henry and his family live next door.  [268]
David is listed in the directory for Suffolk County, living in Belton.  [239]
Daughter Sarah Ann and Edward Beckett produce 5 grandchildren for David and Sarah.  [155] [157a]  They would later produce 5 more.  [146]
David helped raise money to build a larger chapel; which was razed c.1960.  [238]
c.4/1881 David and Sarah lived in Belton according to the 1881 Census.  Also at their residence on the day of census were their granddaughter Elizabeth Harriet Beckett, 8, sibling of Bertie William Beckett; Sarah's mother Mary Carver, 71; and a female relative of Mary's, 17.  David is said to be a farmer with 5 farmhands.  [157b]
David and Sarah not found in 1891 Census; did they die beforehand?  [162]  [163]
Date David Bickers Claxton - Fact or Comment
? Died; do not know who died first.
Date Sarah Claxton - Fact or Comment
? Died; do not know who died first.

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