Rev. Edward Beales and Martha Stone - Timelines/Facts

Date Rev. Edward Beales - Fact or Comment
c.1545 Born in Wramplingham, Norfolk Co, England [14].  One report said he was one of 18 children.
c.? Edward may or may not have been a student at Corpus Christi College of Cambridge University, but it appears that he did not graduate [34]. 
([11] says he did graduate.)
6/11/1568 Ordained a deacon of St.Peter and St.Paul Church, Norfolk County, ENG. [169]
8/22/1568 Appointed Rector [169] [11].
10/17/1571 Ordained a priest at Norwich, Norfolk Co. [169].
6/16/1572 Married Marye Harvy in Wramplingham.  They had 5 children. [169] [11]
c.1583-1585 Marye died in Wramplingham  [37].
5/27/1585 Married Winifryd Peeke in Wramplingham [169] [11]. They had no children.
c.1585-86 Winifryd died in Wramplingham [37].
Date Martha Stone - Fact or Comment
c.1564 Born in Hingham, Norfolk Co, ENG to Richard Stone and Margaret ?.  [37]
Date Rev. Edward and Martha Beales - Fact or Comment
9/8/1586 Licence to marry issued to Edward Beales and Martha Stone in Wramplingham, England [169] [37], but no record of the marriage has been found.  They had 14 children, 9 boys and 5 girls [169] [11] (making 19 children total for Edward).
Son John Beales born to Edward & Martha in Hingham, Norfolk Co, ENG. [11] [14] [240]
5/8/1593 Son John Beales christened in Wramplington. [169] [10]
1597 On a visit to Norfolk Co, the Bishop complained that Edward has not been having monthly sermons.  Edward rebutted that he was holding quarterly sermons.
Another record [date unknown] says that Edward gave 25 Pounds Sterling to one of the Subsidies assessed to support a bill passed by the Parliment.  [169]
1/4/1610 Edward's will created; provided for his wife Martha, sons Edward, John, Francis, Edmond, Tymothe and Nathaniell, and his daughter Martha, all children of his third wife Martha.  (His other 12 children are not mentioned and can be assumed deceased or provided for separately.) In addition to money to children, Edward Beales willed lands and buildings in Hingham (England) bought from a Mr. Thornton, to Edward.  Property called Dallymores in Hingham and property in Wramplingham was left to his third wife, Martha. [169] [11]
Abt.8/9/1612 Edward died at age 67 in Wramplingham, Norfolk Co., England. He was buried 8/12/1612. [11]
10/29/1612 Will probated in Norwich. [169] [11] [37]
Date Martha Beales - Fact or Comment
4/18/1625 Died in Wramplingham, Norfolk Co, ENG at age 60.  She was buried 4/21/1625 in Hingham, England. [169] [37]

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