Robert Beals and Mary Jane Smith - Timelines/Facts

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Date Robert Beals - Fact or Comment
3/15/1851 Born in Trafalgar Ontario [61] [20] to George Fletcher and Ann Beals [11].
1861 1861 Census[19] for Erin Twp, Wellington Co[24], Ontario lists the George Fletcher Beals family, including Robert, age 10.
Robert listed in the 1871 Census for Nassagaweya Township, Halton County, Ontario, living with his parents and siblings Stephen and Jane. [183]
From the item below, another source suggests Robert's father lived in Erin until c.1875 -- but note that Nassagaweya Twp lies just south of Erin.
c.1875 Robert's father moved his shoemaking shop to Grand Valley, Ont. [11]  [BWB: This move might have happened after Robert married, though I have put it first because Robert's son George Edgar was born in Grand Valley.]
Date Mary Jane Smith - Fact or Comment
11/20/1853 Born in Stamford, Lincolnshire, England to John and Eleanor (nee Andrews) Smith [295] [61] [20], the oldest of 5 children, 4 girls and 1 boy.
Family listed in 1871 English census, living in Stamford. [***]
c.1872 Emigrated from England, per her 1930 obituary [92a].  It's not known if family came together.
Date Robert & Mary Jane Beals - Fact or Comment
6/10/1875 Robert, 23, mechanic, and Mary Jane, 21, married in Guelph [61] [17].
8/5/1876 Robert's grandmother Nancy Beals died at 86 in Clements Twp., Annapolis Co., N.S., of old age.
10/8/1876 Robert's grandfather Stephen Beals died at 85 in Clements Twp., of old age.
Census for East Luther lists Robert Beals, 32, b.Ont, Decip., carpenter; and Mary Jane [Beals], 28, b.England.  [84]

Other members of Mary Jane's family are listed in Middleton Twp, Norfolk Co., Ontario.  [**]
8/24/1881 Son George Edgar Beals born in Grand Valley (also called E.Luther), Dufferin Co[25], ONT [59] [17] [18] [20].  Mary was attended by Mrs. Wm Dixon [BWB: midwife?].  Robert reported he was a carpenter.
Census for East Luther lists Robert Beals, 41, b.Ont, parents b.NS, Baptist; Mary Jane [Beals], 37, b.Eng, parents b.Eng; George Edgar, 9, b.Ont.  [85]
9/29/1891 Daughter Eleanor (aka Ellen) Beatrice Beals born [20] in Grand Valley. [60]  This time, Mary was attended by A.C.Graviller MD. 
-- On 4/16/1913 in Sarnia, she married Thomas Lesly Lane (parents Stephen Lane and Elizabeth Earle) [64]  [pix, 368c]  and subsequently had three sons.
-- In 1920, she lived in Pontiac, MI. [176]
-- In 1930, she lived in Almont, MI. [92] [178]
-- She died 7/12/1944, aged 52, in Dryden, Lapeer County, Michigan and is buried there [292];  Headstone [357].
[BWB: I don't know when/where her husband Thomas died.]
1/20/1892 Robert's mother Ann died in Grand Valley. [112]  [116]
[BWB: I presume she's buried in GV Union Cemetery, but their records have been lost.]
c.1894 Robert's father George lived with the family in East Luther Township. [136]
c.1896 The family (presumably including Robert's father George) moved to Point Edward, a suburb of Sarnia, Ontario. [133]
8/25/1898 Son Charles R. Beals born [20] in Sarnia; family lived on Brock St. [95].  Photograph [358a]
-- Listed in the 1914 and 1918 city directories for Sarnia.
-- In 1922, he used Richard as his first name, lived in Sarnia. [98bb-cc]
-- He and his mother immigrated to the US in 1922, per the 1930 Michigan census. [mic]
-- In 1926, 1928 and 1930, he lived in Port Huron with his mother Mary. [92] [180]  [cd]
-- In 1932, he married Edna (aka Beatrice?) Steers. [11] [110]
-- Issued SSN 470-07-6373 [111]
-- Their only child, a daughter, Karen Edythe, was born 1/28/1944.  Photograph [358b]
-- Died 4/16/1968 in Indianapolis IN, at which time he worked as a 'set-up man' for the Allison Division of GM. [110]
[BWB:  This is the 'Dick' Beals who (according to my recollection) visited Laverne and Grace in the 1940's.  Laverne & Grace's last contact c.1958 at the Indianapolis IN address, but Barry located Karen Edythe c.12/2003.]
3/31/1901 Family listed in 1901 Census[20], Pt.Edward Village (just north of Sarnia), Lambton Co[26], ONT.  Robert said to be a carpenter.  Robert's father, George Fletcher Beals, was also living with them.  Son George Edgar, 19, listed as a baker.
10/28/1902 Son George Edgar, 21, living in Port Huron, married in Strathroy, 45 miles east of Sarnia, to Edythe M. Wallace.  [62]
Family, including Robert's father George Fletcher Beals, lived on Victoria Avenue in Point Edward [98a/b].
1/1/1905 Robert's father, George Fletcher Beals, died at his home in Point Edward and was interred in Grand Valley two days later [133].  [218]
By this time, Robert's siblings were widely scattered: Isaac was in Burk's Falls ONT [far north and east of Grand Valley], Stephen was in Blenheim ONT [mainly south of Sarnia, near Lake Erie], Frank was in "the West" [i.e., Robert didn't know where he was], Jane (Everson) was in North Star, Michigan [abt. 30 miles north of Lansing], and Lucy (Kerr) was in Port Angeles, Washington.
Family lived at 503 George St. in Sarnia.  By this time, Robert had switched occupations to that of shoemaker (his father's occupation and one that was prevalent in previous generations), with a shop at 149 Mitton St. in Sarnia. Daughter Eleanor, 16, lived at home and worked in a laundry. [98c-f]
Family moved to 326 Wellington St. in Sarnia, and Robert moved his shoemaking shop to 153 Mitton (a higher-visibility corner location).  [98g-i]
Family moved to 157 Cobden St. in Sarnia.  Eleanor, 20, lived at home and worked in Port Huron.  Son George Edgar, 30, had moved his family back to Sarnia with home and bakery at 271 Devine St., a corner location.  [98j-m]
Daughter Eleanor, 21, married in Sarnia to Thomas Lesly Lane, 31, widowed farmer from Blenheim ONT (a good distance south of Sarnia, south-east of Chatham, near Lake Erie), with the marriage witnessed by her brother George Edgar and his wife Edythe. [64]  As noted in the marriage documents, George, 32, had moved his family and business to 151 Mitton, next door to his father's shoemaking shop.
Family moved to 127 Mitton St. in Sarnia, about a block from the shoemaking shop.  For the first time, the bakery and shoemaking shops were listed in the business section of the city directory.  [98n-s]
4/30/1914 Robert died in Sarnia ONT [83]; son Charles Richard was 16.  Interred 5/2 at Lakeview Cemetery, Sarnia [105] [30]; no headstone.
Date Mary Jane Beals - Fact or Comment
Son Charles Richard, 16-17, worked for J T Mills as a salesman, and still lived with his widowed mother. (J D Mills was a grocer, if this was the intended reference.)  [98t-y].
Charles, 20, worked for Mueller Manufacturing Co. as a fireman for the Grand Trunk Railway; still lived with Mary Jane.  His cousin George Solomon Beals lived next door.  [98z-aa]
Charles, 24, worked as a fireman for the Grand Trunk Railway; still lived with his mother.  Charles used the name Richard C. E. Beals at this point.  [98bb-cc]
Richard [as he now called himself] and his mother Mary Jane moved to Port Huron, Michigan [180].
Richard and Mary Jane listed in the Port Huron City Directories, he working at Muellers Brass Works. [293]
Mary Jane moved to Windsor. [92b]
[BWB: probably to live with son George and family.]
11/12/1930 Died in Windsor, at the home of son George. [92a]  Interred 11/14 at Greenlawn Memorial Park, Oldcastle, Ont. [100]  The grave is unmarked.
[At this time, son Charles lived in Port Huron, and daughter Eleanor lived in Almont, MI (about 40 miles west of Port Huron).]

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