John Carver and Elizabeth Garwood - Timelines/Facts

Date John Carver - Fact or Comment
Born in Langley, Norfolk Co., ENG to Thomas and Frances Carver. [150
Date Elizabeth Garwood - Fact or Comment
Born. [150]
Date John and Elizabeth Carver - Fact or Comment
Married in Ipswich, Suffolk Co.  All told, they had 11 children over the period 1785 - 1805.  [150]
Son James Carver born in Ipswich. [161] [150]
John and Elizabeth moved back to Norfolk County, based on where their children were born.  Also, son James' family followed them to Reedham Blofield, Norfolk Co. c.1826-29.  [150]
Son James married Emma Bull in the town of Burgh Castle, Suffolk Co.  All told, they had 5 children during the period 1824-1836.  [150]
Granddaughter Sarah Carver born in Burgh Castle.  [157b] [150]
[BWB: Sarah was the maternal grandmother of Bertie William Beckett.]
6/26/1836 Died at about 82 years of age in Blofield, Norfolk Co.  [150]

Date Mary Carver - Fact or Comment
Granddaughter Sarah married David Bickers Claxton in Belton, Suffolk Co.  [150]  Only 2 children are known to have been born to the couple. [154c] [166]
6/25/1845 Died at about age 85 in Blofield, Norfolk Co.  [150]

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