Laverne Wallace Beals and Grace Hilda Beckett - Timelines/Facts

Date Laverne Wallace Beals [pix] - Fact or Comment
Laverne born[1] [2] in Algonac Village[8], Clay Twp, St.Clair County, Michigan. He was the only child of George Edgar & Edythe Beals.
Family listed in US Census[18], in Algonac Village
Family lived at 271 Devine, Sarnia, Ont, where father George also had a bakery at this same corner location.  [98j-m]
Family lived at 151 Mitton St, Sarnia, where father George had a bakery as well.  This location was next door to grandfather Robert's shoemaking shop, and about a block from his home.  [98n-s]
Grandfather Robert died in Sarnia [83], and interred 5/2 at Lakeview Cemetery there.  [105]  Laverne was 6.
1918, 1920,
Family not listed in city directories for Sarnia or Windsor; location unknown.  [98, 99]
Family lived in Windsor, ONT [l7] at 736 Moy St. [99c].  Laverne was 14. 
[BWB: a family story is that Laverne used to help out in the bake shop before school.]
Beals' Bakery at 1120 Wyandott St., a middle of the block storefront.  [99d-g
[BWB: this is the first mention of the name Beals' Bakery.]
Widowed mother Mary Jane moved to Windsor. [92]  [event may have happened after the one below.]
[BWB: probably to live with son George and family.]
Family and Beals' Bakery moved to 1119 Wyandott, a better, corner location.  This building no longer exists, but the service garage noted in the city directory as being behind the store is still there.  Father George also had a second bakery at 109 Erie East at this time, but by 1926 it was no longer listed in the city directory. [99h-k]
Laverne graduated from Windsor Collegiate [pix] [107]
Laverne listed in the city directory as a clerk at Beals' Bakery. [99l]  He was 18.
Graduated from Detroit Business College  (aka D.B.U.)  [107] [108]
Midwife attests[2] to LWB’s birth 19 years earlier. Presumably, no b/c had been registered contemporaneously; Laverne probably needed one to get a job
Went canoeing in Hudson Bay area, with a guide 
(BWB recollection)
Laverne's grandmother Mary Jane Beals died at family home in Windsor [92] and interred 11/14 at Green Lawn MP, Rte 3/Huron Church Dr., Oldcastle, Ont.  [100]  Laverne was 22.
- Uncle 'R. Charles Beals' lived in Port Huron MI at this time
- Aunt 'Mrs. E. Lane' lived in Almont, MI (about 40 miles west of Port Huron).
Parents George and Edythe moved to St.Thomas, ONT  [118]  [76], and lived there until about 1938-39.
[BWB: Motivation for move is unknown.  With 12 bakers in town already, I wouldn't think there was an overwhelming need for one more.]
Laverne lived at 156 Hall, Windsor; working in Detroit in Buhl Building #942 (Lane Bryant?)  [106]
Presumably, Laverne rented a room at the Hall address, as this residence was the home of Gladys Dennis [99n,p,q], a schoolteacher [and perhaps one of Laverne's?], and her son Leonard Dennis, the best man at Laverne's and Grace's wedding in 1938. [76]
Issued SSN 363-10-4034 [109].  (The SSA act was signed into law by FDR on 8/23/1935.  On 11/24/1936, the USPS started distributing applications for SSNs. [12])
Date Grace Hilda Beckett [pix] - Fact or Comment
Grace born[65] in Port Arthur, Thunder Bay District, Ontario CAN, second and last child of Bertie (aka Bert) William and Agnes Beckett.  Note that the family said her birthdate was 11/5/1913[66], but the error was never corrected in the official record.
Grace baptized in a Methodist church, Port Arthur. [66]
BWB: a family 'story' is that Bert built a cabin in the woods nr. Port Arthur, and that it burned down, which may have precipitated the move to Windsor (see next item).  It was also said that Agnes shot (at?) a moose from the cabin door.
Family moved to Windsor, ONT  [73]
Family lived at 109 Erie East, Windsor   [99a]
Family lived at 721 Erie East. [99b]
Family lived at 132 Sandwich West.  [99m]
Grace graduated from Windsor-Walker Technical School (now known as W.D.Lowe) with a secretarial degree, at the age of 14. [67]  A poem in the yearbook mentioned her skill in Business Law. [94]
Over the period 1918-1926, she also attended the Tuscarora, Prince Edward, and Patterson schools in Windsor. [74
Pictures taken during school years show her on the girl's basketball team and in costume for a play. 
She received certificates for proficiency in Underwood typing and in Filing.
7/1928 to 
Grace employed by Canadian Acceptance Corporation in Windsor; secretary.  Transferred to Toronto office c.1929 (age 15), and then to Hamilton, where she resigned (age 16). [74]  In 1930, she made $80/wk.
c.1930 to 
Employed by Industrial Acceptance Corporation in Windsor; secretary to sales manager.  Transferred to Montreal office c.1932 (age 18).  Resigned c.1936 (age 22) to return to Windsor. [74]  In 1936, she made $100/wk. 
Pictures during this period show Grace at "Lake Daly", at the beach, playing tennis, riding horses, out with the girls (and proudly smoking a cigarette), and having an active social life.
c.1936 to 
Employed by Hiram Walker Inc., Windsor office; secretary to VP.  Resigned in 12/1938 when she married and moved to Detroit. [74]  In 1938, she made $150/wk.
Grace bought "One Hudson Seal Coat Plain" from Arthurs Ltd. for $237.62 including interest on monthly installments, but "If paid by March 15, 1937 - net price to be $227.00".  She gave her residence as 16 Cameron Ave., Windsor.  [75
[BWB: have picture of Grace in the coat, posing with what looks to be a company-sponsored hockey team.]
Lived at 2214 Dougall Ave., Windsor, Ontario, with her sister Ivie and parents.  Was a stenographer at Hiram Walker and Sons. [99o]
Date Laverne and Grace Beals - Fact or Comment
Laverne and Grace married[4] at Temple Baptist in Windsor [pix] [68] [76].  Laverne's parents did not attend the wedding according to the wedding article, being in St. Thomas with winter weather prevailing and a severe storm brewing, which hit the area the next day [120].
Grace immigrated to USA [70]. 
[BWB: this may indicate end of honeymoon, on which they went to Middle Bass Island (in Lake Erie, nr Cleveland), visited the Lonz Winery [80] that was there (glasses I have were purchased on their honeymoon).  Note that the Lonz Winery burned in in 1942, was rebuilt, and was finally closed 7/1/2000 due to collapse of balcony, killing 1 and injuring 80.]
They lived at 3700 Lincoln #315 (Lincoln Manor), Detroit 
(1938 FIT and marriage notice in Windsor Star [76])
Laverne started with Mich Consolidated Gas Company, Detroit 
(1962 death notice in Co. paper)
Laverne's parents moved back to Windsor, from St. Thomas ONT.  [17]
Laverne's father George died in Windsor ONT.  [17]
Lived at 16210 Indiana, Detroit 
(1940 FIT, and BWB recollection of baby picture location c.2/1940)
Lived at 20044 Sorrento @ Chippewa, Detroit  [70]
Laverne's aunt Eleanor (Beals) Lane died.
Laverne's mother Edythe died in Windsor ONT.  [16]
Moved to 24401 Broadview, Farmington Hills MI 
(BWB recollection)
Grace became a naturalized U.S. citizen.  [70]
c.1958 to 
With her family growing up, Grace returned to work, for Robert H. Nelson, a justice of the peace and attorney; legal secretary and County Clerk making $350/wk.  Resigned upon death of her husband (see next entry). [74]
Laverne died[3] at New Grace Hospital, Detroit MI; interrment at Glen Eden Lutheran MP, 8 Mile Rd, Livonia MI; "Brookside Garden", plot 213; ph.313-532-7450  [pix]  [28]
Date Grace Hilda Beals - Fact or Comment
8/1962 to 
Grace employed by Whitlock Associates, Oak Park MI; secretary to three VPs, making $350/wk.  Resigned to return to Windsor. [74]
The husband of Grace's sister Ivie,  Dolph Murtagh, died.
Grace immigrated back to Windsor, Ontario.  [71]  Initially lived with her widowed sister Ivie Murtagh, at 936 Pelissier St.
3/1964 to 
Grace employed by R.L.Polk & Co., Detroit MI (commuting from Windsor each day); secretary to division manager, making $375/wk.  Resigned to work in Windsor. [74]
10/1964 to 
Grace employed by Martin, Laird, Easton, Cowan & Chauvin, a law firm in Windsor.  Made $300/wk. [74
[BWB: at some point, she worked for Senator Laird, but don't know dates.  She subsequently retired.]
Grace's father Bert died at Metropolitan Hospital, Windsor, Ont.; interred at Victoria Memorial Gardens, Windsor. [103]
Grace's sister Ivie died in Windsor, according to family information in Grace's Holy Bible.
Grace's mother Agnes died in Windsor; interred at Victoria Memorial Gardens, Windsor.  [104]
Grace died in Windsor Ont [72]; interrment next to her late husband Laverne at Glen Eden Lutheran MP, 8 Mile Rd, Livonia MI; "Brookside Garden", plot 213; ph.313-532-7450. [pix]  [29]
[BWB: notice that for each of 3 consecutive years, one person died.]

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