James Carver and Mary Burrage - Timelines/Facts

Date James Carver - Fact or Comment
Born in Ipswich, Suffolk Co., ENG [161] to John and Elizabeth Carver. [150
Date Mary Burrage - Fact or Comment
Born in the town of Burgh Castle, Suffolk Co., ENG [161] [157b] to Samuel and Emma (nee Bull) Burrage. [150]  Another researcher casts doubt on Mary's lineage.  [273a]
Date James and Mary Carver - Fact or Comment
Married in the town of Burgh Castle, Suffolk Co.  All told, they had 5 children during the period 1824-1836. [150]
Daughter Sarah Carver born in Burgh Castle.  [157b] [150]
The family moved to Reedham Blofield, Norfolk Co., based on where their other children were born. [150]
[BWB: they must have maintained some contact with family or friends in the Burgh Castle/Belton area as daughter Sarah married there, per next item.]
James' father John died in Blofield, at about 82 years old. [150]
4/4/1844 Daughter Sarah married David Bickers Claxton in Belton, Suffolk Co.  [150]  Only 2 children are known to have been born to the couple. [154c] [166]
James' mother Mary died in Blofield, at about 85. [150]
James and Mary lived in Reedham Blofield, Norfolk Co. according to the 1851 Census.  Also in the home was a son, 15, who was born in Reedham. James reported to be a labourer. [161]
[BWB: in this census and at the birth of Sarah Ann listed below, the surname was spelled Calver, not Carver.  This may be the result of a clerk hearing "Carver" with a thick accent (just imagine how a Bostonian would pronounce the name - something like {CAH-ver}.]
Granddaughter Sarah Ann Claxton born Belton. [166]  
c.1868 Died at about 73 years of age in Reedham, Norfolk Co.  [150]

Date Mary Carver - Fact or Comment
Granddaughter Sarah Ann married Edward Beckett in the parish church in Belton. [167]  Over the period 1872 - 1897, they had 10 children. [157a] [162a] [166]
Mary (probably) lived in Belton at the home of her daughter Sarah and husband David Bickers Claxton, according to the 1881 Census.  Also at the home (probably visiting) was her great-granddaughter, Elizabeth Hilda Beckett, 8, child of Edward and Sarah Ann Beckett. [157b] [166]
Great-grandson Bertie William Beckett (the father of Grace Hilda Beckett, who married Laverne Wallace Beals) born in Belton to Edward and Sarah Ann Beckett. [171]
c.1890 Died at about age 92 in Mutford, Suffolk Co.  [150]

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