George Fletcher Beals and Ann Boomer - Timelines/Facts

Date George Fletcher Beals - Fact or Comment
5/24/1816 George Fletcher born [20] in Inglisville (near Bridgetown [133]), Annapolis Co, Nova Scotia [39b] [84,85] , to Stephen and Nancy Beals. [214
8/18/1816 Baptized at Lunns Mills Chapel, Lunns Mills (aka Lawrencetown), Annapolis Co., NS [214]  [11].
George's grandmother Abigail died in Lawrencetown.  [195a]  
George's family moved from Inglisville, Annapolis Twp, to Clements Twp, based on George's birth date and location, and the fact that father Stephen bought land there in 1817. [208a]
George's  family listed in the 1827 Clements Twp Census. [184b]  [11]
George's grandfather Abel died in Lawrencetown.  [195a]
George's father Stephen and family were listed in the 1838 Census for Clements Twp, Annapolis Co., N.S. [213], but one of the older boys is missing from the headcount.  Could George have already departed for Erin, Ontario?

George, along with George's older brother Samuel and younger brother Stephen, moved from NS to Erin Township, Ontario where George set up a shoemaking and repair shop at Crewsons Corner.  Later, George moved to Erin Village [pix:142] and built a shoemaking shop there. [11] [139g]

George's obituary (probably written by his son Robert) said he moved to Halton Township at the age of 21 (i.e., c.1837-1838). [133]

Ontario census and assessment records for the period, up through 1840, do not list any of the Beals family members. [132]
Date Ann Boomer - Fact or Comment
11/25/1813 Born in Nova Scotia according to 1861 Census for Erin Twp, Ontario [19]; date based on age at death [116].
[BWB:  And, when and how did Ann Boomer get to Ontario?]
Date George Fletcher and Ann Beals - Fact or Comment
1/29/1840 George Fletcher, resident of Erin[50a], and Ann, resident of Esquesing, married [113]  [114].  All told, they had 7 children [11] over the period 1843-55.
6/25/1848 George's brother Stephen married Charlotte Boomer in Erin. [128].
3/15/1851 Son Robert Beals born in Trafalgar, Halton Co., Ontario. [20]  [61]
[BWB:  Don't know how he came to be born in Trafalgar, as all other family references put them in Erin.]
c.1853 George is not listed in the tax rolls for Erin Township [131].
c.1855 George's brother Stephen moved to Grand Valley, about 20 years ahead of George [138, 139].
1857 Ontario Index lists a George Beals, shoemaker, in Erin, Wellington Co. [31]
1861 1861 Census[19] for Erin Twp, Wellington Co[24], Ontario lists the George Fletcher Beals family; George reports he is a shoemaker.  Also said to be a farmer as well [11].
1871 Census for Nassagaweya Township, Halton County, Ontario lists George and his family. [183]  Other sources suggest George lived in Erin until c.1875 -- but note that Nassagaweya Twp lies just south of Erin.
1871 Census for East Luther Twp lists his brother Stephen and family. [86]  
c.1875 George moved his business to Grand Valley (aka East Luther [50b][pix:143]), Ontario (about 16 miles northwest of Erin) [133].
George was co-executor of his brother Stephen's will.  Later, he was called upon to give a full accounting of the dispersal of the estate, as requested by Stephen's widow (the second wife). [117]
(Stephen's children erected a monument to their parent's memory [88].)
George's mother Nancy, 86, died in Clements Twp, Annapolis Co, NS, of old age.  [160a]
George's father Stephen, 85, died in Clements Twp, Annapolis Co, NS, of old age.  [160b]
George, 65, shoemaker, and Ann, 66, listed in the 1881 census for East Luther district of Wellington Co., along with a Sarah, 10, b.Ont. [84]
[BWB: Don't know who this Sarah is.]
Listed again in the 1891 East Luther census; ages 75 and 76; Sarah noted as 18.  [85]
1/20/1892 Wife Ann died in Grand Valley. [116] [112]
Also see comment following [133]
Date George Fletcher Beals - Fact or Comment
George had a shoemaking shop in Grand Valley, according to an article in a special edition of the GV Tribune 10/8/1896. [139f]
c.1894 George and his son Robert (and presumably Robert's family) lived together in East Luther Township. [136]
c.1896 George and his son Robert (and presumably Robert's family) moved to Point Edward, a suburb of Sarnia, Ontario. [133]
3/31/1901 George is listed in 1901 Census[20], Pt.Edward Village (just north of Sarnia), Lambdon Co[26], ONT, widowed and living with Robert and his family (3 generations in one household!).
Lived on Victoria St. in Pt. Edward, at home of his son Robert. [98a]
1/1/1905 Died in Pt. Edward, ONT at the home of his son, and buried in Grand Valley two days later [133].  [218]
[The GV Union Cemetery has no records prior to c.1950.  A tornado came through GV in 1985, scattering or destroying town records and leveling the library.]

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