Bertie William Beckett and Agnes (nee Martha) Brookes - Timelines/Facts

Date Bertie (aka Bert) William Beckett - Fact or Comment
2/10/1886 Born in Belton [179] R.S.D., Gorleston District, Suffolk Co, ENG to Edward and Sarah Ann Beckett.  [171]
Bert's family lived on Lockless Lane in Belton, Suffolk Co., ENG according to 1891 Census [162a].  Bert had 2 brothers and 4 sisters at this time.
[BWB: Bert said he had a brother in the English merchant marine, or Navy.]
Bert, age 15, lived at The Rectory in Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire, ENG, a page (servant) in the clergyman's home. [147]
[BWB: the clergyman was born in Belton as well, so that may explain how Bert ventured 225 miles from his birthplace.]
c.? Immigrated to Canada.
[BW B: Bert obtained a copy of his Birth Certificate in 1902, when he was 16.  This might have been in preparation for emigrating to Canada.]
Date Agnes Brookes - Fact or Comment
8/5/1891 Born Martha Brookes at 6 Court 1 Benacre St [177] USD Saint Martin, in Birmingham ENG [168] to Thomas and Maria Brookes.
Family lived at 62 Elm Road, Northfield, Worcester, ENG according to 1901 Census.  Agnes had 3 sisters and 2 brothers. [144]
9/21/1910 Immigrated to Canada on the Emperess of Ireland, landing at Quebec.  [231]  It's not known when other family members arrived.
[BWB: This ship regularly made the run between Quebec and Liverpool ENG, 1906-1914. In 1914, on a voyage outbound from Quebec, it collided in the fog with another ship, sinking rapidly with the loss of over 1000 lives.]
Date Bertie (aka Bert) William and Agnes Beckett [pix] - Fact or Comment
12/19/1911 First daughter Ivie Agnes Beckett born in Port Arthur, Ont, according to family information in Grace's Holy Bible.  [320]
12/5/1913 Second daughter Grace Hilda born [65] in Port Arthur, Thunder Bay District, Ontario CAN.  Note that the family said her birthdate was 11/5/1913 [66], but the error was never corrected in the official record.
7/28/1914 Daughter Grace baptized in a Methodist church, Port Arthur. [66]
c.1914? BWB: a family 'story' is that Bert built a cabin in the woods nr. Port Arthur, and that it burned down.  It was also said that wife Agnes shot (at?) a moose from the cabin door.
c.1914 Family moved to Windsor, ONT  [73]
Employed as a welder for the Sandwich, Windsor and Amherstburg Railway, an electrified 'trolley' railway. 
[BWB: retirement date assumed to be at age 65, but have no information that is correct.]
Lived at 109 Erie East, Windsor, and listed in city directory as a boiler maker. [99a]
Lived at 721 Erie East. [99b]
[BWB: family is not listed in city directories 1922-26.]
Agnes' father Thomas died 3/26/1926; her mother Maria died 3/31/1926, according to family information in Grace's Holy Bible.  [320]
Lived at 132 Sandwich West, and listed in city directory as working for Canadian Salt Company. [99m]
c.1927-29 BWB: Bert said he worked as a welder on the construction of the Ambassador Bridge linking Windsor with Detroit MI.  It's not clear if he did this because the Railway itself was involved, or if Bert changed employment for a time.  Information on the Bridge: [332]
Daughters Ivie, 16, and Grace, 14, graduated from Windsor-Walkerville Technical School.  [67]
Lived at 2214 Dougall Ave., Windsor; worked at Sandwich and Techumseh Railway. [99o]
[BWB: cousin Kay recalls family also lived at 2291 Dougall Ave. at one time]
6/7/1938 Daughter Ivie married Adolphus (aka Dolph) William Murtagh, according to family information in Grace's Holy Bible.  [320]
12/26/1938 Daughter Grace married Laverne Wallace Beals at Temple Baptist in Windsor, with reception in Bert and Agnes' home. [68]
c.1954 After many years of marital discord, Bert and Agnes separated. 
[BWB:  this date is based on Bert's leaving Windsor, for Tecumseh I believe, and I know I was living in Farmington MI at the time (and since 1951).]  They did not divorce. [death announcement in Windsor Star]
12/14/1956 Resided in Kingsville, Essex Co, Ont.  [last will and testament]
2/10/1962 Daughter Grace's husband Laverne died. [107]
3/28/1963 Daughter Ivie's husband Dolph died, according to family information in Grace's Holy Bible.  [320]
7/2/1964 Resided at 1212 Shawnee Road, Tecumseh, Essex Co, Ont.  [73]
c.1965-66 Resided at 286 Pitt St. West, Windsor, Ont.  [172]
11/13/1966 Died at Metropolitan Hospital, Windsor, Ont.; interred at Victoria Memorial Gardens, Windsor. [103]

Date Agnes Beckett - Fact or Comment
8/11/1978 Agnes' first daughter, Ivie, died in Windsor Ont., according to family information in Grace's Holy Bible.  [320]
4/18/1979 Agnes died in Windsor Ont; interred at Victoria Memorial Gardens, Windsor. [104]

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