John Beales/Beal and Nazareth Hobart - Timelines/Facts

Date John Beales - Fact or Comment
c.1588 Born to Edward and Martha Beales in Hingham, Norfolk Co, ENG. [11] [14] [240]
[BWB: Genealogist Kent of Alexandria VA claimed that the Wramplington Parish register gave 5/8/1593 [169], but this conflicts with John's family records, and may be a baptismal date instead.]
5/8/1593 Christened [10] in Hingham Barrowe (said to be part of Hingham, but outside the bounds of the parish of St.Andrew).
8/12/1612 John's father Edward buried [11] in Wramplingham, Norfolk Co, ENG.
[11] or 
John 'Beals' married Frances Ripley in Wymondham, Norfolk Co, ENG [169] [240], her second marriage.  Frances was born 2/10/1579-80 in Stokesley, Yorkshire, ENG to: 
- William Rippon Ripley (b.4/13/1547 in Halifax, Yorkshire, ENG) and 
- Sisley Cicely Revell (b.9/14/1554 in Blofield, Norfolk, ENG; d. before 1582).  Frances was the second cousin of William Ripley, Planter of the Commonwealth, whose daughter Sarah married Lt. Jeremiah Beal, son of John.   [81]  John & Frances had 6 children. [11]
4/21/1625 John's mother Martha buried in Hingham, Norfolk Co, ENG.
John's first wife Frances died [169] and was buried the next day in Wymondham. [11] [81]
Date Nazareth Hobart - Fact or Comment
c.1600 Nazareth born to 
- Edmund Hobart (b. c.1570 in Hingham, Norfolk Co, ENG) and 
- Margaret Dewey.  [11] [240]
Edmund and Margaret were married 9/7/1600. [169]
Christened in Hingham. [169]
(source [11] says 6/7/1601.)
11/9/1626 Married Robert Turner. [169]
4/7/1627 Nazareth's first husband Robert buried, after a marriage of a few months. [169] [240]
Date John and Nazareth Beales/Beal - Fact or Comment
7/13/1630 John married the widow Nazareth (nee Hobart) Turner in Hingham [169] [11] [240] .  John & Nazareth had 5 children, 3 in England and 2 in Hingham, MA (making 11 children total for John). 
(History of The Town of Hingham, 1893)
4/17/1631 Son Jeremiah Beales christened in Hingham, ENG [169] [11] (the former source says Wymondham, ENG; the latter says 'born').
c.1633-35 Nazareth's father Edmond Hobart left England and immigrated to Charlestown, MA and subsequently moved to Hingham, MA.  [11]
4/26/1638 arrived
John and his family immigrated to Hingham [map:182], Plymouth Co, MA [39a] at age 50 [11], aboard the Diligence, John Martin, master, and during the voyage changed his surname from Beales to Beal

A fellow passenger wrote, "John Beal, shoemaker, with his five sons, three daughters and two servants came from Old Hingham, landed, and settled in New Hingham." [240]   (One of the servants may have been his brother Edmond's son also named John.[11]) 

Don Beals [11] writes: "John was no doubt well aware of  the new settlement. Ralph Smith had come from Hingham, Eng. in 1633 and founded Hingham, Mass. Additionally his wife's parents and family had arrived in Charlestown, Mass. the same year and her brother, Rev. Peter  Hobart was the first minister of Hingham.

"Not long after arrival John Beal became a landholder obtaining a grant of six acres for a house lot on what is now the south side of South Street west of Hersey Street."  Also see [240].

3/13/1639 Admitted to the Freedom of Massachusetts Colony and thus became a "freeman". [11] [240]
Was deputy to the General Court. [11]
3/8/1645 Nazareth's father died in Hingham MA at age 75.
11/18/1652 Son Jeremiah and Sarah Ripley were married. [11]
5/13/1655 Grandson Jeremiah Beal, Jr. born in Hingham MA. [11]
9/23/1658 Nazareth died  in Hingham MA. [11]
Date John Beal - Fact or Comment
3/10/1659 John married Mary (nee Gilman) Jacob in Hingham MA, the widow of John's old friend Nicholas Jacob. [11] [240]  Mary was born c.1599 in Hingham Eng to 
- Edward Gilman and 
- Mary Clark [11]  (some say ? Smith). 
John and Mary had no children. [82]
1659 Was again deputy to the General Court. [11]
5/15/1681 Mary died in Hingham MA. [11] [240]
4/1/1688 Died in Hingham at age 100 [11] [240] and interred at Old Ship Church Cemetery, Hingham.  During his 50 years in MA, he made his home in Hingham, Cohasset, Weymouth, and Abington.

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