Andrew Beal and Rachel Bate - Timelines/Facts

Date Andrew Beal - Fact or Comment
1/27/1685 Andrew born in Hingham MA to Jeremiah Jr. and Hannah Beal [39b] [11] [240].
c.? The family lived on Hull Street near Jerusalem Road in Hingham.  [11]
4/21/1703 Andrew's father Jeremiah died in Hingham.  [11]
Date Rachel Bate - Fact or Comment
7/14/1696 Rachel born in Hingham MA to 
- Joshua Bate (b.8/14/1671 to Joseph Bate and Esther Hilliard, m.1/15/1695-96) and 
- Rachel Tower (b.3/16/1674-75 in Hingham MA to Ibrook Tower and Margaret Hardin) [11] [240]
Aft.1710 Rachel's mother died in Hingham (year unknown).  [11]
Date Andrew & Rachel Beal - Fact or Comment
12/14/1714 Andrew and Rachel married [11] in Hingham MA. Over the period 1716-1737, they had 7 children.
Andrew's grandmother Sarah died in Hingham MA.[11] [240]
Andrew's grandfather Lt. Jeremiah died in Hingham MA. [11] [240]
9/19/1719 Andrew's mother Hannah died in Hingham.  [11] [240]
10/20/1733 Birth of their 6th child, Abel Beal, Sr. [11], who was baptized 8 days later at the Second Parish of Hingham [44b].
Son Abel Sr. married Deborah Lambert.  [44d] [240]
Grandchild Abel born to Abel Sr. and Deborah Beal. [44b]
4/1757 Rachel's father Joshua died. [11]
1/10/1762 Andrew died at about 77 in Hingham [11] and subsequently buried in the North Cohasset Cemetery.  [44e]
Date Rachel Beal - Fact or Comment
11/20/1780 Rachel died [11] and subsequently buried in the North Cohasset Cemetery.  [44e]

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