Stephen Beals and Nancy Henshaw - Timelines/Facts

Date Stephen Beals - Fact or Comment
4/17/1791 Born to Abel and Abigail Beals [87] (see page 33, Abel's list of children) [11].
4/19/1805 Stephen's grandfather Abel Beals, Sr. died.  (His grandmother Deborah Beals died before his birth.)
Date Nancy Henshaw - Fact or Comment
c.1789 Born to Samuel Sr. and Sarah Elizabeth Henshaw.  Nancy was a twin to sister Betsy. [207]  [11]
2/28/1808 Nancy's grandfather George Morgan died at 86 in Clements Twp.
c.1812 Nancy's grandmother Ann (nee Harris) Davis Morgan died at 80 in Clements Twp.
Date Stephen & Nancy Beals - Fact or Comment
c.1814 Stephen and Nancy married [11]; all told, they had 10 children over the period 1815-32.
5/24/1816 Second son George Fletcher Beals born [20] [39b] in Inglisville [10], Annapolis Co, Nova Scotia.
Stephen, Nancy and their two sons moved from Inglisville, Annapolis Twp, to Clements Twp, based on previous and next items.

Stephen, 26, bought 200 acres from George and Hannah Kniffen for 300 Pounds, on the Waldeck Line Road, Clements Twp, Annapolis Co. (about midway between Clementsport and Bear River), which was composed of the northerly half of original grant Lots 26 and 27.  [208a]  Based on subsequent transactions, this property had 1056 feet (16 chains) of road frontage and was 1-9/16 miles (125 chains) deep.
[BWB: 300 Pounds = US$1380 in 1817, equivalent in buying power to about US$18,600 in 2002, or about $62/acre.]

The two lots are shown on Land Grant Map #21.  [209a]

The land can be identified by features on a present-day 1:10,000 topographic maps of the area, using a road frontage of 1056' (= 16 chains = 6 chains of Edward's 75 acres, plus, proportionately, 10 chains of Elijah's 125 acres), buildings noted on the map, and tree lines noted on the map.  Note there's also a tree line at about the right location for the dividing line between the 75 acre and 125 acre sales to Edward and Elijah.  [210d]

Pictures of the land c.6/2003.  [211]

Don Beals writes: 'Although Abel says in his will that "my six sons" (including Stephen) "have already received from me in lands what I intended to give them", there is no record of Stephen having received any land from his father.  ...  His wife was from that area.'  [11]

[BWB:   There's an implication here that Abel funded all/part of Stephen's land purchase.  Shortly before the purchase, Abel received 500 Pounds for 100 acres of rich bottom land, part of his farm in Lawrencetown/Inglisville area.  Perhaps Stephen had earned his 300 Pounds by clearing the land for his father, which greatly increased its value.

It is also possible that Stephen's father-in-law, Samuel Henshaw, who owned property a mile or so West on the same road, contributed towards the purchase price.]
4/1/1820 Stephen's mother Abigail died in Lawrencetown.  [195a]  [219]  [11]
10/1/1822 Stephen gained a step-mother when his father married Mary (Molley?) (nee Miller) Clark, b.1770[10], d.Aft.1842.  [11]
1827 Census (heads only) for Clements Twp, Annapolis Co, NS lists Stephen Beals.  [184b]
Nancy's father Samuel Henshaw, Sr. died in Clements Twp.
8/23/1830 Stephen's father Abel died in Lawrencetown, Annapolis Co, NS [195a]  [11].
Nancy's mother Sarah Elizabeth Henshaw died.
Stephen mortgaged his land for 35 Pounds to the widow of Lawrence Sneden, as part of the settlement of Sneden's estate.  [208b]
[BWB:  This implies to me that Stephen had a personal debt to Sneden, and the executor and/or widow demanded collateral to back it up.  But, the disparity in the original cost of the land vs. the mortgage is surprizing.]
Stephen and his family were listed in the 1838 Census for Clements Twp, Annapolis Co.  [213
[BWB:  Of particular note is that son Samuel is listed as a separate head of household, and one of the other older boys is missing from Stephen's household, based on headcount. No other Beals are listed as head of household in the area.  Could George Fletcher or Stephen have already departed for Ontario?]

Don Beals writes: "...Four of the sons and one daughter migrated to Erin Township, Ontario, north west of Toronto and were among the early settlers of that area.  Later two sons moved on to Peck, Michigan, north of Detroit.  One son, Edward, was a sea captain who lived near the mouth of Bear River.  Another son, Elijah, also lived in that area and fought (...for the northern forces...) in the American Civil War (...suffering serious wounds and...) eventually dying of wounds received in that conflict."  [11]

Son Samuel was a witness to the marriage of Richard Boomer and Mary McCune in Erin in 1843 [129], so he must have lived there by then.  Samuel is also on the tax rolls of 1853 [131].

Son George was living in Erin, Wellington Co. by 1840, when he married Ann Bulmer/Boomer.  His obituary in 1905 said he moved to Ontario when he was 21 (c.1837-1838).

Son Stephen married Charlotte Boomer in Erin in 1848 [128], and was also on the tax rolls of 1853.  By 1855 he was listed as a land-owner/resident of East Luther [139a&b].  However, a recollection by one Rev. Hilts [139g] suggests Stephen may have been in Ontario c.1838.

Apparently, son Isaac and daughter Pricilla migrated to Ontario later than their 3 brothers.
Son George Fletcher of Erin Ontario married Ann Boomer of Esqusing Ontario. [113,114]
Grandson Robert born in Trafalgar, Halton Co., Ontario. [20] [61]

Stephen & wife Nancy sold the western 75 acres to Edward Beals for 150 Pounds, described as 6 chains (396') wide and 125 chains (1.56 miles) deep, with the Thomas Berry farm to the West. [208c]  This is son Edward, the sea captain, who would have been about 30 at the time -- as confirmed by the sale, below.  Witnessed by John Beals and Priscilla Oaks Beals (this might be d/o Stephen who we have as just Priscilla, 24, but it's a wild guess).

On 3/14/1867,  Edward and wife Sarah sold 1/4 acres to the East Waldec School Board for $6, described as a square 6-1/2 rods on a side (6-1/2 rods = 1-5/8 chains =  107'3") [at the north-west corner of his lot].  Witnessed by Stephen Beals and John Beals.  [208e]
[BWB: in a visit 6/2003, an old school house still stands on this land, though in ruins.]

On 10/21/1867, Edward & Sarah sold the remaining 74-3/4 acres to Benjamin S [aka P] Brooks for $500, described as bounded on the West by lands of Simon D. Berry, on the east by lands of John Beals, 125 chains deep and 6 chains wide but of course excepting the 1/4 acre school lot previously sold (curiously, this is described herein as 6 rods x 6 rods, not 6-1/2 x 6-1/2).   [208f]

[BWB:  While Stephen actually owned the land to the East, information from Dolina Beals Smith indicates that John Beals and Lucy Bent Beals, d/o Stephen, also lived in Stephen's house during their birthing years.  However, it is curious that the land was popularly known as John Beals' land, rather than as Stephen Beals' land.  Had Stephen and Nancy gone elsewhere?]

On 10/31/1867, Benjamin S. Brooks mortgaged the land just bought 10 days earlier, to Edward for the sum of $400 -- in essence, Edward only netted $100 in immediate cash. [208g] The mortgage was paid off c.1871. 
[BWB: I did not investigate/copy these transactions.] 

 [BWB: this land was subsequently sold to Elias Eisenhaur in 1871, to Charles Eisenhaur in 1921, to Charles Eisenhaur (a son?) in 1923, to E.F.Rampton in 1947, to Norris Mitchell in 1948, and 70 acres (not 74-3/4) to F. Boudreau in 1953.  I did not trace the land sales further, or try to rationalize the 70 acre purchase vs the 74-1/2 that Edward sold.]

[BWB:  In a visit 6/2003, Mr. Gerry (Gerald) Boudreau of Clementsport said the Boudreau's owned 93 acres and a house (said to be at least 150 years old, and occupied by his son, with whom I also spoke) on the land immediately to the West of Edward's land.  He also said the land had been in his family since 1890.]
Stephen paid off the mortgage, the release being witnessed by John Beals.  [208d]

Daughter Lucy Bent Beals, wife of John Beals, died at age 40.  She was buried in the East Waldeck Cemetery, now badly overgrown, and has a fine headstone.  [212]

John married his second wife Rebecca in September of that same year.  They are shown in the 1881 Census as living in the Hessian Line district  (I believe on the Clementsvale Road), which is South of the old homestead.   The A.F.Church map of 1876 does not show a John Beals in this area, so John and Rebecca probably moved there sometime between 1876 and 1881.

Stephen & Nancy sold the remaining 125 acres of their land to Elijah Beals, grandson via Lucy, for $500.  [208h]  (Note that both Nancy and Stephen died later that same year.)  To the West lived Elias Isinor [aka Eisenhaur]; to the East, James. H. Berry.
[This is Elijah, Stephen's grandson via Lucy, and not Elijah the son, based on 1881 Census (see below), and that Elijah sold this land in 1885 (see below), whereas Elijah the son d. circa 1880 per our information.].

From the A.F.Church map c.1876, the names listed in this area are (in order, West to East):  S.Berry, T. Berry, School House, E.Eisenhaur, E.Beals, J.H.Berry; this information is consistent with that contained in the sale to Elijah in 1876.  [206]

[BWB:  It would have been instructive to trace the land sales of T.Berry next door to the West, just to verify that this land went to the Boudreau's c.1890.]

From the 1881 Census for Clementsport, Elijah Beals [s/o John and Lucy Bent Beals, d/o Stephen], wife Sarah and family lived next to Elias Eisenhaur who is next to Simon D. Berry... supporting the fact that Stephen sold to the grandson.

On 4/28/1885, grandson Elijah sold his 125 acres to Joseph Edgar Robbins.  [208i]
8/5/1876 Nancy died at 86 in Clements Twp, Annapolis Co, Nova Scotia of old age [160a].   Surviving her were 7 of their 10 children, and as many as 53 of their 60 grandchildren [11].
 [BWB:  Since Stephen owned a plot in the Waldeck East Cemetery [212a] about a mile from their home, it is probable that Nancy is buried there.]
Date Stephen Beals - Fact or Comment
10/8/1876 Died at 85 in Clements Twp, Annapolis Co, Nova Scotia of old age [160b].
 [BWB:  Since Stephen owned a plot in the Waldeck East Cemetery [212a] about a mile from his home, it is probable that he is buried there.]

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