The Ancestry of Grace Hilda Beckett

(Wife of Laverne Wallace Beals)
Beckett's Birth
+ Age@Death
Migrations Our Beckett Line
Spouses & Lines
? + ?
Lived in town of Burgh Castle, Suffolk Co., England
Edward Beckett,
occupation unknown
+ Martha Partridge
c.1820 + 71-81 Moved to Belton, Suffolk Co.
Edward Beckett,
+ Eliza Beddingfield
c.1846 +  ?

Edward Beckett,
market gardener
+ Sarah Ann Claxton
1886 + 80 Immigrated to Thunder Bay, ONT 1903-10;
took family to Windsor c.1914
Bertie William Beckett,
+ Agnes (nee Martha) Brookes
1913 + 67 Immigrated to Detroit MI in 1938;
went with family to Farmington MI in 1951;
immigrated back to Windsor, ONT in 1963
Grace Hilda Beckett,
Executive Secretary
+ Laverne Wallace Beals

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