Grace Hilda Beckett's Ancestry:
Notes & Sources

These items are in no particular order.  Please use Our Beckett Line and associated family pages to relate these items in a meaningful way.  However, there are a few items listed below that are not referenced in the family pages, e.g., in cases in which they refer to documents where no information was found, or they are sources not yet assimilated -- these have been marked as such, below.  This is a work in progress!

65.   Copy of Birth Certificate issued 3/19/1962, for Grace Hilda Beckett, d.o.b. 12/5/1913, in Port Arthur, Thunder Bay Dist., registered 12/17/1913, number 1913-05-057607:  (62KB).
Note that the family said Grace was born 11/5/1913, as per next reference below.   c.October 1938, Grace wrote to the Registrar about the error, but apparently never had it corrected.

66.   Baptismal Certificate for Grace Hilda Beckett, daughter of Bert and Agnes Beckett, b. 11/5/1913 in Port Arthur, Ont., signed by Rev. George K.B.Adams, 7/28/1914, affiliated with a Methodist church in Port Arthur, Ont.:  (96KB)

67.   Grace Beckett's secretarial diploma from Windsor-Walkerville Technical School, dated 6/30/1928:  (1.1MB)
Note Grace was only 14 years old, of which she was proud (graduating from school so young).

68.   Certificate of marriage, for Laverne Wallace Beals and Grace Hilda Beckett, 12/26/1938, registration number 2393, signed by Harry R. Nobles, Temple Baptist Church, Windsor Ont.:  (142KB). Picture of church April 2002.

73.   Application for Admission to Housing Project for the City of Windsor Ont, for Bert Beckett, 7/2/1964 (handwritten by Grace Beals, daughter):  (268KB)
On this application, it is stated that Bert lived in Windsor 1914-1954 and that he worked for the Sandwich, Windsor & Amherstburg Railway.

99.   City Directories for Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario (precursors of modern phone books, but also with a section listing residences and businesses on a street by street basis); available on the second floor of the Windsor Central Library as original documents and on microfilm:

[BWB: Bert Beckett and family also lived at 1011 Howard Ave. but I have lost the directory information indicating same, and the year.]

[BWB: the pictures of buildings linked below were taken in April 2002, and so they may have been radically remodeled from the original. Since the City of Windsor renumbered buildings in the mid 1930's, I attempted to locate specific addresses by counting houses/buildings from cross streets -- but I did run into inconsistencies, perhaps due to buildings being razed, duplexes recombined into a single family dwelling, etc. (The pictures are about 600KB apiece.)]

99a. 1917 and 1920, Bert Beckett, boilermaker, 109 Erie East [BWB: In picture 1 and picture 2, number 109 was probably in the center of this set of store fronts.]

99b. 1920-21, Bert Beckett, 721 Erie East

99c. 1922-23
[BWB: Bert Beckett not listed]

99h. 1924-25
[BWB: Bert Beckett not listed.]

99m. 1927-28, Bert Beckett, works for Canadian Salt Co, 132 Sandwich West (cross Brock, church, then 2nd house)

99o. 1938, Bert W and Agnes Beckett, welder Sandwich Techumseh Railway; Grace Beckett, stenographer for H. Walker & Sons; Ivie A Beckett, secretary at Toronto General Trusts, 2214 Dougall Ave.

99r. 1939, Bert W and Agnes Beckett, welder Sandwich Techumseh Railway; Grace Beckett, stenographer for H. Walker & Sons; 2214 Dougal
[BWB: My cousin Kay (Murtagh) Ronson recalls her mother talking of living at 2291 Dougal as well.]

103.   Victoria Memorial Gardens (Rte 3/Huron Church Dr., Oldcastle, Ont. N0R 1L0; ph.519-969-6340):  Bertie William Beckett, b.2/10/1886, d.11/13/1966, interred 11/15 in Grave 3, Section 372, Block E; undertaker Sutton Funeral Service.   Minister Rev. Canon B.A.Silcox.   Informant: Mrs. Ivie Murtagh, daughter, 36 Hanna W., Windsor, Ontario: [217KB].  
Markers placed by grandsons c.June 2002  [25KB];  photos c.10/2004:  [223KB],  [184KB].
Scene at grave site, with Bert's marker in foreground, c.10/2004: [299KB].

104.   Victoria Memorial Gardens (ibid.):  Martha A. Beckett, b.8/5/1891, d.4/18/1979, interred 4/20 in Grave 4, Section 372, Block E; undertaker J.H.Sutton Funeral Home.   Minister Rev. Canon B.A.Silcox.   Informant: Mrs. Grace Beals, daughter, 780 Ouellette Ave., Apt. 72, Windsor Ontario N9A 1C5.  
[Marker placed by grandsons c.6/2002.]
[BWB: the two Beckett graves are head-to-foot rather than side-by-side; I don't know if this has any particular significance beyond availability -- or if it reflects that they were separated, though not divorced.]

107.   Death notice for Laverne Wallace Beals in Detroit News newspaper.   [Information probably supplied by his widow, Grace Hilda.]

144.  1901 Census for Northfield, Worcestershire, England lists Thomas and Maria Brookes and their family, including Martha (aka Agnes) Brookes, future wife of Bertie William Beckett and mother of Grace Hilda (nee Beckett) Beals.
(Text version)  (Original - 424K)
[BWB: the list of siblings of Martha, and Martha's age and birth place agree with personal Beckett family records.]

146.  1901 Census for Belton, Suffolk, England lists Edward and Sarah Beckett and other family members; these were the grandparents of Grace Hilda (nee Beckett) Beals.
(Text version)  (Original:  177KB or 356KB)

147.  1901 Census for Boulton Abbey, Yorkshire, England lists Bertie Beckett, 15, a page (servant) at the home of Arthur Plumbtre Howes.  Bertie was the husband of Agnes (nee Martha Brookes) Beckett and father of Grace Hilda (nee Beckett) Beals.
(Text version)  (First page of original:  152KB or 471KB)  (Second page of original:  165KB or 464KB)

151. IGI entry for the marriage of Edward Beckett to Martha Partridge on 19 July 1819 at the town of Burgh Castle, Suffolk, England.
(Text version)
[BWB: based on next item, believe these are the great-grandparents of Bertie William Beckett.]

152. IGI entry for the christening of Edward Becket on 7 MAY 1820 in Burgh Castle, Suffolk, England; parents Edward and Martha Becket.
(Text version)
[BWB: believe this is the grandfather of Bertie William Beckett.]

153.  1881 Census for Belton, Suffolk Co., England listing the family of Edward and Eliza Beckett, grandparents of Bertie William Beckett.
(Text version)

154. Vital Record Index for the British Isles, Second Edition (a Resource File available at FHC) was searched c.11/2002.  The following results were obtained:
154a. No Beckett/Claxton marriage record was listed, nor any for a David Claxton.

154b. Found the following christenings for children of Edward and Eliza Beckett:
-- Eliza, 10/2/1842, Gorleston with Southtown, Suffolk
-- Mary Ann, 10/20/1844, Belton, Suffolk
-- Edward, 4/4/1847, Belton (surnames spelled Beekett in this case)
-- Charlotte, 3/18/1849, Belton
-- Maryann, 6/3/1860, Belton
-- James, 2/15/1863, Belton
See also [156] below for other children of this couple.
[BWB: The child Edward above was Bertie William Beckett's father.  The child James was still at home at the time of the 1881 Census, per the previous reference.  Also, the child Maryann was married to John Hales and both living with her parents in 1881.]

154c. Found a christening for Harriet Claxton, 9/3/1848 in Belton, parents David and Sarah Claxton.

155. (Not referenced)  IGI entry for christening of Elizabeth Harriett Beckett, 7/14/1872, Suffolk County, England; parents Edward and Sarah Beckett.
(Text version)
[BWB: This is the sister of Bertie William Beckett that was 'staying' at her grandparents David and Sarah Claxton at the time of the 1881 census.  Notice that her middle name is the same as her aunt's given name, per 154c above.]

156. (Not referenced)  IGI entries found online for children of  Edward and Eliza Beckett:
-- Harriet, christened 6/21/1857, Belton, Suffolk, England
-- William, chr. 10/5/1851, Belton

157. 1881 Census for Belton, Suffolk, England lists two families of interest:

157a. Edward and Sarahann Beckett and family.
(Text version)
[BWB: This is Bertie William Beckett's birth family, though he wasn't born until 1886, by which time there may have been other children born as well.  Also, the 1901 Census [146] lists 3 other children born after Bertie; there may have been others that had left the home by 1901.]

162.  1891 Census for Belton, Suffolk Co., England (FHL microfiche 6096607) lists the following ancestors:

162a. Family 33, Lockless Lane:
        Edward Beckett, head, 44, Gardener's Labourer, b.Belton
        Sarah Ann, wife, 40, b.Belton
        Elizabeth H., daughter, single, 18, dressmaker, b.Bradwell, Suffolk
        Albert E., son, 15, gardener, b.Belton
        Ethel L., daughter, 12, b.Belton
        Elsie, L., daughter, 10, b.Belton
        Harry, son, 9, b.Belton
        Bertie W., son, 5, b.Belton
        Hilda M, daughter, 1, b.Belton

162b. Family 42, Goffins Road:
        Edward Beckett, head, Widow, 71, blacksmith, b.Burgh Castle, Suffolk
        John Hales, son in law, married, 42, market gardener, b.Belton
        Mary A., daughter, married, 31, b.Belton
        John E., grandson, 7, b.Belton
        Sydney J., grandson, 2, b.Belton
        Eveline Layton, domestic servant, 15, b.Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
[BWB: this Edward is Bertie William Beckett's grandfather, see sources [152, 153] above.]

The census also lists various Claxton individuals/families, as well as other Becketts, Hales, etc., but their relationship to the family has not been established.

163. (Not referenced)  1891 Census for the towns of Bradwell, Burgh Castle and Fritton, Suffolk Co., England (FHL microfiche 6096607) lists various Becketts, Burrages and Claxtons but their relationship to the family has not been established.  [BWB: the proximity to Belton and the birthplaces of these individuals suggest they are related.]

166.  English Birth Certificate for birth #196 in 1851, sub-district Gorleston, district Mutford, county Suffolk:
        Sarah Ann Claxton, b.9/10/1851 in Belton
        to David Claxton, occupation Carter, and
        Sarah Claxton formerly Calver,
        signed with an 'X' by David, and registered 9/19/1851.

167. English Marriage Certificate for marriage #99 in 1870 solemnized 10/6/1870 at the parish church in the parish of Belton in the County of Belton, for
        Edward Beckett, 'full age', gardener, residence Belton, father Edward Beckett, blacksmith, and
        Sarah Ann Claxton, 19, residence Belton, father David Claxton, market gardener,
        witnessed by Harriet Claxton and George Claxton.

168. English Birth Certificate for birth #133 in 1891, sub-district Saint Martin, district Birmingham, county Birmingham:
        Martha Brookes, b.8/5/1891 at 6 Court 1 Benacre Street USD
        to Thomas Brookes, blacksmith, and
        Maria Brookes formerly Lee,
        signed with an 'X' by Maria, and registered 9/14/1891.

171. English Birth Certificate for Bertie William Beckett.   ***NEED COPY***

172.  Proof of death of Bertie William Beckett.   ***NEED COPY***

173.  Picture of Bertie and Agnes Beckett, taken at the wedding reception in their home for Laverne Wallace and Grace Hilda Beals on 12/26/1938.  [18KB]  [51KB]

177.  Present day map showing location of Benacre Street, Birmingham, England, birthplace of Agnes (nee Martha) Brookes.  [23KB]

179.  Present-day maps of Belton, England, birthplace of Bertie William Beckett.
The county area [32KB]; the town area [15KB].

231.  Passenger List for the RMS Empress of Ireland, arriving at Quebec 9/29/1910, (FHL microfilm ****) lists:
Martha Brookes, 19, domestic, Quaker, bound for Sault St. Marie [Grace (Beckett) Beals' mother].
There are several other people destined for Sault St. Marie, but none appear to be related.
*****NEED COPY*****

266.  1861 Census for Belton, Bradwell and Burgh Castle, Suffolk ENG, FHL Microfilm #542771 lists the following families of interest:
In Belton:
266e. Family 81:  Edward Becket, 61, blacksmith, b.Burgh Castle; Eliza, 39, laundress,b.Belton; Eliza, 19, laundress; Edward, 14, ag lab.; Harriet, 3, Mary Ann, 10 mos.
[BWB:  our Edwards II and III, grand and great-grandparents of our Bertie Wm Beckett.]

267.  1851 Census for Belton, Bradwell and Burgh Castle, FHL Microfilm #207456 contains the following families of interest:
In Belton:
267c. Family 23 on Lockless Lane: Michael Beddingfield, 54, Blacksmith Master, b.Gillingham, Norfolk; Elizabeth, 55, b.Weston, Suffolk; Michael, 22, Blacksmith Journeyman, b.Belton; Martha, 12; Edward Beckett, grandson, 4, b.Belton; Elizabeth Mills, visitor, 2, b.Yarmouth, Norfolk.
[BWB: Based on age and birth location, this Edward (III) married Sarah Ann Claxton and is the father of our Bertie William Beckett.  Since he was a grandson of Beddingfield, this means that Eliza, wife of our Edward II, was also a Beddingfield.  Confirming this, suggests there was a marriage in 1842 between Edward Beckett and Eliza Beddingfield: one need to order the certificate to confirm.  Note I had requested his birth certificate, but British records did not find one during the period 6/1845 - 6/1847.  Perhaps 'age 4' was a bit of a stretch, and he was really born late in 1847 or early 1848; might try and order this.]

267e. Family 55 on Goffins Lane: Edward Beckett, 31, Blacksmith Journeyman, b.Burgh Castle, Suffolk; Eliza, 29, b.Beccles; Eliza, 9, b.Belton; Mary Ann, 7; Charlotte, 2; Alice Y. Mial, visitor, 20, b.Ormesly, Norfolk.
[BWB: our Edward II, gf to Bertie Wm Beckett.  Entries at suggests Edward and Eliza married in the first quarter of 1842 in the Mutford District, Suffolk; would have to order certificate from England to confirm.]

268.  1871 Census for Belton, Bradwell and Burgh Castle, FHL Microfilm #830830, contains the following families of interest:
In Belton:
268e. Family 85: Thomas G.F. Howes, 64, Rector of Belton, wife 55, 7 children 11-32 (incl Arthur P., 18, the later Rector of Bolton Abbey, employing our Bertie), 3 servants.

268f. Family 93: Edward Becket, 50, blacksmith, b.Burgh Castle; Eliza, 48, laundress, b.Beccles; Harriet, 13; Mary A., 10; James, 8; on Goffin's Rd (same as at other times).
[BWB: our Edward II, grandfather to Bertie.]

268g. Family 113: John Becket, 41, ag lab., b.Belton; Harriet, 43, b.Potahayam, Norfolk
[BWB: don't know relationship.]

In Bradwell:
268i. Family 13: Edward Beckett, 24, Licensed Pictualor [Peddler?], b.Belton; Sarah A., 19, Dressmaker, b.Belton; and a domestic servant
[BWB: our Edward III, father of Bertie Wm.]

268j. Family 46: Martha Beckett, widow, 71, b.Burgh Castle, mother in law to William and
Charlotte Osborn (b.Bradwell), 54 & 42. (so Charlotte Beckett
[BWB:  based on age, this is likely Martha Partridge, who married our first Edward Beckett. -- therefore, Charlotte would be sister to our Edward II.]

276.  English marriage certificate for marriage #272 on 2/13/1842, obtained from the General Register Office in England:
Edward Becket [sic], of full age, single, Blacksmith, resides Gorleston, father Edward Becket, Labourer &
Eliza Beddingfield, of full age, single, resides Gorleston, father Michael Beddingfield, Blacksmith,
witnesses Eliza Becket and William Bristow,
solemnized by Banns and married in the Parish Church of Gorleston, County Suffolk,
per J.W. Salmon, Clerk.
***** NEED COPY *****

320.  Grace Hilda (nee Beckett) Beals' Holy Bible, containing Grace's list of family birth, marriage and death dates.

332.  Information found on the Internet about the Ambassador Bridge that links Windsor Ontario and Detroit Michigan.
[BWB:  Our Bert Beckett said he worked as a welder on the bridge's construction.]
[Local Copy]  [Web Site]

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