Edward Beckett and Eliza Beddingfield - Timelines/Facts

Date Edward Beckett - Fact or Comment
Born in the town of Burgh Castle, Suffolk Co., ENG to Edward and Martha Beckett. [153]
Christened in Belton according to IGI [152].
Date Eliza Beddingfield - Fact or Comment
Born in Beccles, Suffolk Co., ENG [153] to
- Michael Beddingfield, b.1796-7, Gillingham, Norfolk and
- Elizabeth ?, b.1795-6, Weston, Suffolk.
Date Edward and Eliza Beckett - Fact or Comment
Married in the Parish Church of Gorleston, County Suffolk.  Edward said to be a blacksmith.  [276]
Christenings of 8 children are listed in the IGI, for years 1842 in Gorleston with Southtown, Suffolk and 1844, 47 (son Edward), 49, 51, 57, 60, and 63 in Belton.  [154b] [156]
Son Edward Beckett born in Belton.  [146] [157a] [162a]
[BWB: a search of English birth registrations between 9/1844 and 6/1847 did not locate one for him.]
Family is listed in the census, living in Belton.  [267e
Son Edward was at his grandparents' (Michael and Sarah Beddingfield) house.  [267c]
Family is listed in the census, living in Belton.  [266e]
Son Edward married Sarah Ann Claxton in Belton. [167]
Edward and Eliza lived with their family on Goffins Road, Belton;  son Edward and his wife Sarah Ann (Claxton) lived in Bradwell.  [268]
Edward and Eliza lived on Goffins Road, Belton and he was reported to be a blacksmith.  Also living with them was an unmarried son, 18 (a fisherman), a married daughter, 21, and a widowed female visitor, 19 (who just happened to be married to a Beckett, though do not know the relation).  [153]
Eliza died [Edward reported to be a widower in 1891 Census].  [162b]
Date Edward Beckett - Fact or Comment
Grandson Bertie William Beckett born in Belton.  [171]
Edward still lived on Goffins Road, Belton, along with the daughter, 31, her husband, and two other grandsons, 7 and 2.  [162b]
Died [did not show up in 1901 Census].

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