First, the descendants of LWB are indebted to his grandson Matt for solving the old mystery of who we are, by finding a high degree of commonality between known facts about the recent Beals and an unsubstantiated family line [10] found on the Internet.  With this catalyst, Matt continued/s his research, locating original documents to prove the line and other sources that contain references that are likely to provide additional documentation.  Thank You!

Second, our thanks to Donald W. Beals [11] for generously sharing his 25 years of research into the Beals family and who in fact supplied the data for the Internet based line (even though he did not publish it).  Other key researchers include George Washington Beals [115], who interviewed many family members in the 1930's and 40's, and F. Dolina (nee Beals) Smith [87], George's grand-niece, who provided other documentation including a fine collection of family photographs.

Third, we are truly humbled by the extensive amount of work done by many kind volunteers.  For example, one person indexed 100 years' worth of the Sarnia (Ontario) Observer newspaper -- by which we were able to locate the obituary for LWB's grandmother and thereby determine what happened to her after her husband's passing.

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