Lt. Jeremiah Beal and Sarah Ripley - Timelines/Facts

Date Jeremiah Beales/Beal - Fact or Comment
c.1631 Born in Hingham, Norfolk Co, ENG to John and Nazareth Beales  [39b] [11] [14] [240].  (Nazareth was John's second wife.)
Christened at Wymondham Parish. [169].
- 8/10/1638
Immigrated to Hingham MA with his father and mother, aboard the 'Diligent', John Martin, Master. During the voyage, his father John changed his surname from Beales to Beal -- and presumably, of other family members as well.   [11]
Date Sarah Ripley - Fact or Comment
10/25/1627 Born in Moulton Near Spalding, Lincoln, ENG to 
- William Ripley, Planter of the Commonwealth (b.5/14/1598 in Ripon, Yorkshire, ENG; d.7/11/1656 in Hingham MA) and 
- Katherine Elizabeth Banks (b.9/29/1596 in Navenby, Lincoln, England; d. c.1620 in Lincoln, ENG) [81].
Date Lt. Jeremiah and Sarah Beal - Fact or Comment
11/18/1652 Jeremiah and Sarah married [11] [240]; all told, they had 7 children.
c.? Jeremiah and his family lived on Bachelor (Main) street near the meeting house of the First Parish. He was a blacksmith and a cabinet maker and had a cabinet shop in the nearby town of Cohasset. [11]
5/13/1655 Son Jeremiah Beal, Jr.  born in Hingham MA. [11] [240]
9/23/1658 Jeremiah's mother Nazareth died in Hingham MA. [11]
c.1671 Was a Selectman in 1671, 1673 and 1684. [11]
c.1672 Was a Constable. [11]
5/22/1677 Son Jeremiah Jr. married Hannah Lane in Hingham.
5/20/1683 Commissioned to the rank of Lieutenant in the Hingham Train Band. [11]
1/27/1684 Grandson Andrew Beal born in Hingham. [11] [240].
4/1/1688 Jeremiah's father John died in Hingham MA.  [11]
c.1690 Don Beals writes: "...he built a house for his son John on East Street near Hull Street and in later years lived there with his son and family. That house still exists although it has undergone many alterations and additions. And Jeremiah still lives there a ghost. The present owners (1980) of the house from time to time have felt his presence." [11]
4/21/1703 Son Jeremiah Jr. died in Hingham MA. [11]
6/29/1715 Wife Sarah died in Hingham MA at age 87. [11] [240]
Date Lt. Jeremiah Beal - Fact or Comment
8/10/1715 Died in Hingham MA [11] [240]. 
[BWB: his wife had died about 6 weeks earlier; was there a common cause?]

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